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  1. Ok! I will buy it as soon as possible!!! thanks Massimiliano
  2. Hi! Maybe it work in photo you can see the rear diff excursion. and you can see the adding of shims for keep diff in right position. NOW SEEMS WORK!!! another problem is that my rear diff sometime open itself... maybe with this shims will not open anymore but I do not know... i see in the video it is used a glue on the screw... some one have try this operation? thanks massimiliano
  3. Hi! Really many thanks, I will update my cc01 today! I will give you info in next day! I will implement this solution! Thabks Massimiliano
  4. Hi to all I have a problem with my read tamiya differential!!! I try to block it with its right blocking plastic accessories. The first time the screw unscrewed and diff open (I mean the housing of the diff so the wheel spin free). I reclose and now I have a more big problem... the central gear do not engage the differential... The differentialis free to move left and right... when it is all to left (correct position.... I wan say "right" position but it will be missunderstand eheh) the central gear (central gear I mean the gear where the transmission shaft is connected) correctly can transmit torque to the diff. But after some second (or minute) of RC usage the two half axle of the rear axle (the two half axle where in the center are conneted togeder with the differential) slip a bit outside and, internal to the axle, the differential slip a bit to right and in this position the central gear spin free without engaging the differential (in true engage a bit a it is possible to ear a very bad bad bad noise!) so without transmitting torque to the differential (anche so no to the wheel). What I can do to fix my axle?
  5. Hi to all! I repair it buying a new "manta kit" diff... The gear inside the differential was damaged so I substituted it! I want a better kit but I will spent 50euro minimum so i preferred buy a stock kit and keep money for a new RC! An info... Someone have never tried the LiFe 9.9v battery instead LiPo 7.4? I use it for some time and maybe it is that encrease of power that damage my diff gear Thanks Massi
  6. Hi to all! How are you? I have a new problem..... ****! Maybe is better if I open a new post? So now I have the rear diff that not work! I use config with rear diff open (and grass hard) and wheel are not traction..... Axle it is ok but wheel are spin neutral without power.... If I disconnect axle and I turn with hand the diff the wheel still not move.. I try to open and close the diff without success..... The problem is when one wheel go to extern a bit and in this case there is no power... If I push wheel it works! I try with some thing to pull the block internal but no success.. Any idea? I must buy a new complete rear diff? Thanks Massimiliano
  7. Some one have never try this? I buy two kit but both NOT working because there is too dead zone for steering and after 5/10 minutes the screw will decrease strength and release a bit so increase more the dead band and car not steer anymore!!!! Some one can tell me something about this problem?! thanks Massimiliano
  8. OK! Thanks Michael! So I wait "better time for buy" eheh I have no hurry! eheh Many thanks
  9. Hi Michael Thanks for your advice! Yes buy used maybe is a bad thing... Maybe I buy something damged.... I think on it! 670€ it is very too mutch for this RC... I think on it! edit: in 3 or 4 month if I want to buy a NEW (not used) price will be more or less? so I mean, the pre order is the best price and in future the price of new can only be more then now or normally pre order is the higher price and in the future normaly decrease? Many thanks for your answer! Massimiliano
  10. Hi Shenlonco thanks for your info. You are right and cost not very mutch more.... Now I want to wait 1 or 2 month because I see that it will be putted on sell the new e-revo 2018 and new X-maxx 2018 and maybe someone will sell your old RC and price maybe can decrease! Maybe! For the "new" purpose the cheaper shop is RCMART do you conferm? i not find any other shop more cheaper than it. the only problem is shipping cost... edit: an info: it is more chepaer pre order now the new traxxas e-revo 2018 or maybe wait 3 or 4 month and then buy?" thanks Massimiliano
