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  1. I have a .pdf scan of the vintage Blackfoot decals I'm happy to share with you. Drop me a PM with your e-mail address & I'll send it over.
  2. Think this is the A parts tree - £10.99 posted from fleabay.
  3. White wheels take dye quite well or you can always paint them.
  4. Google search for Tamiya Frog and select IMAGES - there are quite a few different colour schemes to give you some ideas. Green, 2-tone green or green & white would look awesome with a red chassis.
  5. You need to shake the can very well for a start & if it is cold try warming the can up in hot water for a couple of minutes.
  6. Fit tyre to wheel first then squeeze silicone sealant out of the tube into the wheel rim where the tyre fits to.
  7. https://tamiyabase.com/?option=com_joodb&view=article&joobase=14&id=851&Itemid=780 Looks to be in very nice condition - quite rare, dates back to early 1980's
  8. Royal Mail / Parcel Force may not be the cheapest but I only use them for shipping items in the UK & anything going overseas up to small packet size & weight limit. Previously used Hermes as we had a really good agent and she would collect items at an agreed time but she quit recently and her replacement basically could not care less - when he delivers he never even bothers to ring the doorbell, just leaves stuff on the doorstep after presumably taking a photo. For bulky items going overseas UPS Drop-Off are a bit cheaper than Parcelforce International - handy for me as I have a local drop-off point. Decent packaging is a must for any carrier.
  9. Search on ebay for 'Tamiya 50735' - parts are readily available for around the £16 mark posted.
  10. A parts are 50735 which is the same as for the TL-01 - might have a NIP spare. Or are you looking for a complete chassis ?
  11. Found a Z parts tree which looks like it is for an Avante kit No 58072, P/N 0987150-02 >PS< The >PS< would seem to indicate it is a re-re part but I can't find the P/N referenced anywhere.
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