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  1. For my m05 I just got cheap tyres of a different brand that have somewhere around a 6 cm diameter. It's way cheaper and gives thesame results
  2. I bought mine just at my local hobbystore, don't think it matters that much. rc mart has it, but depending on where you live you might want to buy it somewhere else.
  3. caspar.h

    ftx mauler

    so I bought a used ftx mauler, I think it will come in on Monday or the day after. does anyone have this car or has usefull tips with what is going to be my first crawler? thank you
  4. I use a power dhd 20 kg and it's cheap and reliable and has metal gears as a bonus
  5. so nothing is damaged like I said, ty for your help. I'll just buy loctite for the grub screw. I'm just gonna take it to the track and see what happends and what everyone with a m05/m03 (nearly thesame) thinks about it there.
  6. so update i completly re-did my pinion and it sounds better but I can't tell or this is normal or of so check the sound here: thanks everyone that helped me/is going to help me
  7. ocd this could be true cause my pinion was weird when I screwed it open but I got it back to normal and it still does it. How did you fix this
  8. Kingfisher I didn't strip a tooth but I am just gonna get it apart and have another look in there
  9. hi I don't know or you still need them but I have a set of tamiya m05 v2 pro rims
  10. hi everyone who reads this, I own a tamiya m05 v2 pro and the standard diff (not the ball diff) suddendly started knocking and it slows the car down. I took my diff/transmission apart and gave it a quick clean but it didn't help. What should I do? take the car apart and clean it really good? just buy the standard ball diff? or is it not the diff but something else? I hope someone can help me
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