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    Ball diff for Blackfoot...

    where do I get the new universals that wont pop out?
  2. will this ball diff: make the Blackfoot faster or do I need a hotter motor? and if I don't need to change the motor can I keep the stock speed control with the new ball diff?
  3. do I need the braces for the chassis or the dogbone style uni joints for the ball diff since I have the 2016 model?
  4. this is a brand new Blackfoot. 2016 version. what do I need with the ball diff?
  5. I am in Colorado. I have a bunch of hobbytown usa shops around.
  6. I put a chassis brace on my Clodbuster because I heard they could break. Does the Blackfoot need a chassis brace or something else upgraded that breaks easy? What about new shocks?
  7. would this be too strong a motor for the differential?
  8. I am gonna buy this speed control: What motor should I buy to go with this speed control?