  11. Hi! Thanks for tour info! So if there is no two speed and no locking diff... It is more cheap to buy MST CFX chassis eheh! there is no other reason to buy TRX-4! I'm NOT expert of crawler (or RC world) but IMHO it is a good thing the diff locking! thanks Massimiliano
  12. Please correct me if I am wrong, if TRX-4 new version still has locking diff... But... Other than traxxas TRX-4 there is any other RC that have diff locking via remote? Thanks Massimiliano
  13. Hi Yes I see it but have not diff locking via remote.. That is the only reson that TRX-4 is better, for me, then the MST CXF... Thanks Massimiliano
  14. Hu Michael thanks for your answer! Yes you are right... maybe in a futre I will be buy a buggy! For now It is better to fix my pajero. Yes I still can buy another chassis that is is for abour 25€ shipped that it isn't very expensive! I think on it! Many thanks! Massimiliano
  15. Hi! thanks all for answer! in italy custom are high severity for big packet! From RC Mart I see very interesting price! The fantastic TRX-4 Defender: http://www.rcmart.com/traxxas-820564-trx4-scale-trail-crawler-with-land-rover®-defender®-body-p-73184.html?cPath=420_1187 that is 380€ + 70€ ship (economic) that are total of 450€!!! **** SHIP COST! The very very very good e-revo dual motor (not know how must work but it is simply faster ahaha): http://www.rcmart.com/traxxas-560364-erevo-scale-electric-racing-monster-truck-ready-p-70394.html that cost 313€ + 60€ ship! So it is very expensive!!! And ship are very very espensive!!! Or there is the fantastic slash (adviced from willy) but the small version 1/16: http://www.rcmart.com/traxxas-700541-slash-scale-short-course-racing-truck-p-65793.html cost 170€ + 40€ ship... so total 210€ not bad!!! but it is very small!!! it is 1/16 or, the slash 1/10 with TSM.... That is a good thing I suppose! http://www.rcmart.com/traxxas-5807624-slash-brless-p-72932.html that cost 300€ + 55€ ship cost a lot.... Why so many difference with tsm of cost????? Or slash with TSM and with brushless motor: http://www.rcmart.com/traxxas-6808624-slash-p-72933.html that cost 370€ + 55€ ship... Mmmm it is very expensive! Or... what I have choose.... The MST CXF chassis that have FREE SHIP!!!! Yea there are 4 version! one with only chassis and other 3 with ESC and motor.. I just always thinked that it is better without motor... but... for at maximum 35€ differnce... maybe I can buy a motor! What do you think?! So that are the 4 version, ordered by price: Without motor : http://www.rcmart.com/532148-front-motor-high-performance-crawler-p-71109.html price is 187€ simple motor (maybe MST) : http://www.rcmart.com/532149-front-motor-crawler-p-71110.html for 211€ (24€ plus then only chassis) motor is ESC: XB60 (brushed), Motor: M54-26T (brushed) so it is NOT better then mine... so maybe it is not a good choise with hobbyking motor: http://www.rcmart.com/cb1056-front-motor-crawler-532148-hobbywing-quicr-p-71230.html cost 215€ (4€ plus original motor and about 30€ from only chassis) that motor is only brushed and support 3S LiPo too (but maybe are very very too mutch) with yea racing motor and different poinion : http://www.rcmart.com/cb1051-front-motor-crawler-532148-yeah-racing-p-71115.html that cost 220€ (that are 35€ plus then the only chassis) with the pinion too... Support LiPo 3S but motor included it is still brushed So... FOR NOW I'm maybe buy only one MST CFX for my pajero!!! Maybe, when I will have more money... I can buy a slash or e-revo or fantastic TRX-4! So remaining on that 4 version of MST CFX what you advice to me for buy?! thinking about it maybe the better choise is between the only chassis or the YEAH kit... For 35€ I have plus a pinion, an ESC, and motor... that are not for brushless... maybe are not a better choise... but.. I'm asking to you! So, what you advice me to buy?! MSF CFX onlu chassis or with some kit?! thanks Massimiliano
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