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  1. EBay is where I went to restore my bird. Although there are plenty of parts floating there seems to be a mass inflation thing going on with anything Tamiya, just last year I bought a part tree for the Falcon and it was 15.99 now guy is asking 130 for it.. no one is paying those crazy prices so it will go down. I love the 959 but no way would I drop 2,500 for one.. crazy lol you can get the body from TBG team blue groove and decals from MCI. Hope that helps
  2. Sorry all had to add pics late. Thanks again!
  3. Sorry. It wouldn’t let me add more than one pic.
  4. After two years of pain staking effort I finally restored my original 1987 HS2! For me this was my first advance 4WD. Restoring this to showroom finish was a must for me. I want to thank all who helped me locate missing parts for keeping it original and vintage was a priority. The summer of 88 I was at a BMX track and had just installed the Novak Rooster reversible and after two runs it caught fire and melted the lower chassis and body. Instead of scrapping it I threw it in a box and am so glad I kept it. Although it took a long time to get her running again now I can say my collection is complete and I can enjoy them for what they are. Classics! Thanks and happy driving!
  5. There just was two auctions for the D tree complete on eBay. Might still be there . Good luck
  6. If anyone has a complete E tree 0005281 for the Hotshot II please let me know. Happy to trade or buy thanks
  7. I think it’s awesome getting your children involved. With so many other distractions for children today that’s an impressive feat to accomplish. When I first started that’s all I could think of was getting out of school and hitting the off road. I must have been one of the lucky ones but I use to jump my falcon pretty high and never broke anything. Still one of the coolest looking buggy’s in my opinion.. Tamiya did a fabulous job incorporating the look of the animal into the body design.. I.E the Frog and Falcon looks just like the animal it was named after lol good on you
  8. Just remember, plastic does brittle with age. You may see parts that are NOS but will depend how it was stored for a NOS suspension arm for a Tamiya Falcon stored in a basement will hold up better than one stored in an attic or shed. I wasn’t the believer in this until I experienced it first hand just hitting small little jumps. If it were me it would all depend how supplied the market is in obtaining extra parts. The last thing you want to do is pay 80.00 for a shock tower that use to cost 4.99. I am right there with you. Just giving my opinion,
  9. It’s not just this hobby that uses plastic so FYI not taking offense to anything said,, my statement is this, I agree we use an outrageous amount of plastic everyday and me and my family has made a conscience effort on conservation so that being said I have built over 50 kits in my lifetime and threw none away,, if it’s plastic recycle it.. as far as I’m concerned this world is in a lot better shape and has came a long way definitely since the 70’s. Don’t throw those away mate recycle.. now back to building..
  10. It is definitely a waiting game which is part of the fun, for me collecting just snuck up and bit me like a Alabama flea. I was quite myopic at 9 and kept everything hoping someday they would have some value so purchased almost two of everything, one to build and bash and one to keep in box. My goal and mission always was to restore all my childhood cars to their former glory and have had a blast doing so. I been working on my last one “Hotshot II” for about 2 years now and down to just a few parts off a couple of trees and either I can’t find them at the moment and when they had surfaced the asking price was that of a used car lol. I’m in business management so I know prices rise and drop due to market activity so no doubt in my mind they will drop eventually.
  11. I agree totally and eventually prices will drop if they want to move the item as long as we don’t buy at those prices. The Tamiya club is a breath of fresh air,, since I’ve been on I’ve been able to buy, sell and trade with active members at realistic expectations on both sides and what is getting me through this time of unrealistic inflation. Just two years ago II was able to purchase my Novak Cyclone for 20.00 and it was in new like condition now they are selling anywhere from 50-100.. thanks for your thoughts. I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing this
  12. I have kept silent about the rise in pricing on eBay that sellers are asking for vintage RC wether it’s a NIB, NOS or even used. I have been and still am for making a profit on vintage items however that being said I think it’s outrageous and frankly laughable the prices that are tagged on these items. Unless you are well off to the point money is no object to you I do not see how that doesn’t bother anyone with an appreciation for this great hobby. 6 months ago I purchased a NIB Thundershot for 400 and I felt that was a reasonable asking price for it was like 130 in 1987. The blister packs were unscathed and box was in really mint shape, no doubt I got a good deal. Now the asking price is over 1000 and blister packs are damaged and box in poor shape. When I peruse through eBay now I see that just the most common of common kits go for anywhere from 800-1200. Parts that were 15.00 now go for anywhere from 50.00 to 100.00 depending on how rare or scarce the part you are needing. Now I don’t collect for a profession but I’ve been in RC since 1983 so I pretty much know what we’re the hot sellers and the not so hot sellers were of the 80’s and 90’s were and to me as a consumer or collector. I find it funny to see some of these kits for sale over a year now, no one is biting at these crazy inflated asking prices. It use to be on eBay you could always find a good deal but know it seems it’s the opposite. I’m not writing this to vent or whine because ultimately I don’t have to subject myself to level of gouging but the love of this hobby keeps me in it. My point is you will notice the same things still for sale a year from now and that’s fine, they are not selling, no one is buying, it’s up to us not to give in and entertain the sellers and pay these outlandish prices they are selling for. At some point when they really need to move that product they will come off that cloud and notion they are sitting on a goldmine when in reality they aren’t. There’s only a few kits I would pay close to that and that’s the 959 and Celica which both are Extremely rare and were the golden standard of that generation in my opinion. If I’m correct there’s a few for sale and are above 2,200 which again is way too high. I am fully confident we can get these prices back down to earth if we don’t at least haggle with them to get the best deal possible. Anyway that’s something I’ve noticed and was wondering what other opinions are. Happy driving!
  13. How sad, the issue is this in my opinion, this generation is the generation of entitlement. Nothing’s earned nor is imagination second nature. This is why this generation of children will have problem changing a tire or taking the initiative to fix or solve a problem by themselves without intervention. I am very mechanically inclined and can fix **** near anything I put my mind to. I owe it all to Tamiya, it was then at 9 years old which at the time for me was like brain surgery when it came to building, troubleshooting and finding inventive solutions to repair my RC car when money was in short supply. That was the fun for me. Kids today can’t even use a screwdriver much less tell you what a flat head or Phillips is. My kids school even quit teaching cursive so I have my youngest at 13 who cannot read or write in cursive. Pathetic to say the least. We need to be a society of problem solving and resolutions instead of the attitude where everything is owed and everyone gets a first place trophy. We owe it to ourselves to push our children and challenge them to resolve problems without coddleing them. Those gravel pushers are *******ers and will grow up to struggle once in there own. I’ll leave it at this.. REAL MEN DONT NEED MANUALS! Sorry mate you had a rude encounter unfortunatly kids are not taught to respect adults any longer and once on their own they will face a serious wake up
  14. You could spray light coat of black then go over with clear coat. I did mine like that and turned out well
  15. Looks like you had a blast restoring! That’s what it’s all about right there
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