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  1. I have a spare NIB WW2 which I might part with.
  2. Yes, those are the 3 parts on the W tree. Drop me a PM.
  3. Looks like a partial parts bag - top seems to have been re-sealed with a staple, normally these are heat sealed both ends. Most likely from a 3-speed kit.
  4. I guess I can part with another one... Just the W parts ?
  5. I have 1 V part tree spare - don't see a part number but it does say RCC LOTUS HONDA 99T so guess that is the right one. Do you need the damper shaft ? If so, what length. I have spare O ring seals & top seals if you also need these.
  6. I have a spare yellow W parts - damper, top cap with eye, bottom cap. The lower eye is usually on a different parts tree - what style are you looking for ?
  7. Kit does not come with lights - you need to buy the 56523 set but you may still need to buy extra LED's which Mr Tamiya will be happy to sell you. You should be able to download the relevant manuals from the TamiyaUSA website to study. I believe other sound & light units are available for the 1/14 truck kits but I have no experience of those.
  8. Very unlikely the F201 will be re-re'd. It was a poor seller and I seem to recall NIB kits being sold to clear on ebay around 10 -12 years ago for as little as £80. Some spares are quite hard to find now.
  9. OK, need to clear some old messages out... I also found a NIP D parts tree.
  10. I have a complete spare H parts tree for the TR-15T & also a NIP 50819 TG-10 Mk1 Battery case cover.
  11. Think I sold them quite recently. May still have some of the yellow plastic parts around if that would be any good.
  12. Looks to be still there - item 333247528870 Kit number 58294 New built model by the look of it, looks nice. I already have a few of these, otherwise would have bought it.
  13. I'll have a look - from memory there are some complete or almost complete front & rear gearbox assemblies in the box. Certainly a good selection of bits to keep a few cars running or fix something up. When you say axles, do you mean driveshafts or the bits the wheels fit onto ?
  14. Recall visiting my uncle in Oz many years ago - his garage could easily hold 4 cars and his shed was even bigger - the neighbouring houses all had similar facilities !
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