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  1. Just finished this last night. From my rc top 10 all time most wanted list. the Blackfoot. ( will do all the 80´s monsters one day, so far this and Clod are only ones I got). I need to practise on the brush painting, the Ron´s fase is a bit tired, lol. Loving the Tamiya spray paints , after polishing and decalling it is really nice finish.
  2. No still not find any in reasonable price. you could pm me with a price and pic or 2. I live in Finland so shipping cost would be nice to know also.
  3. Ok I had 2 hours spare time and finally opened the box still needs wiring but this build was only 2 hours plus bodywork. will try and find more scale wheels
  4. Still no time to build, but i did throw some paint and decals (from MCI) at the body Tamico replaced. I dont drink, but the classis racing livery is one of my favs. windows are clear under the stickers , not sure to leave like this or clear yet I alao did another for hc bashing this shell i ordered locally. The damaged shell is too bad shape to paint.
  5. I really would suggest 2s hard case lipo. plenty room i the buggy (or my converted monsterbruggy). 10.5t should be plenty fast. (my mbruggy has 2s and 4600kv robitronic, 17t pinion ).It is a great basher car and thinking it would not be too bad at racing also, at club level attleast Shorty lipo would allow weight balance adjustments so that could be wise option also.
  6. Tamico once again proofed that they have great customer service. I complained about the body and they shipped a new body yesterday to me. when I receive it I can finally add some paint... (I still have no time to build the chassis)
  7. I know this is not a proper bash, but the durability of this little buggy amazes me. Nothing has broken yet. The massive tires add a lot of stress to gears and this little thing just keeps on trucking. will try to find some spot to bash next jumps etc to come
  8. Sadly the body has some molding/other faults. contacted Tamico and waiting their response.. I have something special planned with this build and cant use this body cause the faults. both doors have over a centimeter size faults and they are really visible in person. Cant do much for the build as the servo and saver are not here yet.
  9. Busdriver, amarok shell may be too wide? -The PL trenchers are nice size tires but..wow the Losi tires I ordered are mahoooossive! -will glue them and post pics soon... this is going to be a Monster!
  10. It is finally here... -The massive huge short course truck from Tamiya! -well..not that massive ,being 12th scale or new, released in 2012... -but I like it! and that´s why I got one. Bonus parts? The oil shocks? thats the bonus? -ok thanks lol. Or maybe the TEU-104BK esc that needs ubec so it will not fry the rx.Not that I would use it and nice to get one, I never had that unit.-and it has lipo cut off but 80´s style external battery pack or ubec needed... typical Tamiya innovations that I love and hate.
  11. Much better now. I only painted the bits that show. Plastic primer, rallye black and clear.
  12. The wheels arrived! -sadly the orange is a bit toy like to me, so on the paint booth... The tires and rest of the project should arrive tuesday, yay...
  13. I just ordered the titan racing truck dt-02... i also have raptor body for stampede and orange blitzer wheels... oh and losi rock claws 2.2 ( 12.7mm high). guess another build is soon on the forum lol
  14. The tires were a nightmare to glue, had to cut the inserts a bit and still they did not seat 100% still, the look is nice imo.
  15. The body is done(I may tint the windows) waiting for parts , wheels and tires should come next week.
  16. Did the shoxk rebuild with the parts recomenned by Thunderdragoncy. Used 2 hole pistons and tamiya medium 600cst oil. Much firmer now , but the rear is still soft... -hmm I do have some stuff on my shock bag, like clodbuster shocks! The Clod springs are much firmer and a bit longer but without the preload spacers the suspension feels great now. cant be sure untill I get to drive this ,but the drop test says it is good!
  17. Hmm now this thing is getting expensive... but I was thinking of getting a basher, stampede or slash... but heck I will build this to be the ultimate basher.... not the cheapest way of getting a basher but atleast the thing will be TAMIYA when done
  18. I just ordered the DT-03T wheels and ProLine Trencher T 2.2 tires. Also 2 bodies the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor for stampede(256mm wb, may be too short) and the 3471-00 raptor also, that ThunderDragonCy used on his mighty build. yes I remembered to get the mad bull uprights also WIll try to atleast truggy this thing up or monsterize. I also ordered parts needed to convert the shocks to use better internal bits and 17t steel pinion . the 4700kv motor is crazy on this light car ! Pate
  19. What is the deal here, I used to race these ~8 years a go and even won the first F1 championship over here. Now I regret selling my cars and trying to find these online but really poor selection imo. Where are these kits? special editions etc. -has Tamiya discountinued the formula line? Even Tamico only has one F104 kit and one wide F104.And only 3 F103 models. Help me to find a good deal somewhere... -Pate
  20. Managed to try the buggy out for few minutes before work. 2s Lipo And had to try the 3s also, ripped the tires of the wheels lol. Anyway ,was fun morning outside with the wife and our 3 kids. -Pate
  21. Hi, everything was included in the black special kit except the electronics. Sadly I dont see any refrense of part numbers on manual -Pate
  22. Tamiya 1420253 is the part number I think you want? these come with about every decal set so just order one? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-84424-M-05-Ver-II-R-Chassis-Kit-M05-9498115-19498115-Decals-Stickers-NIP/383481684702?hash=item59494a22de:g:TocAAOSwPA1ef0-E https://www.rapidhobbyimport.nl/RC-Autos/Tamiya/Onderdelen/Auto-onderdelen-naar-chassis/T3-01-Onderdelen/1420253-Sticker-Hot---Caution.html?action3=setspeech&speech=2 (shipping kills it i know) -Pate
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