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  1. Was super cold and had to film while driving so not that great video. But first test is a success
  2. Rear window added, tinted that and the rear sides. Rear lights have red bulbs, so no need to paint the lenses. The tinted look looks nice imo. The lights light up, driver head moves, wheels turn… yeah looks like it is going to be a runner…
  3. Only some cleanup left to do Notice the seatbelts. The driver is mounted on carbon fibre look lexan. Mirrors fit ok ish.
  4. Body is slowly getting there… I modified and fitted BMW M3 mirrors and they look cool. Still some wiring and tinted windows to do.
  5. I dont know about these motors, but this should be fine. https://www.hobbywing.com/goods.php?id=650 I use it on Clod buster. USA-1 originally came with mechanical speedo if my memory works... if you want to keep it original you need msc. The Hobbywing I linked is great cheap esc.
  6. I would get the scorcher if it would be in my budget, this is nice, but feels a bit cheap imo. The paint and clear on, 2 runs on clear coat that will be wetsanded later. wanted really wet look and it is as good as it gets using Tamiya rattle cans and my hands.
  7. Trying to get the ride height adjusted. this is stupidly wide and low stance 😂 But I kind of like it
  8. Today I got the wheel wideners. Now the tires wont rub on the fenders. Now the front track is a bit narrower ther rear. I like the look so it may stay like this. Also the steel mod. 0.8 pinion was installed.
  9. Tamiya includes these nice smoke lenses for the rear lights. Sadly these are not bolt on parts… After slipping the blade to my thumb and almost bleeding out ,I managed to fit the lenses. Yayyy… The rear light unit needs to be cut/dremeled open and gluing the lenses on.
  10. First 2 color coats on. next again more sanding and few TS-14 coats more. Then maybe clear or some decals I dont know yet.
  11. My idea was to make this something like seen on American Graffiti , or 50/60’s custom hot rods. Not sold on the look so far but will see… the new rubbers are ugly gray color. Hoping its just a mold release and can be cleaned. The rear tires rubb on the fenders, I do have some wideners on the way, that could make everything good… body needs final sanding with 800 paper and then it is paint time!
  12. M06, I really dislike everything on it. really bad design imo.Still... i want to get abc nissan body on one.really cool look.
  13. Started with the bodywork. really bad molding here… Filled extra holes Nose cone on And primed Still sanding and filling to be done. And this will be all black when done, don’t let the primer fool you…
  14. Only reason for these parts is that I have spare CC-01 in pieces, and these look like they will work. So no need to buy any parts for the hex conversion.( Blitzer uses bearing drive on front in stock form)I wanted to use specific wheels on this and these use hex drive. The hex adapter that exist on the DT-02/03 chassis should work on this also , but I’m not a fan of these tiny 850 bearings these use. And CC-01 parts are beefy.
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