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  1. Really Useful Boxes come in a selection of sizes and are quite robust - Pick the right one for your needs and add some foam to keep your motors secure.
  2. You could try double sided tape or maybe clear silicone sealant.
  3. List everything you need and I'll check my hardware spares.
  4. Have you thought about Technic Lego ? Easy to build gearboxes, diffs, etc...?
  5. Very tidy example of this vintage Tamiya car. Not used it for almost 20 years so time to move it on. Has been stored in a box, not exposed to light. Does not seem to have had much use - hardly any marks on the underside. £200 + postage in the UK.
  6. Do a Google search for images of 'Meccano tank' - there are some very impressive creations to say the least.
  7. The old Tamiya tanks from the 1980's cost a small fortune when new and sold in relatively low numbers - decent examples are hard to find today and even the poor examples command good prices as people seek them out for parts to restore another model. I recall buying a 58028 Toyota Hi-Lux around 1982 which was about £130 at the time and the tank kits were probably double that, maybe more. Maybe think about Meccano ? Plenty of it about. Building a tank from Meccano is probably a good project for him to tackle - plenty of engineering potential and no problem sourcing the rare spare parts as you would have with a vintage Tamiya model.
  8. Previously owned by Barbie...
  9. I have an F-150 Lightning body, unpainted. I'm in the UK but can post to Germany. PM me with offer if interested.
  10. Nice original survivor from 1987 - just clean it, fit the missing lights, replace any broken or damaged parts & carefully paint the Chevy emblem on the front grille in gold.
  11. I have a vintage Wild One which I would part with - will try and find it and post up some pics later. Also have about 95% of the re-re parts to build a new one - think it is just missing the wheels & tyres ?
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