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  1. The quality. The selection of models. The manuals. And my love for R/C started with Tamiya back in 1988 so it's also sentimental. The Manhattan Project stirred my love for the BRAT, and I remember the day I bought my BRAT, walking across the parking lot from RC Outlet in Jacksonville FL, removing $200 from the Navy Federal ATM and walking into the shop like I was buying a Mercedes in cash. LOL What a day.
  2. I see, your work looks good, so credit where credit is due.
  3. Some people build them to run them and others build them to put them on the shelf
  4. What sort of brushes are you using? Are they high end brushes?
  5. I did briefly think about that, but thought that might be more work than looking for a better fitting mount.....
  6. I wish I did, but I'm pretty sure he's an airbrush guy and probably uses the best paint possible for airbrushes.
  7. That's my thinking, a big risk. And I'd rather not have a cloudy spot in the window. I thought of using a decal, but I'd have to be big enough to cover it. If you look at his Instagram, he said all of the bodies have the logo. I told him he should disclose that to the customer. He said "fair enough." I think it's a big deal and I'm not trying to beat the guy up, MR does great work. I got my $125 worth for sure, but yeah the logo shouldn't be incorporated.
  8. Got my stealth body mounts this morning but they are too big for the Golf's body post. Back to the drawing board on how to avoid drilling the hood.
  9. I ended up using MR Custom Painting from Iowa. What's the status of your build?
  10. I’m starting to think the good handpainters are using high high quality brushes that don’t have bristles that go haywire or splinter off. I need to look into higher quality brushes which I think will allow tighter painting.
  11. Mocking up my driver figure. And windshield banner. Got white decal paper today so we’ll be giving that a go soon for the Blaupunkt banner. I really wish MR would have told me he was going to TM the rear window. Not sure if I can safely remove that painted logo.
  12. I remember when the Cat came out, how revoluationary that car was. I need one.
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