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  1. Cheers for your suggestions but oddly the problem was this...the screws I’d used (as suggested in the original manual) were too long and therefore stopped the motor from turning, even by hand. Once I took the motor and plastic plate off the RC it turned no problem. So I’ve refitted with shorter screws and all good.
  2. Morning, I’m having issues with my new Super Stock RZ motor. I bough it as an upgrade motor for My Lunch Box. I’ve also bought a Mtroniks Tio Storm 19T ESC to power it but it’s not working. The ESC only beeps when I put it into forward or reverse? The steering servo works fine. if I connect my original motor (supplied with the Lunch Box) the Mtronkis works that absolutely fine? So I’m a bit stuck as to what to do. Do I need a sensor cable from the RZ motor? There seems to be a slot in the motor but nowhere to connect it within the Mtroniks ESC, if I did buy one? I believe I’ve set the ESC up correctly as it powers the original motor. All help greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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