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  1. There is a bodyset on ebay in Australia for just under £300 in case you hadn't seen it.
  2. The build manuals for both Jug1 & Jug2 can be downloaded from the TamiyaUSA website.
  3. Might still have a NIB TT-01 M3 in the attic but would need to have a look. Any interest ?
  4. I think you are talking about Tamiya P/N 50320 - you might find some on ebay but I believe they were discontinued a long time ago. Far better to use LED's these days.
  5. Ebay & too much alcohol are not a good mix...a mate ended up winning a Porsche one night... took a lot of explaining to his wife the next day...
  6. According to my wife, too much... Some months nothing, some months more than I'm prepared to admit...
  7. Appears to be under the body. Try a pan scouring pad or maybe abrasive paper ?
  8. Personally I would still fit the 3mm o-rings. They stop as much metal to metal contact, give some shock protection and make the driveshaft less likely to pop out of the gearbox joint.
  9. Loom tape too bulky IMHO - why not consider spiral wrap ?
  10. Just tried to reset my p/w for the main site and I keep getting an error. 500 - Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.
  11. A small amount of silicone grease on the threads might help stop this happening again. If you can get the remains of the broken metal threaded part out from the plastic part, use superglue & a piece of scrap plastic parts tree to fill the hole up and then drill a new correctly sized hole for the replacement threaded metal part.
  12. Can you get a very small screwdriver in there to stop the nut from turning while you undo the screw from the other side ?
  13. I have 1 pr tyres & 1 pr of the foam inserts spare. All new / unused still in original packets. Drop me a PM if you still need them.
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