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  1. Hello everyone, This is my third Tamiya build after The Frog re-re and a Lancia Integrale TT-02. I've had this 58654 waiting to be built for months but just no time to do it - until now! Just building up the rear ball diff is a much higher level and more interesting build than I remember either the frog or TT02 being. I have a Sports Tuned motor and metal bearings ready for the build and I have had a good read through a couple of other more experienced builders threads. As you'd expect there are still a couple of questions that I have in my head and I'd like to call upon your experience and/or opinions. 1 - Pinion Thoughts for the Sports Tuned motor in a TA02S for light gravel driving? 2 - Upgrade to Propshaft and Motor mount, does the Manta Ray 47373 kit fit the SWB version of the TA02? Or are there better choices? I don't really have a massive budge for this build as we're about to move house! Thanks in Advance. Brendan
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