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  1. Hornet livery crossover project anyone? Insect Tamiya family theme here
  2. Falcon for sure! Super Sabre? Sonic Fighter would be a cool one
  3. Oh, don't forget to update and tell us which you chose!
  4. Having spent a lot of time "playing with cars" of various types over the years, I strongly believe that when starting out, getting the car with "the magic", the one that makes you feel that twinge of imagination, is a great way to do it. Your passion and nostalgia will only grow, and you won't regret it or tire of the model. Just accept its performance and tuning potential for what it is. Then select cars based on performance per terrain/class, in order of your favorites. This time using the magic/excitement factor as a secondary consideration after narrowing down the choices based on performance criteria.
  5. Too bad they didn't have Matteo back in the day! Actually I never saw these commercials until the last year or so.. were they on at hobby shops in the day or something? Or like some cable channel?
  6. Do we have a release date yet? Does Tamiya release same time for Japan and US these days?
  7. Really love this! Squashed/super deformed versions of Tamiya character cars is a dream come true for me. Hope it does well and many more follow!
  8. Thanks for the responses. Surprised there isn't a spool, especially with the GF01 popularity as a cute crawler. Lockers are fine but I prefer the dedicated spool for mechanical simplicity/ slop/ rotating mass (I know its low performance but, well you get it) Putty = leak free is something worth considering. Would still like it sealed though- I mean why not. Ball diff isn't what I want, but there seems to be demand for it- surprised there aren't some on the market.
  9. Any commercially available sealed gear diffs for WR02? Any that will fit, with or without modification? Anyone try sealing a stock one with gasket sealer or anything? (I started a couple of these as an experiment, project interrupted- will share results) How about a real spool? (not locked) Thanks in advance
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