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  1. More work on the extended cabin Juggernaut. The pinions I ordered came in, but I think they are not quite the correct size to fit into the Jugg's gearbox. The neck with the screw is too long. So ordered different ones at Tamico, as well as paint and custom licence plates to keep the shipping costs reasonable. So I should have enough stuff now to get me through this winter.
  2. Ordered servo saver horns for the juggernaut, and a 4WD middle gearbox for a nitro to electric conversation that I want to do on a HPI Prime 12 chassis. With brushless and Lipo, nitro is no longer necessary and much quieter and less messy. Still waiting on a package from the UK, but it's sitting at customs for 3 weeks now. Brexit issues I guess.
  3. Working on the extended cabine - short bed Juggernaut. The bed is almost finished, the cabin is coming along nicely. Love this new saw, it makes quick and straight cuts. Much better then a jigsaw.
  4. Sold a HSP buggy I wasn't using, so I have more room for the Juggernaut once it is complete. More work on paint stripping the Juggernaut's bed, but it proves to be a pain in the .... The paint is simply not coming off! The cabin was ok but this seems to be very stuck, it is probably related to a somewhat rougher texture on the bed's plastics. Only scraping with a knife blade has some effect. Stopped for now, will proceed an other time when my fingers are no longer blue.
  5. Got the Juggernaut's cabin paint-free, as well as the bumper and tail-gate. That's half way finished at least...
  6. Delivery from the LHS Plastic board, glue and putty to start lengthening the Juggernaut's cabin. And a nice thin saw to make the cuts. Grease for the axles rebuild. Enough work for a few weeks.
  7. Looks like the seller stopped the ad and is trying to get more, I see the car on eBay now.
  8. Saw a Marui Samurai for sale on a local ad site. But the price went up too high for my taste. Got the Juggernaut cabine stripped from all blue paint. Some little detailing left but happy with the result. LHS has all the stuff I wanted on stock, so a trip is definitely coming up.
  9. Clearing the Juggernaut's body from its blue paint using Tamiya paint killer. The inside of the shell only has a light spray of paint and comes off easilly, the outside has a much thicker layer and requires more elbow-grease. About half-way done with the cabine after one hour. So plenty to do for the rest and the pickup-bed. The big bearings arrived and the normal/small ones I have on stock, so I can always switch to axle-rebuild. Hoping there is some time to visit the LHS this weekend to get some plastic sheet materials.
  10. That's a beautiful print, great detail! What kind of printer was used?
  11. Some mock-up on the Juggernaut. What I really want is a longer dual-cabine and shorter bed, so 'liberated' some cardboard from my wife's crafts hobby to get a feel for the dimensions. Looks like shifting 1 inch from the bed to the cabin will give the right proportions. Also tested the paint killer, to check if the blue can be changed. It comes off very easily.
  12. The details on your builds are amazing, and I'm very amused by the ball-bearing wheels on this fan. Excellent stuff!
  13. Ordered brass pinions for the juggernaut to replace the aluminium ones. And a simple lipo charger that charges through the balancing connector. Enough stuff to get through the winter.
  14. Ordered an ESC and bearings for the juggernaut. That's all the budget for this month including the juggernaut itself, so all left to do now strip down the car and await the arrival of the bearings...
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