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  1. Bromley

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Met up with a couple of mates at my local model shop and spent the day building a drivers stand. Need some finishing touches, but overall looking good. Then proceeded to break my TT-02. Thankfully I got a loaner Hornet and raced against two Wild Ones!
  2. Bromley

    Lunchbox! According to this article the truck was sold to a guy in Japan....hmmmm.
  3. Bromley

    Any guess on re-re 2019?

    I'd be sorely tempted by the Dyna Storm and Monster racer if they were rere'd.
  4. Bromley

    Traxxas Xmaxx

    In the UK at least the price difference between a TXT-2 and an X-Maxx is pretty significant. TXT-2 can be had for as little as £300 or so and an X-Maxx will set you back £950. Maybe things are different where you are... The two trucks are also totally different animals, One is a solid axle monster truck with scale looks, the other is a fully signed up hooligan truggy on steroids. If you want true classic monster truck looks, what about a Clod Buster? If you want something like an X-Maxx, you really only have one choice, buy one! For general bashing my preference would be for a Traxxas UDR, if I had to stray away from Tamiya.
  5. Bromley

  6. Bromley


    Does anybody know what happened to Rollin' Thunder?
  7. I know what you mean. I don't have the slightest interest in football/soccer. When people find this out they do tend to treat me very differently. It's such a large part of most British men's lives, they just think I'm plain weird.
  8. Only ever had one stranger show any negativity towards my RC hobby. I was out with some friends doing some trail running with our CC01 Defenders, we came across a woman walking her dog with her young daughter. We all said hello, as you do, and she just sneered and said " that looks fun" in such a sarcastic manner. It really annoyed me for about a minute, then I thought we aren't hurting anybody, were not damaging anybodies property and most importantly we are having fun. So, stuff these people with their "too cool for school" attitudes and keep on enjoying our wonderful hobby. The guys at work give me jibes about RC, but not in a nasty way, I get that. We all have different interests that seem a little odd to others. But I would never insult someone for having a hobby that I don't have a interest in. One of the guys at work likes metal detecting, not my cup of tea, but if it gets him out of the house and doing something stimulating, then why the heck not. Edit: I should have added, 10 minutes after the rude woman incident, we met a young family with 2 boys. They loved the trucks and the Dad was very inquisitive. We talked for a while let the boys have a go wit the trucks, chatted some more and waved goodbye. That's the other side of enjoying RC in public spaces.
  9. Bromley

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Actually last night....Came 3rd in the "Stock Touring Car Championship" at my RC club. It was the last round of 6, I finished 2nd. My TT02 was running strong and my thumbs were on form. 1st place went to a young lad(who also won the championship), driving a not so stock Xray with a brushless setup. My Torque tuned motor didn't stand a chance on the straights. Couple of the guys were complaining, but it seemed to fall on deaf ears at race control. This aside, it was a great nights racing. I'm thinking of migrating to "Modified Tourers" next year but not sure how the TT-02 will like going brushless? Never thought I'd be RC car racing at my age, but blimey it's a lot of fun for very little outlay. If you're on the fence about racing, I say, have a go.
  10. Bromley

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Two steel pinions for my TXT-2. I'm getting ever closer to starting this build.
  11. Bromley

    Matchbox cars

    Well there the inspiration for the next Comical series vehicle....The Tamiya Comical Skyline!
  12. Bromley

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Your going to love that thing. I have a Racing Fighter DT03. It's a brilliant bit of kit, fast, tough and handles well. Fun to build too.
  13. Bromley

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Bearings...lots of bearings, for my TXT-2.
  14. Bromley

    Help choosing a new, larger build.

    Just ordered these thanks for the heads up!
  15. Bromley

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Just this minute ordered the Summit Racing decals for my TXT-2. All taken care of by Nathaneal at MCI Racing! Thanks too Prescient who put me onto them. I just hope they get here safely.