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  1. Almost done with bodywork. Just a small crack starting by the fuel tank, small scratches and a divot on the hood from hot resistors. I’m happy with how it is coming out.
  2. Here is where it is at the moment. I just cleaned up the chassis and reassembled. It has all SWB parts except the front shock stays and bulkhead which are LWB. I'm missing one of the rear body mounts (if anyone has an extra SWB mount lying around, message me...long shot, I know.) Still working on the grill as it was worse than I anticipated.
  3. Here is my restored 1984 Grasshopper! I saved for months to get it. I restored in in 2017 and it sits on a shelf in my office next to a Rough Rider and my first RC10.
  4. Found the original receipt! $90.98 shipped from Tower Hobbies July 22, 1983!
  5. I didn’t realize the SWB were that hard to find. Tell me about those wheels! They look more correct than the originals.
  6. Here is where it is now. Starting reassembly after a good cleaning. Starting to put the front end back together.
  7. I just realized the radiator is included in the re-re but not used! Shapeways is my backup plan for the grill. Those paddle tires always them look better!
  8. I think at some point we will all end up here. Particularly with the re-re parts that are identical. Being happy with the model is the bottom line. I do keep a record of what parts are original and re-re for reference.
  9. This is the direction I’m headed. Thanks for confirming the re-re winch. I’ll look for one.
  10. Agree! I’ve been educating myself on what works and doesn’t between SWB and LWB. I was certain I could find the winch on Shapeways, but haven’t yet. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  11. A colleague recently give me an original Wild Willy SWB in fairly good condition after I helped him out at work. (It pays to be nice!) After disassembly and inspection, I found a few parts that need to be replaced. I have most of them, but they are the LWB version. what are the thoughts of the group on mixing SWB and LWB parts, or even Wild Willy 2 body parts? It seems to me that this would have happened naturally as parts broke or wore from normal use. The goal is to have a display model to go along with my Rough Rider, Grasshopper and A-stamp RC10. Parts in question: Front bulkhead - I have a LWB version Front shock mount part J6 - I have LWB version of both sides Rear body catch assembly - I have one SWB version and missing one. Was thinking of 3d printing a look alike. Body issues: Wear on roll bar Broken, but all there front grill Missing radiator Broken and partly missing winch Cracked but all there windshield and frame
  12. I cleaned the brass parts tonight by soaking in a solution of white vinegar and table salt for about 30 minutes. I then neutralized the solution with a short soak in water and baking soda. A quick dry and buff with a towel and it looks good! I didn’t think it was a good idea to try to remove the grommets from the shock eyelets for fear of damaging the 35 year old rubber. I also washed the tires well and am letting them air dry before I soak them in glycerin. I need to address the flat spot on the otherwise great rear tires.
  13. Did some disassembly today. Not to bad overall. The front radio box crack looks fixable, but the rubber mount got damaged when I had to grab it with pliers due to too much threadlock. I also found two bent front shafts on the right side.
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