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  1. Managed to try the buggy out for few minutes before work. 2s Lipo And had to try the 3s also, ripped the tires of the wheels lol. Anyway ,was fun morning outside with the wife and our 3 kids. -Pate
  2. Hi, everything was included in the black special kit except the electronics. Sadly I dont see any refrense of part numbers on manual -Pate
  3. Tamiya 1420253 is the part number I think you want? these come with about every decal set so just order one? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-84424-M-05-Ver-II-R-Chassis-Kit-M05-9498115-19498115-Decals-Stickers-NIP/383481684702?hash=item59494a22de:g:TocAAOSwPA1ef0-E https://www.rapidhobbyimport.nl/RC-Autos/Tamiya/Onderdelen/Auto-onderdelen-naar-chassis/T3-01-Onderdelen/1420253-Sticker-Hot---Caution.html?action3=setspeech&speech=2 (shipping kills it i know) -Pate
  4. I would love to grab one of these subscriptions if still possible Silverado
  5. Thanks for the compliments. The pit mat is TA500908136 , I got it from Modellbau berlinski
  6. Gearbox is installed next Then to the shocks... because this is black edition ,Tamiya choose to replace the normal black ones with grey units 🧐 I used green slime on my shock builds, seals better with it. Dampeners done and installed to the towers Then they are screwed on the chassis Then on to the wiring. next the tires are installed to the rims, did not use glue , the rubbers are really tight fitJust the wing to go on and the build is done.
  7. Last evening I had a hour or so building time. YAY! The body is ready. Next the servo saver, black edition hi-torgue version. Steering turnbuckles All ready Installed to chassis Front arms And skid I like using threadlocker on all metal to metal parts. C hubs and uprights, again black Front end is done. Next the gearbox. Weird new kind of grease included, looks like thick silicone grease. This may give a tiny bit of lsd differential effect All the gears installed and motor. Notice the hollow light weight shafts included in the black edition. Gearbox is ready! Rear arms on! Rear end is ready, going to sleep a few hours now. -Pate
  8. I was looking for nice re re buggy or maybe a rally car.. but somehow I was pulled towards this. A member once told me( ThunderDragonCy), that these buggys are good base for a truggy basher , so I thought why not and ordered this. Great value kit at just under 100€ ,much needed hop ups included like bearings(sadly metal shielded),better servo saver and steel dog bones etc. Nice! I will use Futaba S3003 servo (because the crappy BEC in the esc wont work with Savox stuff sadly... ) ESC is Castle Sidewinder 3 SCT, a bit modified by me.(9 year old ESC lol) Motor will be Hobbywing 4 pole 4600kv sensorless bashing motor. Radio is Flysky GT3C and I just like the tiny cheap receivers! 1st step is the body(this will be converted to a truggy soon) ,so I trimmed and washed and masked it. Paint will be gunmetal by Tamiya. Well actually the paint is curing right now. Notice the JIS drivers on the left, helps with the JIS screws really! The next step is the chassis, some foam tape for battery slot and 4 screws to hold the chassis together(4? you thought there is only 3 right? ) The 4th screw is holding the front stray and it is 15mm long. that finally closed the tiny gap at front I thought was manufacturing error first(I know,shame on me for not trusting Tamiya )
  9. Yes,oven cleaner spray took most of the chrome off. Rest I sanded off and I believe the paint will hold.
  10. Thanks! I may lower it a bit, it is now at stock clod height. I have a plan in my head for carbon chassis that I will build one day for this also
  11. I dont know much about real monster trucks, but I really like the Clod Buster. I found out that the clod is based on the Excaliber truck from 80´s. So I wanted to honour them both. The project so far.
  12. Looked at Tamico a week a go and had to order the Tundra also. 299€ (and it was 5% extra sale weekend) ,with bearing kit and shipping it was just 329€ total So get yours also lol, still 299 over there
  13. Thanks for the reply. I am trying to find a nice basher that would not need too much work to keep running. I have had trx slash,rustler and stampede earlier and was trying to find Tamiya version of some of these. Really liking the short course looks of the Titan. I have sold the traxxas stuff about a decade a go and now thinking what to do here. The grey traxxas plastics is just bad to look at. Hence the idea of looking at Tamiya again. Sadly I think the Traxxas is better value for bashing. darn it. I have few sidewinder esc´s and 4300kv motor so was thinking adding these to titan but I get it may be too much.(the motor is really 380 in 540 can, but the rpm´s are high even if it has low torgue) I guess More thinking needed...
  14. Try this https://m.facebook.com/100004821557860/albums/447662422071139/?ref=bookmarks
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