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  1. Just checked my 959 manual and the headlights were part of the kit. Seem to recall there was an option set to purchase separately to make the headlights flash.
  2. The lights were not included with the HiLux - you had to buy them separately but I always thought they were included with the 959 ? Or maybe not ?
  3. 1/14 truck & a trailer - 2 builds, both with loads of bits...should take a while. Or a tank
  4. Probably not what you want to hear but you may have more luck discovering the secret of alchemy...
  5. Not finished it yet ? You've had it a week !
  6. For organizing small parts I use 9L Really Useful boxes with the divider tray inserts, each tray insert has 15 compartments around 70mm x 70mm x 25mm deep. 4 divider trays fit in the 9L Really Useful box so that gives you 60 divided storage compartments. The 9L boxes stack well and are very sturdy. In the UK, Hobbycraft are a good place to get them.
  7. Might have something, let me check. Are you in the UK ?
  8. Might be interested in the Dancing Rider if you want to trade it for something else.
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