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  1. That would be cool. I think the problem is, the scale seems kind of skewed. When I put the Bruiser surfboard on this thing, it's massive in comparison and they're both 10th scale. I think the seats would look big, not sure.
  2. I honestly think my Blackfoot was a better basher. The problem you're going to have with the ORVs is they all have the same weaknesses and if you're willing to address them, then maybe. The BRAT is rollover happy at high speeds even medium speeds. I cruise mine lightly. This was my dream car as a kid and I never had one. I went all out on this and did the diff upgrade.
  3. Finally forced myself to finish the decals and took a few pics with the new fish surfboard.
  4. thanks man! Still got a few things I wanna do, mainly add wide hood stripes probably white, a few more sponsors maybe a fuel cell or spare wheel/tire with cargo net.
  5. I've always wanted to run the OG Wild Willy sand paddles on the Brat.
  6. The Sport Tuned motor from @Biz73 showed up today along with a MASSIVE amount of Santa Cruz stickers and a Spicoli sticker of the Fast Times guys stumbling out of the VW bus, totally awesome and appreciated! The crimper for the Tamiya motor connectors showed up too - using that thing is an art, you can def squeeze down too hard. I destroyed at least 2 squeezing too hard. After 6 hours of soldering, painting, decaling, running to Hobby Lobby for card stock, and watching people loot riot and protest on Fox News all day, I was able to get out and take a few speed runs in the dark down the street. The sport tuned can is a nice amount of speed esp for the BRAT, the BRAT has this insane tight turning radius and with the high center of gravity you're just looking for a flip onto the hard shell. So it was nice to see how fast she was in a straight line she hums. I can't wait to get some speed run pics - the green body just pops. I'll def be using TS22 again. Tomorrow I'll get back on the Lunchbox body. I'm probably going to get a M05 chassis to mount it to, it's a cheap car, it'll get it low and body mounting shouldn't be too insane.
  7. Thanks yogi! I do love them. Tire stickers are here, just need to get a new set of tires to apply them to. It will look even better soon.
  8. The lowrider lunchbox gets its white skin. French Blue next.
  9. The best part of a model is applying decals. I started the process. Today I'll venture out to find some kind of plastic card stock for the number plate on the side. Also looking for retro hood stripes to put on.
  10. Slow and steady progress. -Window net in -Rollbars painted and installed -Still experimenting with stickers
  11. I just bought vintage radio equipment from Ebay. I love the old style Magnum Juniors, better build quality. The new stuff has def advantages, programming multiple cars, etc. He was saying you can't use 2 cars simultaneously with one controller. You def need 2 complete sets of radio gear if you're going to drive 2 vehicles at the same time. Some guys own 20 cars, and never need 2 controllers, so they just program all of them into one transmitter and buy pieces of radio gear for each car.
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