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  1. Thanks for the reply. I am trying to find a nice basher that would not need too much work to keep running. I have had trx slash,rustler and stampede earlier and was trying to find Tamiya version of some of these. Really liking the short course looks of the Titan. I have sold the traxxas stuff about a decade a go and now thinking what to do here. The grey traxxas plastics is just bad to look at. Hence the idea of looking at Tamiya again. Sadly I think the Traxxas is better value for bashing. darn it. I have few sidewinder esc´s and 4300kv motor so was thinking adding these to titan but I get it may be too much.(the motor is really 380 in 540 can, but the rpm´s are high even if it has low torgue) I guess More thinking needed...
  2. Try this https://m.facebook.com/100004821557860/albums/447662422071139/?ref=bookmarks
  3. I am thinking of buying the DF-02 titan, would like to add some hop-ups from start, needed or not, just would like to do so. Does the DT-03 shock towers fit the Titan for example? Is there a better way to mount hex wheels then the gpm hex bearing adapter? Would like to use bolt on parts, What parts will break using about 4-5000kv?
  4. Thanks for the info, I am thinking of buying the titan kit and want to be sure I can find spare bodies for it. sadly I cant find any that would cover the wheels, or any 200mm wide.
  5. If keeping the short course theme, what bodies will fit the chassis? Is this titan only option?
  6. That does look really good! I have lunch box and blackfoot also on my shopping list... maybe
  7. Sad to say but... I think the TF2 is the best scaler I have ever seen. Small mods like better shocks and it is so nice. I love Tamiya but the almost full metal tf2 is most likely something I would never sell. My best rc car is the tf2 . If I had the money I would buy another right now... My tf2 build is https://www.scale4x4rc.org/forums/showthread.php?t=81872
  8. Talking to myself here a bit The 1985 4 runner body that rc4wd sells...wow I have scx-10 without body and the tf2 above so thinking maybe just body swap the toyota to tf2 chassis and the blazer to scx10...that is another option. sadly the body set costs so much that with paint etc the budget will be used . Maybe a nice toyota body for old but unused mst cmx also, like the extra cab. this way I can get the unfinished items on the display at last. but then no new toy Why everything is so difficult to decide lol.
  9. This is my TF2 ,being stubborn I need to ask, what do you think the High-Lift on this sort of terrain. I just watched this old video and it just makes me smile still . Maybe I need another tf2 lol. I am scale nut and I need to think do I want a monster truck or trail truck. but it needs to be nice. thats why the High-Lift is still on the list. The price (under 400€ ) is not too bad because it comes with the 150€ body set. the tf2 I build I stopped to calculate the cost after 1000€ :p The Beier sound module (like on this tf2) would go on the next build also.
  10. I dont know, good suggestion but I allready have 2 CC-01 and had 2 more before these. That looks killer! -need to think about that, any build threads on these? I really like the TXT-2 ,the clod has not seen much use but this could be nice, on the short list. Really nice, but too much dough for me! Thanks, trying to find some builds now to look at. Thanks for the suggestion,but that truck does not feel right to me. Actually I had the Kyosho outlaw rampage pro kit on the list but I need to get Tamiya now.
  11. 170cm gasoline outerlimits boat wit Zen 320 engine. all parts I have but nowhere to build it. Grand hauler(body under construction for 3 years) CC-01 Isuzu Super Clod(body to do)
  12. So the problem I have now is that I have plenty of rc´s but I dont know what would be the next project. I have 2 young kids and another coming soon so time on the trail is limited for a while but evenings can be used to build atleast. I have RC4WD TF2,SCX-10,2x TT-01,2x CC-01,Clod,M06 Lowride Pumpkin,Grand Hauler,Turbo Scorpion,TB-03,MST CMX and many boats etc. only the tf2 ,clod,turbo scorpion and cc-01 have seen roads others are still on the shelf. I would like to do a scale beauty or fun basher. so hard to think what would be fun. I have drooled over the High-Lift Tundra(weird that some one likes it I know, lol) , but a friend had the hl 350 10 years a go and I remember it being cool but almost unusable on trails. If I get one it would be build as trail truck but I have the TF2 allready for that... -Is higl lift tundra any better then f350/hilux? It is so nice looking though... The TXT-2 monster looks really nice but it is also very old design and dunno it it will take max bashing. Brat blue edition is also nice but still I dont know if it is fun enough to drive. There is also the bruiser copy hg p407 that looks nice but cant say anything about the durability/parts supply. Also it is chinese copy and... dunno Traxxas slashes,rustler,stampedes etc I have had earlier ,sold these long ago I think I only like Tamiya for some reason... I can maybe use about 400€ on the kit/bearings. Electrics I allready have for about any build. I guess I am looking for a really nice build or nice looking and bashable truck. Any ideas?
  13. Just hate the GPM kit. On the swb Isuzu Mu, the long links are too long! -even with short rod ends. So the rear axle is angled wrong(diff outdrive points to ground too much) and the whole crap just binds. I need to do new mounting holes on chassis or do my own links. Shame you GPM. Also all the rod ends are super tight, the ball on the rod end hole binds badly .never have I seen this bad "kit".
  14. I think the decals will work if they are heated a bit when installing these. I did not do that and the roof decal was a bit too narrow. the hood decal ripped when I tried to reposition mine. This is most likely my fault, but the glue si super strong and the decals are thin and hard. The gray M3 is TBG copy of Tamiya. different rear bumper etc but looks ok.
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