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  1. I had a blue one with white piping & white print on it and also several of the black ones with the yellow piping & printing - think I have 1 black yellow one remaining which I would part with if you are still looking for one..
  2. The BA4 screws are 2mm thread x 8mm thread length. The manual helpfully shows the screws 1:1 scale so you can hold a screw on top of the pic in the manual to tell you which is which. HTH.
  3. Most expensive kits I've bought have to be the 1/16 JS-2 & Abrahms tanks at just under £1k each...
  4. Might still have a new re-re body somewhere - bought it to restore my vintage Super Champ but have sold it on. No problem shipping to Canada.
  5. Pretty much a new built example fitted with ball bearings, light carpet use only. Body was never painted - previous owner applied the decals. Pics in my showroom. Taking up shelf space. £200 + shipping, UK only.
  6. To get a smoke tint effect PS31 is the one everyone uses so can't see any reason why PS38 or PS44 shouldn't work to give a blue or green tint. Just use light coats until you get the look you want.
  7. Got a pic or a part ref or number ? I have several odd gears spare.
  8. Cool Birthday cake...but which Tamiya kit did you get ?
  9. If you are looking for a NIB complete Dyna Blaster body set I have a spare.
  10. I put window masks on a body shell and left it a few weeks before painting - after eventually painting the shell I removed the masking tape and found some adhesive residue on the window areas - a drop of olive oil soon cleaned that off.
  11. Which model & do you have the parts refs from the build manual ?
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