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  1. lol not at all, thank you for the compliment!
  2. I don't know what to think - because I had to hodge podge my gearbox together because the classic set I ordered from Boca Bearings didn't have the all the sizes included - from what I remember from Friday: The bearings I needed were for the 2 idler gears, and the bearing adapter. I had all sorts of extra bearings that were not used. I don't see any difference between the CC gearbox and the original RC10 gearbox. So everything should be the same.
  3. Finished up the CC for the most part. Going to do some paint testing this week on another body. Got my lights, really bright too. I have not seen an RC10 with working lights, I did some searching, couldn't find any pics. But I think it'll work.
  4. Looks great. Of the big 3, the frog the hornet and the grasshopper, I always remember being envious of the frog as a kid who had the Hornet. I just loved how it drove, how it jumped, and how it loved to spin rear end out. Very hard to roll. Low center of gravity. More metal parts than the Hornet. Always loved the body. Def one of my favorites in my showroom. Enjoy that runner.
  5. I guess my thought is, power tools and R/C probably aren't a great mix unless we are talking about low speed low torque drivers, but even then, if you're off or tilted at all going into the nylon, you're going to miss thread the nylon part and that's not good. I do like the idea of a handle type ratchet that is faster than hand tightening, gives you some torque, and doesn't really risk damaging, stripping, or misthreading a part. That Tamiya piece looks like a good investment even at $30. One thing I did notice is MIP is letting you build your own set, that's a cool idea.
  6. Anyone understand the purposes for the current Reedy brushed motors? Admittedly I know little about turns and the like. But I'm wondering if any of these would be an appropriate RC10 motor, I'm not having much luck finding a good looking can from eBay from the vintage era. Associated's website is really crappy in terms of intel on these. I mean they literally tell you nothing or what purpose these really are for. https://www.associatedelectrics.com/reedy/parts/motors/brushed/ I'm thinking of using one of these as a backup plan for the build. Thanks!
  7. Ordered a set of these for the RC10. Looking forward to scaling out this kit a lot. The box art makes the car look so real, I want to make the model look real. I'll be doing real window nets as well. One thing I don't like about the RC10 is the driver figure being lexan. I was thinking of maybe seeing what a Tamiya driver looks like in there. I like the fact that you can run the covers or no covers on these.
  8. I ended up ante'ing up for 3 of the MIP drivers. 3/32 1/16 and 0.50. $57 USD out the door. Eeek. For this sort of money the customer shouldn't have to put the size labels on the drivers. But no biggie.
  9. Does speed tip just refer to the fact that you can swap them out of the handle? (referring to the MIP tools...)
  10. So are the MIP speed tips, like a ratchet, where you you can twist backward and crank forward for faster tightening? I'm trying to find the speed tips I need, it looks like .035 .050 1/16 and 3/32..... Thanks!
  11. My associated tool set showed up. The bad news? They don't fit any fasteners on the RC10. It appears the fasteners on the RC10CC are SAE and NOT metric after all. :-/
  12. Are you going to put the chrome shocks on there at any point? Or do you prefer the yellow?
  13. A few days progress on the RC10CC. Getting familiar again with all the steps I despised the first time I built one 30 years ago. The little c clips that fly halfway across the room if you pinch wrong. The pins in the rear axels. Trying not to chew up tie rods or tie rod ends with pliers. Adjusting the diff just right. The bearing kit I ordered did not align with the needs of the kit. I ordered the "classic" RC10 bearing kit and the bearings for the gearbox were not right. Ugh. I have not found any aftermarket rods I like yet. If I can't find a nice Trinity motor I might just pop in a black Tamiya Sport Tuned.
  14. Worked on the RC10CC. -Built the shocks. Remembered how much I hate having to pinch the shock's shaft with a rag and a pliers while I twist on the plastic mount. -Built the wheels and tires. Remembered how much I hate trying to line up the 3 holes for the allen head fasteners. Pro tip: Assemble them without the tires and thread in the fasteners into the nylon parts as a way to pre-thread and make assembly easier with the tires. Waiting for bearings to show up for the transmission. Was half tempted to buy a stealth off ebay.
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