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  1. Looks like new they go for $665USD, so I would adjust price according to condition, below that and offer what you feel comfortable paying.
  2. bump. last lead i got was for the NEW VW GOLF Group 2 - While I will eventually want that kit, my priority is the ORIGINAL 1981 "carpet car" version.
  3. When we were teenagers and getting into Tamiya in the late 80s I remember when the Clodbuster came out and seeing the undercarriage how cheap I thought it looked, my buddy Ryan used to always call it a POS. I've never owned one but it just seemed like the plastic shocks and a lot of the parts seemed to be of the Lunchbox type quality and engineering.
  4. If anyone knows: I'm in the market for 1.55 tires with white lettering. I've done some precursory searching and no luck yet.
  5. Eagerly waiting body shells to come in stock so I can custom paint. Ordered custom plates from RC Plate Shop. Leaning toward PS3 color with white wheels.
  6. False alarm. Looks like the battery was just dead. That was causing the flashing light on the ESC. #n00b
  7. I'm new to the crawler world. Owning a real Tacoma, sitting at the coffee shop today, this thing kept calling me and I ended up over at the hobby shop before close. Well here it is. I plugged in my NiMH battery and got a flashing red light on the ESC, first google search says this might be a LVD setting that needs changing. Anyone concur? Thank you Spicoli
  8. I don't think I can be since it's on the UK site and not US site? I searched the US site for his seller name and it doesn't come up. Chris
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