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  1. What was the outcome? Did Tamiya give an explanation?
  2. Get a Core RC 4000mah Lipo pack. It's the same dimensions/layout as a nimh/Nicd style pack. Fits all old style vehicles. I have one that I use in a Lunch Box and CC01 no problems. They come with a Deans connector as standard but you can always change that or get an adaptor.
  3. I actually cancelled the order. The whole RTR thing was bugging me to be fair. I like the build process, gathering the parts and hop ups, and making a vehicle your own. I went with a Super Clod Buster kit instead which I intend on customising. Not full Mod Clod, but more classic 80s monster truck with some nice scale detail. Not the same kettle of fish by a long way. More my cuppa tea though. I might one day get an RTR, but that day isn't today.
  4. A little late in finding this build...but wow...what a find!
  5. That looks fantastic. Are you planning to build it?
  6. I not so sure of this, for me it sits in the same camp as the XR311. Poor performance, extremely dated and more RC scale model than RC basher. They Rere'd the XR311!
  7. Technically yesterday....Cancelled the Losi Baja Raptor I ordered and placed an order for a Super Clod Buster instead! Two reasons for this... not being comfortable with buying an RTR was the main one,I really do enjoy the build process. The other reason, since building my TXT-2, I have a new found love for monster trucks. The Clod had always appealed to me when I was a kid but recently less so. Then I saw this in another post: I have ordered the chrome C parts and will try to track down the black F parts to re-create this fine beast. I hope the owner of this Clod doesn't mind me copying them. I'll probably go with gloss black paint rather than Satin so not a carbon copy! Lighting and some whip aerials would complete the look.
  8. Cheers Peter, I looked on ebay but couldn't see the parts needed. I don't like the TXT-1 wheels that much, too showy! I know it's a monster truck! I'm going to order the clod wheels anyhow and see about making the adapters myself. I'm a machinist so doable, just time consuming.
  9. I know this is an old post, but can anyone point me in the direction of the wheel adaptors used above? I really want to fit clod wheels and tyres on to my TXT-2. There seems a lack off support for these trucks in the UK.
  10. Thanks for the replies chaps. Guess I'm gonna have to suck it and see. The general consensus seems to be that Losi are good quality. I'll give it a once over just to make sure every thing is tight and then run the snot out of it until I get used to the wheelie Tx. I really need to at least become competent with a wheelie Tx, It's so frustrating when people say have a go with this and that new rig or whatever, I have to say no thank you, even when I really want to have a go. I'm so bad with a wheel it's not even funny and the last thing I want to do is smash up somebodies brand new vehicle! Here's a picture of the beast in question. Mine won't be with me for a while, but I'll be sure to update you on progress.
  11. I have ordered the new Losi Baja Rey Raptor, This is my 1st foray into a non Tamiya vehicle. Also my 1st trophy truck, 1st Ready To Run and 1st brushless vehicle. What is the general consensus on Losi factory build quality, and parts durability. Am I best to rebuild the truck when it arrives or can I happily run it without worry? Questions I no doubt should have asked before placing the order, but this truck really pushes my buttons. The truck comes with a Spektrum wheel Tx, this is again a 1st for me, having only used sticks previously. The car/Tx has buillt in steering gyro. If I can't get on with the wheel Tx I may have to lose the gyro and stick another Rx in so I can use my Fly sky FSi6 Tx. Any thoughts on this, will it still be drivable on 3s without the gyro? I've tried friends cars using a wheel Tx, but never for long enough to really feel in control. In fact they feel totally alien. Maybe it will come in time. Your thoughts please?
  12. Tamiya, absolutely could do this sort of thing if they put there mind to it. What a brilliant take on the Dynahead chassis. Well done Sir!
  13. I built up a Lunch Box for a friend with 10.5 brushless motor. Used a Hornet 18t pinion. The thing was mental on 3s, 30mph roll on wheelies no problem whatsoever. I don't recall ever having the thing flat out for more than a second or two though. It was completely stock bar the ,motor, esc and pinion. Fun times!
  14. Or...even easier, stick a 6mm cable tie round the shaft just under the front shock bolt head.
  15. Just gave my TXT-2 Chassis a blast up the street in the dark! electrics not even finalised but couldn't resist. Rolled it 3 times, and managed a 3 meter wheelie, good god it's a fun rig! Does standing wheelies on 2S, which I wasn't expecting. Just need to tidy some stuff and cut out and paint the shell. May need to get a runner shell...the thing just begs to be abused!
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