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  1. Sigma pure gps. Cycle computer
  2. Nice one ! Cheers dude. The motor and esc are an ezrun copy from ebay / Hong Kong cost £27.99 and took about 2 weeks to get to me.
  3. Thanks Jason 👍 Great page you have going, i look forward to seeing my name on the list.
  4. Not bad for a novice eh. Did cut the video short though as car did take a few knocks and flips lol.
  5. Hi Andy Thanks for the interest, yes it is 2008 version bought a month ago. I did do a 2s run and reached 35.55. On a 3s I am pretty sure on a longer road this will near 50 mph as the gps used takes a while to record max speed.
  6. Apologise for camera, you might want to lock screen on device.
  7. Devonnick

    Boomerang top speed

    Finally got my speed run today. (Apologise for camera, lock screen on device to view landscape mode) 43.99 mph Well chuffed Will improve on longer road 😁😁😁
  8. Tamiya Boomerang 4wd modified 43.99 mph 3s lipo Battery, fully ballraced, 17t pinion gear 9t brushless motor
  9. Devonnick

    Worst car program ever?

    Top gear. Tings as chaanged innit. Yeah do u wont da pepperoni wid that. No do as i say not as i do.
  10. Devonnick

    Boomerang top speed

    Sigma GPS and Cockpit Cam mounted.
  11. Devonnick


    Ha Ha lots of lols lol funny.
  12. Devonnick


    Awww can't see it, there's no W , so no anagram, Go on ?
  13. Devonnick


    How can you tell if an rc car enthusiast has ADHD ? A. They own a Nitro car.
  14. Devonnick

    Boomerang top speed

    I'll be going to a claim no blame website and sue you if my elecs and car snap. Lol
  15. Devonnick

    Boomerang top speed

    Snakepalms, Got me gps(Sigma sport pure gps) and can confirm it does record Max speed, works well and is as good as my Berlingo van built in sat nav Speedo, However does take time to register top speed like most gps do. And is about 2mph lower than current speed shown on Van speedo but this seems common on any gps tested. (******* van i know ).