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  1. Had a look but no joy...wow do I have a lot of spare gears ! Tamiya P/N is 50453 - £11.95 posted from ebay for the full gear set - I'd grab 1 if I were you.
  2. Just had a look - seem to have every size except 850...
  3. Thinking about it, I may actually have some of these...let me have a look.
  4. Do they have to be Tamiya ? Probably have some spare generic 850 with blue rubber seals.
  5. Only ever used clear or black silicone sealant, never glue. I've found the silicone sealant does the job and is easy to remove when needed.
  6. Pretty sure I have some of these. Are you in the UK ?
  7. I don't actually have any TNS cars or TNS specific spares. The B parts are not the same as for the TGX - not sure how easy they are to find - might be easier to try and fix the hole.
  8. Think it is the same part as used in the TGX - probably have 1 I can spare. Update - it is the G parts - there is a set on fleabay for £7.99 with free postage which is a steal.
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