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  1. Several years ago I fitted the MFU & speaker into a Globe Liner and also kept the seats - it was tricky but I got it all in there. I did a tutorial which might give you some ideas : 56304: Globe Liner from Tamiyabigstuff showroom, MFU install in a Globe Liner - Tamiya RC & Radio Control Cars (tamiyaclub.com)
  2. Body was moulded in white plastic so you could paint it whatever colour you wanted. I still have a NIB original Clodbuster - boxart finish is red. The white plastic might go a bit yellow if you leave it in sunlight for a long time...
  3. Have you looked for black ribbon cable which could be split ?
  4. Appears to be - shipping message updated 1st Sept 2022. www.stellamodels.com.hk
  5. OK, that's me reading too quickly... Quite a few of the more recent T-kits come with a generic chassis build manual and a separate sheet for the body. A quick search on fleabay - there is 1 NIB kit listed that I can see for the 280ZX in the USA for $600 - the pics clearly show the build manual is a generic M05 & the body sheet is separate. Maybe contact the seller and ask nicely for a pdf scan ???
  6. Have you tried the tamiyausa website ? Search on the kit number & tick the 'Discontinued' box - some have the download manual option although some of the manuals may only be the generic chassis build manuals.
  7. I only ever use a pair of sharp scissors - take your time & go carefully.
  8. A 50m roll of 50mm wide Gaffer tape is about £2 from Lidl...works a treat.
  9. Complete D tree is £11.05 inc postage from Jadlam Racing on ebay.
  10. A quick check on tamiyabase suggests it will fit TA-02, TA-01 and many more. 53200 - Tamiya parts database - TamiyaBase.com
  11. Yes - I have it in pdf format. Drop me a PM with your email address & I'll send it to you.
  12. I might still have a MP body still unpainted white plastic. If I can find it I would be happy to do a swap. Assume you are in the UK otherwise shipping costs may make it unviable.
  13. Has to be the AROCS 3363 - the looks do nothing to make me want to add it to my collection. Don't know why T bothered with it when they could have picked something much better looking. How about a nice retro truck like a Scammell or Antar tank transporter ?
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