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  1. Ive placed it underneath in the stock location, just added a spacer so theres not to much pressure on the battery, i also got a small 6s battery so it fits quite snug
  2. Yeah after frying a bunch of esc’s an stripping my gearbox I finally got it to the point where ive upgraded everything to the point where everything’s solid an abit over the top, i got to excited an forgot to glue the tyres but sort out tyres an a Decent wheelie bar an I’ll definitely upload a video
  3. Ah i see yeah i thought id ask because i can get those wheels 2 days or i have to order them off ebay thatl take Atleast 2 weeks usually being that im in New Zealand, whats happened is ive gone overboard my lunchbox is now a 6s running a 6.5T motor an a 1:8 scale brushless hobbywing esc, after blowing multiple esc’s I settled on the 1:8th esc an which has left me with the weak link being the tyres as i didnt glue them like my previous set. i took it out the other day an have it running mint have it under control quite well considering that its wayyy over powered but anyway i blew off a tyre an lost one haha
  4. Hi guys I blew the tyres off my lunchbox lol an found some cheap sand rover wheels for cheap just wondering if theyre the same size axle an would bolt up yes i know i should just buy new lunchbox wheels but coming upto christmas its not in the budget an i can get these wheels free just need to make sure theyll suit before i go an get them sent
  5. My bad forgot id posted the question 👌
  6. What esc would you guys recommend for a 6s with a 6.5 turn brushless hobbywing motor?
  7. Looking into esc’s as my current one went pop due to me going 6s l, my current setup is quicrun 6.5t motor with a quicrun 10BL120 esc but I recently have gone 6s which i new wouldn’t hold the power but just wonder what would be the best esc to run with my 6.5t motor
  8. Well thats it haha i have the parts to do it so might aswell give it ago haha parts are cheap enough
  9. Yeah main reason for going 4s for me was my mate had a 3s an i had to out do him 👌, after destroying my plastic gear’s etc an going steel gears an upgrading the bearings its been good since, now that i need a new battery I thought ****** it ill step it up a notch as replacement parts arnt really that exspesive ill defently upload a video when i get the chance to work on it again an get a battery ( just found the video on youtube looks insane )
  10. Yeah ive been running my 4s setup for some time now an havent had any issues apart from frying a 10L60 esc when first building it but got a 120 an the electrical side of things have been fine since, I understand its to much to handle but wanted to know if anyones done it
  11. Just wondering how you guys wire in your fans? As there’s only enough space for one plug,
  12. Hey fellas been building a lunchbox for a little while now inbetween braking an replacing parts haha, heres what im currently running - 13 kg steering servo - ballbaring kit - steal gear set - 6.5 turn brushless hobbywing quicrun motor - quicrun 10L120 esc - twin gear fans With a 4s battery ( the things insane ) now ive come across a 6s Battery an my question is whos ran a 6s in there lunchbox an whats it go like? ( i know most of these comments are going to be “ its a waste of time, dont waste your money blah blah blah” ) but for the price of a 4s battery i cant get a 6s so it cant hurt to try just wanted to ask who else has done it
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