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  1. How many are you looking for ? Might have some spare vintage ones kicking around but I think the pins might be loose so will need gluing in.
  2. 1 x 58061 Striker 1 x 58056 Falcon TC members get first chance. Sensible offers only please. If no interest they will go on ebay.
  3. Waste pipe is normally made from ABS plastic - you can get adhesive specially for waste pipe which is quite thick and you apply with a brush. Sets pretty quick though - usually under a minute.
  4. The correct answer is BOTH !!!
  5. Got a feeling these parts were only used on the Striker, Sonic Fighter & Falcon.
  6. I've used UPS Access Point for shipping to Norway & Republic of Ireland in the past - handy if there is a local drop-off point. Should cover Spain too.
  7. I test run my tanks when first built by sitting them on a block of wood - a piece of 3x2 about 1ft long is just right and I can see if the tracks are running correctly. Try running it with the tracks removed to see if you can see a problem. A small piece of masking tape on the track driving wheels may show if the gears are binding on one side - i.e. rotating at different rates when going forwards or backwards. Only other potential problem which springs to mind would be an assembly error when the gearbox was built.
  8. This is the fix I've used in the past - Drill out the hole with the stripped thread - normally I use around a 4mm or 5mm drill bit. Glue in a piece of scrap parts tree, allow to dry and then trim if needed. Drill a new hole around 2.5mm but no bigger than 3mm and you should now be able to put the screw back in and it shouldn't fall out. Some silicone grease may help the screw go in wasier.
  9. I have a brand new spare bodyset for your 1/8th Subaru but dread to think of the shipping costs to NZ due to the size of the box needed to send it in.
  10. I think in the WW2 kit the gearbox is pre-assembled anyway. The last WW2 kit I had I'm sure came with an MSC - might have been old stock but don't think I bought it more than 10 years ago.
  11. New or used, front or rear ? Think I still have some used parts in the spares box. Shipping from UK might make it too expensive though.
  12. New build project which never got finished...rare opportunity. NIB bodyset - uncut lexan body, complete decal sheet. Chassis built from 100% genuine vintage spare parts. Steering servo & ESC included. Gearbox built with ball bearings & ball bearings for the axles also included. Original build manual + various small parts. 99.9% sure everything is there to complete the build. Perfect for a mint shelfer if you don't want to buy a vintage NIB kit which you then can't bring yourself to open up and build... £250 + postage - UK only.
  13. Large Zip-Loc bag with kit name written on it, smaller Zip-Loc bags inside for plastic parts, screws, etc... Just keep them all in 1 box. If you want to organize hardware then compartment boxes from somewhere like Hobbycraft are the answer.
  14. Found it ! Project I started a few years ago - 100% new vintage parts, gearbox built up & some sub-assemblies but I had planned to paint the body/chassis before doing anything else. Copy of build manual - not original - included + bag of screws, other small parts to complete. Pretty sure everything is there to build a mint example. I have more pics if you want. £150 posted in the UK.
  15. Might still have a Striker...let me check.
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