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  1. This year I think I've managed to sell more models than I've bought which I think is a first ! Next year I really must finish off the kits I've already started, not buy any more and sell a few more off. Somehow I think the not buy any more pledge will be broken...
  2. I sold a NIB Mammoth kit on ebay around 6 months ago for about £800.
  3. Looks nice. Does it have the MFU fitted ? Appears to have the alloy wheels - expensive and rare now + the front bull bar & roof spoiler. Chrome body version is quite rare, missing headlight cover should be easy to sort. How much is the seller asking ? Realistic value probably somewhere in the £350 - £450 range.
  4. ^^^ What he said. Basic servo is fine for this - probably having a servo too powerful is what broke it.
  5. Double sided tape for carpet tiles - very sticky, thin and around 50mm wide.
  6. I've used the old Tamiya PC brush paints in the past and not had any issues with brush marks. Keep the paint well stirred, particularly for any metallic paints, apply quite thickly and allow to cure fully before attempting a 2nd coat - a 3rd coat may be needed but I've never used any additional backing coat.
  7. Not sure I can see a problem, seems like perfectly normal behaviour to me. Stick around, you are in good company.
  8. Chrome spray paint is available - worth investigating. Modern day product seems to be a lot better than chrome paint from 10 or 20 years ago. Finding someone to re-plate plastic parts with a chrome finish might be a challenge and probably won't be cheap.
  9. Easily 30+...and that is after thinning the collection down by 30 or 40 over the last few years.
  10. The SHELL tanker is stainless steel 56333 is basically the same kit with different decals. Great build but handle the stainless parts with care to avoid scratching.
  11. Sounds legit - might even cause a space-time continuum paradox...
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