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  1. mmmmm i know someone with a pillar drill, worth an attempt i think as they seem to be rare now. Thanks alot!
  2. Hello All Looking for either a Ali or Carbon prop shaft to replace standard lead weight version. Not fussed if its used either. Cheers
  3. Hello is this still for sale? If so PM please......
  4. Used one would be great, then i dont have to destroy my new carbon one, i guess kit colors, not that i'm fussed. How do people prefer to give details etc on here so i dont break any rules etc etc
  5. Hello All I'm after a Toyota MR-S or Audi TT-R to use as a runner shell. Not fussed if its used as long as its not hanging, dont mind small splits etc Dont want to run a Porsche as im racing in the iconic cup and not sure if they will get funny about mods...... Cheers
  6. Thanks for both of your help, now where's the dremel...........
  7. Is that a 2.1mm piston? I attempted it and snapped the E clip in 2 then started this post Might have to do what lentner3 suggested and file them down a bit, first time i have ever come across any kind of Tamiya fitment in nearly 20 years of messing around with cars.....
  8. They measure up 33.5mm, come straight from the 50601 packet
  9. Right got the vernier out, piston rods have the same gap which is good, they measure up at a smidge over 1.7mm from the top of one groove to the bottom of the other. The difference is in the pistons themselves. Im using standard black pistons, the ones that came out of the dampers measure up as 1.7mm thick. The new ones and all the other in my spares box measure up as 2.1mm. Ideally i want to buy rods to suit these as seem to be the 'standard' width, any idea what i need to buy????
  10. Hello All I'm rebuilding a TA04 SS to use in this years iconic cup and needed a new set of piston rods to replace the kit ones as the coating had gone in places. I consulted the manual and bought the exact replacement part (50601) however when they arrived the distance between the two E clip grooves is smaller that the kit ones so you cant get the second E clip on to hold the piston in place. Thinking it was me that had made a mistake, I then bought a pack of 50950 thinking the pistons that would come with this would not have the raised area on each side of the piston and would fit the new piston rods. Wrong! So my question is what do i need to buy that will come with the right thickness (and diameter) pistons that will fit the dampers and the rods i have bought? I guess there has been a design change from Tamiya at some point which is why i'm having all of this hassle??? Seems silly to have to buy a whole new damper set to fix the problem, any help appreciated!
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