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  1. Yes you are right, thank you for the correction. The 24Pinion/66Spur is only correct for the FF-01.
  2. So i have got an FF-01 and a TA-02 and i have just finished building them and i have never driven neither the FF-01(the manual (Castrol Civic) wanted me to build it with toe out which is weird, but that's in another topic) nor the TA-02. Both of them have the the gear ratio set to 6,7:1(66T Spur, 24T Pinion) and my question is: Isn't it too tall for the Sport Tuned and the Torque Tuned? The motors are brand new and i don't want to cook them on the first run. What are your experience if it comes to gear ratio on these mild(ish) old brushed motors? Oh, and please excuse me for my bad English. I am a Hungarian living in Germany so English is not even my second language, but believe me i do my best
  3. I'm going to try with the toe out for now, and later with toe in as well and thank you for the explanation
  4. I'm building the Castrol Civic and i did look at pictures of other FF-01s and i can see them built both ways. I guess i'm going to have to drive it and see which way is it handling better.
  5. Is it ok or just a mistake in the manual, that it wants me to put the rear left upright on the right side? I built it that way and now i have 1-2 degree toe out. I'm not sure if this is the right way to build it, because even my real car (Mazda3 FWD of course) has toe in on the rear, so i think that the manual states it false.
  6. So i bought this bumper on ebay. It was sold to me as TA-02, TA-03, FF-01 bumper but i am not sure if it would fit, and my FF-01 is not arrived yet, so i'm asking what chassis this bumper fits?
  7. Certainly yes, but i think i will choose right from the middle: 225mm with the Alfa Romeo Giulia body. The body is nice, but not so low to the ground on the front and on the rear as well. The handling seems to have the best of both ends in terms of wheelbase.
  8. More body-options for me if it does not have to be from TAMIYA. L&L models TM935 Mini Porsche 935, 210mm or TM102 TOYOTA Mr2 210mm
  9. @TurnipJF Good question, because im thinking of a body(or two) wich i'd like to put on the car for each wheelbase setting: for 210mm: Nissan Silvia S15 OR for 225mm: Alfa Romeo Giulia for 239mm: VW Karmann-Ghia (just like yours ) the most gorgeous body(perhaps too gorgeous for me to mess it up... i would not put it on a runner) for an M-chassis there is. OR Nissan Silvia S13 I CAN'T DECIDE Wich wheelbase do you prefer if it comes to handling?
  10. Many thanks for your detailed explanation
  11. Thank you for the answer . With a good ball diff or oil filled gear diff i could get all the power to the ground. In case of an FWD or 4WD it would be certainly beneficial, but if i apply the same effect on a tail heavy RWD car, will it not have a big tendency for drifting? Or it all depends on how tight that ball diff is or how heavy that oil is in the diff? Its just a theoretical question since i only have the good old tamiya gear diff(except for the rear ball diff in my ta-02, but i have no idea if its setup the right way. )
  12. Thank you for your answer. It gives me the impression, that sometimes less can be more. By VERY tail heavy did you mean tail heavy just like a DT-02? I had one and on gravel it was a blast, but it didn't matter what i did to the steering and the suspension it had horrible understeer on tarmac because of its tail heaviness.
  13. Hello everybody! This is my very first question on this forum (and in this language... ) and yes, i know my English leaves a lot to be desired, but believe me i do my best, so please go easy on me I'm going to build an M-06(Nimh Battery and TBLE-02s Esc.), but it being my first RWD Chassis i have a few question when it comes to the handling: -Is my Sport Tuned motor powerful enough for it to be quick when accelerating out of a curve or should i buy something hotter(I would prefer a brushed one)? I guess quick acceleration depends also on the gear ratio, so my next question is: -What pinion size should i choose? -Is an Anti-roll bar any good for this chassis? -How does this Chassis actually drive? Sorry for the dumb question, but i guess it will be FAR different than my TL-01, TA-02 or M-03, so i just want to have an idea in terms of what to look for when it comes to driving this car. Good Tires(60D M-Grip), Suspension(Oil filled extra short dampers), Aluminium Steering(Yeah Racing) are also going to be on the Car
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