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  1. OK, I have 2 new spare knuckles.
  2. OK, no individual p/n in the TR-15T manual... Is it the steering knuckle arm with the treaded part which you fix the wheel to ? BF10 in the manual, part of the Adjuster bag.
  3. Tamiyabigstuff

    Wanted motor mount bt4 for Ff01 car

    OK, yes I have 1.
  4. Tamiyabigstuff

    Wanted motor mount bt4 for Ff01 car

    I'm sure I have 1 of these - will have a rummage. Found something but not 100% if it is the correct part - what is the distance between the 2 holes ?
  5. Tamiyabigstuff

    WTD: Avante / Avante 2001 wing

    I have a spare NIP 53055 Racing Rear Wing Set 'A' Pack states it fits Egress / Astute / Madcap / Avante / Vanquish / Terra Scorcher Pretty rare part - make me an offer if interested.
  6. Tamiyabigstuff

    Period correct steering servos for early 1980s?

    Probably the most common servos in the 1980's would have been Acoms brand. Acoms servo product codes start with AS and a number - the lower the number, the earlier the servo. Connector plugs are different to the more modern servos so to keep it authentic you would need to find a vintage receiver or change the plug.
  7. Tamiyabigstuff

    Matchbox cars

    Collected the Yesteryear Matchbox range for many years - have quite a few going right back to the 1960's.
  8. Tamiyabigstuff

    Wanted Terminator

    Ebay is probably your best bet to see what is available. Check this item out : 273795598175 - says 7" tall.
  9. Tamiyabigstuff

    Alloy Wheels - Where can I get some?

    The M-Chassis alloy wheels were a pretty expensive Hop-Up when new so probably didn't sell in huge numbers which makes them quite rare now. There have been some on ebay which ended recently - check completed items for a price guide. The 4-spoke alloy wheels seem to be the more desirable than the 8-spoke alloy wheels.
  10. Sorry, no chassis or top body left - think taffer bought them all ! Got a few other bits left.
  11. Tamiyabigstuff

    Tamiya Mini-4WD

    Speed Checker - unused Nissan King Cab - part built Isuzu Mu - Part built Bear Hawk - Looks un-started Manta Ray - Part built Saint Dragon - Used, partly disassembled, may or may not be complete Thunder Dragon - Missing body & possibly other parts Boxes all in reasonably good condition, see photos. £90 posted in the UK for the lot.
  12. Tamiyabigstuff

    WTD 53115 universal shafts

    I have 1 set NIP.
  13. £25 posted in the UK. Fee-free Paypal please, tracking number supplied.
  14. Tamiyabigstuff

    WANTED:- yellow mini cva's

    What length shocks do you need ?