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  1. I can only think of 2 possibilities : The suspension arm is binding or the shock is binding. Disconnect the shock from the suspension arm and check for any resistance or binding.
  2. I only ever use silicone sealant - never had a problem with tyres coming loose or falling off & it is easier to clean off the wheels than CA when you want to change the tyres. I used CA on one of the first R/C kits I built, then realised I had put the tyres which had directional treads on the wrong way round - tried to get them off and ending up destroying them all and having to buy replacements. Never used CA again since.
  3. I have a used manifold which looks like that one although couldn't guarantee it is a pukka T product. I can send you some pics if you are interested.
  4. This is one for the Fox fans... Fancy building a vintage Fox but don't want to dive in to a rare NIB kit ? I collected all the vintage spares to do a new-build-from-parts Fox a while back and they are all still sitting in a box. I doubt I will ever get round to building it now as I am not really into the buggies these days and I have too many other projects. If anyone is interested I will get the box of parts out and do some pics. Gonna have ask for offers over £250, UK only.
  5. +1 for proper curved Lexan trimming scissors. For final smoothing I use fine abrasive paper wrapped around something round.
  6. I would go for white as black will make it look more like metallic grey.
  7. Good point - maybe the Blazing Blazer ???
  8. Appear to be for the rear wheels on the original Sand Scorcher.
  9. Hi, It sold a couple of months ago on ebay.
  10. When my wife starts asking questions like that I'll ask her how many handbags and pairs of shoes she has...suddenly the conversation moves on to a completely different topic...
  11. New in box, £425 shipped in UK. Bank transfer or non-fee Paypal.
  12. Hi , no I'm in South Africa. But fo you think we can do it with postage maybe ?

  13. Are you in the UK ? I have a spare Bullhead body - it has been painted a kind of gold colour but has not had anything else done to it. Also have a spare Clodbuster body.
  14. Old Skool speed controller so would guess original.
  15. Stripped out screw holes can be repaired by glueing in a piece of scrap parts tree and drilling out a new hole to take the screw thread.
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