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  1. Used or NIB ? There are usually a few on ebay. Some of the spares are quite tricky to find now.
  2. Do you know which cars are on the front covers of these years ? I have quite a few copies but can never remember which year is which.
  3. There are quite a few AFOL's on here...I just got the Harley Davidson & Lunar Lander a few weeks ago.
  4. I have some rears & possibly fronts - need to check the attic. Somewhere I have a box full of used Falcon bits left over from years ago.
  5. Think you might be right - something tells me the Super Clodbuster came with a separate parts tree with an even larger air intake scoop.
  6. New built TA03F chassis - shelf action only, just used to display finished bodies. Loads of Hop-Ups fitted. £160 + shipping, UK only
  7. New built KBF, tested on carpet, apart from that, shelf use only. Body stickered up nicely on unpainted body, comes with electrics fitted. Super Blackfoot - New built chassis with NIB bodyset - Chassis not even test run but electrics fitted. KBF - £125, SBF - £160 UK only, shipping at cost.
  8. Just had a look - 50 bagged up for you. PM sent.
  9. I'll see how many I have. Should have loads of new ones.
  10. The black finish ones ? Got loads of them.
  11. Shocks were an optional extra - same as the Sand Scorcher shocks as far as I can recall.
  12. Is it this part ? This is a vintage part, not re-re but looks the same as the part in the build manual. Appears to be new or very good used. I'm in the UK but happy to ship to USA.
  13. I think you might be right ! If you look at the build manual on TC for kit 58165 this is for the TA-02W chassis electric version - the painting instructions say PS-33 Cherry Red. Mystery solved...
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