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  1. Aqroshot with Schumacher Vee2 + Vee4 tyres. 3500-4500kv motor is a pretty decent runner. The stock tyres are next to useless off road.
  2. If your in the UK, have a look at the Warco WM 16 or 18. Both good mills for model engineering. Not overly expensive and parts are available direct from Warco. I have the WM18. I fitted a 2 axis DRO to make life easier.
  3. Yeah it's not the cheapest hobby. But when you look at the price of scale trucks and trailers, it's kinda ok.
  4. Gave up working silly amounts of hours and most weekends about 4 years ago. Needed something to do on a friday night that was socially acceptable. Went racing in the euro truck class. Now have a mix of classic tamiya models from just about all genres. And now fly model aeroplanes to boot. 4 years of good living. Model building, friendships, racing and flying. Should have done it 20 years ago. Life is better with Tamiya.
  5. Both are 207mm wheelbase.
  6. I'd go blitzer chassis, hard body for the shelf, Kamtec body for doing skids. It's a tough dependable chassis and takes modest brushless setups in its stride. I have two, love 'em.
  7. I'd maybe take a look at the Arrma Typhon 3s. It looks better than most modern buggies and runs very strongly. While not an out and out racer, it's tough as all badword and goes like the proverbial. If you want something more classically styled maybe a Cat XLS rerelease. Nothing modern gets close to classic 80s/90s buggys.
  8. Kit. The 1st time you stand back at look at it complete will be so much more rewarding. Pulling a finished car out of a box is just too dull for words.
  9. My moneys on the Hornet, with the Lunchbox in 2nd place.
  10. I prefer the Racing Fighter. I've done mine up as a modern take on a the Hornet.
  11. I had the same thing on my blitzer, replace the unlocks and you should be ok. As mentioned above, make sure the start of the axle threads are just visible once the nut is in place.
  12. I used PS paint on my CC02 G500 mirrors and spare wheel cover. As said above it'll need a coat of lacquer if you want a glossy finish. I was delighted how well it turned out.
  13. I found a link to I believe a legit Tamiya source where you could input a chassis designation and find all available genuine hop ups. I can't seem to find it now. The Tamiya.com website is less than helpful. I'm interested in what is available for the CC02. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Ok...so a little late in replying, but I have just taken steps and ordered a King Hauler from my LHS.😁 Built a Hotshot and finished a couple of restorations since being in lock down. Now I'm ready for a new challenge. I decided on the KH just because it looks so damned cool. Only trouble is, I now need to work out a paint scheme. Many restless night ahead of me I fear.πŸ™„ I'll be collecting parts for a while so don't expect pictures any time soon. For the electrics I'm thinking, WP1080 esc and generic 45t brushed motor (I have an 80t in stock I can try). ESS Dual sound unit, a liberal sprinkling of LED lights and a couple of Alturn high torque servos. It'll get full bearings obvs...πŸ‘πŸΎ I'm not overly worried about the full multi function computer for now. I understand it's a tight fit in this rig anyhow. If there any must do upgrades to improve general running and reliability I'm keen to hear about them. Also going to look into trailers, flatbed ideally. These seem pretty expensive compared to the tractors though. So may have to do some scratch building to keep costs down. I have a good stock of aluminium angle.
  15. I'd just go with what he likes the look of. Most of the 2wd solid axle cars are easy enough builds for 7 year old with some assistance. Alternatively a better performing vehicle is the Stadium Thunder or DT03T Aqroshot. Both good runners and nice big bodies that can accommodate lots of stickers....what 7 year old doesn't like a sticker or twenty? Pre build the shocks for him, cut the body out and paint it. Then enjoy the main build together. My Dad wasn't around much when I was very young, he was in the Royal Navy keeping us safe and providing for me and Mum, even so, I would love to have had memories of constructing cars and models together.
  16. I'm pretty sure they are a 2.2 design. The tyres are a very low profile design unlike any 2.2 buggy tyre.
  17. I absolutely need to see a Lunchbox on the moon... ...it'll go 2 feet and fall over.🀣
  18. I bought these bodies as they were reasonably cheap. Don't really want to have to spend more money on axles and hexes. There must be mini bodies that fit properly without modification.
  19. I ordered two bodies, this is sitting on my mates M05. My kit isn't here yet. Thinking about returning them to be honest.
  20. My stickers arrived 10 mins ago!😁 Just in time for my M05 build.😎 Many thanks.
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