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  1. The Futabas and Spektrums feel like toys, def not a good choice if you're looking for a quality feel built radio. Such a shame Futaba has turned into mass produced junk.
  2. I use the Sanwa MT-44, and I know it's pricey but it's loaded with tons of options and it feels decent in the hand. Might be more than what you're looking for but I would recommend it.
  3. Well as Penn and Teller once said, Recycling is “Bull****.” I don’t totally agree but I do agree is it is very costly. Just like nobody talks about the negative impact of manufacture and use of toxic chemicals in electric vehicles. If we are going to discuss the issue don’t ignore the negatives. And don’t ignore the coal plant charging your Tesla. I recycle everything I can. I get annoyed by the tech giants trying to force us into upgrades and new phones every 12 months. Nothing green about Apple that’s for sure.
  4. The Vodafone and Hornet Racing theme cars look great.
  5. I think I have my Wild Willy color finally nailed down. Going to try Tamiya TS23 and do a fluorescent yellow paint splatter or 70s retro stripes on the hood. Now to start building and learning all of the possible performance upgrades that I can put on it so it can sit on a shelf
  6. Called my local hobby shop 10 minutes before close last night, they didn't pick up. Welp, back to Amazon and mail order I guess.
  7. I avoided the latest one, not into dealing with hoarders bidding everything up.
  8. Not at all. I can't deal with the Tamiya Snobs who love using the term "re-re." It's a hobby, don't take it seriously. Have fun. Who cares if your kit is NIB NOS, "RE-RE" etc. If you enjoy it, and like it, who cares. I really can't deal with the snobs or the hoarders. They make the hobby less fun. Just do you and enjoy it.
  9. The quality. The selection of models. The manuals. And my love for R/C started with Tamiya back in 1988 so it's also sentimental. The Manhattan Project stirred my love for the BRAT, and I remember the day I bought my BRAT, walking across the parking lot from RC Outlet in Jacksonville FL, removing $200 from the Navy Federal ATM and walking into the shop like I was buying a Mercedes in cash. LOL What a day.
  10. I see, your work looks good, so credit where credit is due.
  11. Some people build them to run them and others build them to put them on the shelf
  12. What sort of brushes are you using? Are they high end brushes?
  13. I did briefly think about that, but thought that might be more work than looking for a better fitting mount.....
  14. I wish I did, but I'm pretty sure he's an airbrush guy and probably uses the best paint possible for airbrushes.
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