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  1. Aqroshot with Schumacher Vee2 + Vee4 tyres. 3500-4500kv motor is a pretty decent runner. The stock tyres are next to useless off road.
  2. If your in the UK, have a look at the Warco WM 16 or 18. Both good mills for model engineering. Not overly expensive and parts are available direct from Warco. I have the WM18. I fitted a 2 axis DRO to make life easier.
  3. Yeah it's not the cheapest hobby. But when you look at the price of scale trucks and trailers, it's kinda ok.
  4. Gave up working silly amounts of hours and most weekends about 4 years ago. Needed something to do on a friday night that was socially acceptable. Went racing in the euro truck class. Now have a mix of classic tamiya models from just about all genres. And now fly model aeroplanes to boot. 4 years of good living. Model building, friendships, racing and flying. Should have done it 20 years ago. Life is better with Tamiya.
  5. Both are 207mm wheelbase.
  6. I'd go blitzer chassis, hard body for the shelf, Kamtec body for doing skids. It's a tough dependable chassis and takes modest brushless setups in its stride. I have two, love 'em.
  7. I'd maybe take a look at the Arrma Typhon 3s. It looks better than most modern buggies and runs very strongly. While not an out and out racer, it's tough as all badword and goes like the proverbial. If you want something more classically styled maybe a Cat XLS rerelease. Nothing modern gets close to classic 80s/90s buggys.
  8. Kit. The 1st time you stand back at look at it complete will be so much more rewarding. Pulling a finished car out of a box is just too dull for words.
  9. My moneys on the Hornet, with the Lunchbox in 2nd place.
  10. I prefer the Racing Fighter. I've done mine up as a modern take on a the Hornet.
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