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  1. Just hate the GPM kit. On the swb Isuzu Mu, the long links are too long! -even with short rod ends. So the rear axle is angled wrong(diff outdrive points to ground too much) and the whole crap just binds. I need to do new mounting holes on chassis or do my own links. Shame you GPM. Also all the rod ends are super tight, the ball on the rod end hole binds badly .never have I seen this bad "kit".
  2. I think the decals will work if they are heated a bit when installing these. I did not do that and the roof decal was a bit too narrow. the hood decal ripped when I tried to reposition mine. This is most likely my fault, but the glue si super strong and the decals are thin and hard. The gray M3 is TBG copy of Tamiya. different rear bumper etc but looks ok.
  3. Bodylines and finished front. Thinking about the interior... full scale or just the Tamiya touring car interior... And the window trims need something, dont like the whiteish laminating on them. looks really crappy. Like I wrote earlier, the decals on this kit are not too high quality,hence the Fina ones. My race and road legal E30´s
  4. Painted the mask and tried the bare metai foil on kidneys. looks ok, some touch ups needed but not too bad. Next bodylines and I need to order touring car interior for this. Also I need to figure out the front diffusor, so unevenly cut... maybe I´ll try some sand paper ,cant trust scissors on that :p
  5. Plans changed cause of the horrible kit decal quality. -I have never seen this bad stuff in Tamiya kits. Hard plastic decals that cant be repositioned at all just rips. and the roof decal is few mm too small.(did not try to pull it larger with heat) These new are much better and flexible. (and I dont drink so Motor oil sponsor suits me better then beer lol). A new sponsor... Next the mask will be painted and then it is time for the interior
  6. I think so and they look to be a bit too large. And would like to save them for later.
  7. My 2nd TT-01 (TT-01E D M3) did come with masks so it must be just this specific kit I think that does not include these, check if your body set does include these, I thing it does. I may just use masking tape.
  8. Started the build finally last night. Filled my Tamiya cup with Coke and went for it. First the spur assembly. Decided to ditch the plastic bushings and install ball bearings. Spur assembly complete. Next the driveshaft was installed.(carbon reinforced plastic,like the diffs, this is not the 2004 kit imo...). Motor time. Hot motor...lol Diffs Gears lubed and assembled Not a lot of grease needed. Rear arms and shock tower With dogbones,hubs etc. Front arms with pivot balls Front diff going in. All bushings have changed to bearings Shocks...or just spring holders. Steering bits Body posts,wheels and rest of tiny bits on and it is ready for electrics next. Cup is empty, and I need to take a break. Next I need to think what electronics to put in. wont drive this at all but still needs to be complete. Notice the black handle on the left. Tamiya JIS driver. best tool ever fot basic tamiya kit builds. Any one have link to window masks? would like to order perfect pre cut set. This kit is suppose to be painted all white, even windows... and cover the white windows using window stickers... That is a big no no no.
  9. Brief bit of history here: My rc hobby started with Kyosho Double Dare, and because that awesome(I really loved it) monster truck was crap quality wise I bought my second rc car much, much later. My first touring chassis was TT-01D RX7, and it was the first kit I ever build. I really dont like the platform or much anything at all about the TT really, but somehow this BMW is #3 I have bought new :p (I have owned and raced Yokomo, TRF 417 and Awesomatix so plastic tub is not really that cool to me) I just had to buy it cause they seem to be going out of stock everywhere. And somehow I bought another TT-01E chassis kit , for rally build and that is where TT-01 is pretty nice at. However, this build Is going to be build just for display, but will add bearings etc to it anyway. -Box art , or as close I can get to it. I was surprised that TBLE-02s esc was included, was sure this kit was 2004 stock but maybe not :p Will start the build soon, need to finish my TB-03 merc first.
  10. ernieks, thanks for the info! -i did read from somewhere that the XB comes with lights so that is why I asked. but great news that tamico will make the correct buckets! -I am starting a new super scale build soon using this body.
  11. Old topic yes, but does any one know are the buckets on the XBS TAMIYA MB 190 E Evo the unimog ones or something else?
  12. Thanks guys for the help.I have looked at the Top Force manual and I have an idea what is needed to get the conversion done. Any info about the TT-02? -comparing the ta01/02 to that , TT is way cheaper but somehow...meh. (I´ve had everything from tt-01 to TRF-417, all the way to Awesomatix and that may hinder my opinion) . I know touring car race setup etc stuff but these "entry lever" things are more relaxing to drive then full race tune +1000€ racers on track... AndyForbes, I have thought about the XV-01, but I would rather have shaft driven chassis. That is the reason I am thinking about the TT and TA chassis options. -Pate
  13. AndyForbes, thank you for the extremely informational post! Converting to TA01 looks like the way to go! Thinking of ordering the Porsche 934 RSR Black TA02SW , cause that comes wit plenty of hop-up´s. Maybe use the porsche kit´s frp chassis and propeller shaft on the 037 Lancia I have. And I do have plenty of carbon sheet laying a round so making a bit longer chassis using carbon fiber sheet using the frp pieces as a template should not be too difficult. I have no use for the porsche shell, but cant have too many Tamiya bits in boxes I guess. Still thinking about tt02 but i dont know... So maybe a carbon fiber chassis ta01/02 hybrid with a nice rally shell coming soon... -Pate
  14. After finishing the 037 Lancia, I want something new to build. I like the design of the TA-02S better then TT-01 for a rally build. Now I am thinking what chassis to use on the next build. I will use standard 257mm wheelbase shell,something like Subaru Impreza 07,or Lancia Delta etc. I am thinking TT-02, or maybe another TA-02, but TA-02S(or SW) is way too short wheelbase in stock form. Is there a guide online that shows what needs changing to build one 257mm wb? Thinking of buying the 911 GT2 TA-02SW kit and using that as a base for the build? Please guide me to the right path . -Pate
  15. Tested the Pirelli ,much more grip then stock semi slicks on gravel. The stock almost slick tires were not too bad ... The Silvercan is surprisingly peppy on 2s
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