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  1. Yeah... Bsa Bantam 1960's frames, Suzuki water cooled RG500 sq 4 bottom end. One has 1960's Ariel Arrow air cooled top ends and the other has peugeot top ends .
  2. Well its done for now thanks. I've ordered a battery / charger. Also a transmitter is on its way to me...So soon i can get her spinning the nice clean wheels...
  3. Yeah, thanks.... Better than i hoped for, doesn't do it justice.... It looks Fantastic, what a piece of car Sex....I'll put the rc stuff on and get another pic or two...Just been out on my 500 so, spot the Porsche in one pic...Bling..Well pleased. I did try to get the Techno sticker to be seen. But in one position the resister was touchng the chassis and when i moved the motor locating screw to the other hole that side of the motor. The positive motor lead was in the way...haha.. Such a nice condition sticker too...
  4. hi again. seems bikes and rc cars go together... I washed off the three assembley's and then opened up the diffs and cleaned out the little grease there was. Checked and regreased it all. I must say that the parts cleaned up well, as you probably know by seeing a few done. I did find a crack in the main chassis, you can see it by the lower servo in the pic above, right in the corner where the rear white mounting goes in. I'll weld that up easy enough and i'm not going to give myself a kicking over it..This thing was very quick in its day and needed some large area to run her. I think i did try to run it in the house but its toooo quick.haha BANG it goes into the wall...I've never been into Boot sales but Now....I'll have to park my bike up and go and see wont I Boot Sale Man Ps. the link came in handy...cheers
  5. Hi. Thanks for the kind replies... Yes, it did cross my mind not to run her again as she is not a car to smash up and rebuild with parts that are thin on the ground..So i'm stripping her down atm. She is covered as you know in a kind of black silt not unlike brake dust we see on the bikes...The diff gears look ok but need to come out for checking and greasing...Here is a pic so far, you can see i put the screws back in their places. Yes, i did click them back into the previously cut thread by turning the screws left hand first...Yeah, my bikes come first, google "bsa bantam rg500" and see what silly old sods get up to for fun. Thanks for the link and i'll post a few more pics as we go along.Time for a tidy up and put the rc some where safe for now. Cheers, Roy
  6. HI. My names Roy, 65 years old i'm into full size motorcycles as my hobby builds.. I know we are all guardians in many ways for our mechanical gold dust. Well, i thought i'd dust off my rc car that i had new years ago, and give it a thrashing again as it tries to attack my ankles in the car park.. Turns out that it may be a collectable and deserves a lot of love..Here are a couple of pics of her. I'm sure she is standard apart from the tyres as i don't remember ever having her apart and changing other bits..I do have the body although its a tad naff. I've dusted her off, but she does need a good clean..enjoy.
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