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  1. Had an impulse buy, so another Marui Ninja chassis is heading my way.
  2. Had time to work on the tank chassis that I use for robotics. Took out the 80T 540 motors as they had little torque at low voltage and too high speed at max voltage to my taste. 3D printed a drill template to drill new holes for the 800RPM gearbox-motors. This allowed me to drill new mounting holes for the motors. 3D printed an adapter ring for the motors to sit nicely in the middle of the original shaft hole. And the new motors sit perfectly inside the gearbox. Happy with that. Checked the top speed, it is about 0.5km/h. That's perfect for a robotics application.
  3. A 1:8 Corvette ZR1 with the 1990 style would be the one for me. Love that wide curved look.
  4. Busy closing a deal on an NOS set of Marui Samurai gears for the rear gearbox. Hope this is a better deal compared to yesterday, when I bought a used set of PC speakers that I really needed, and when I returned home I found a set of PC speakers sitting in a closet... I've got too much stuff I know...
  5. Saw a lot of Marui Samurai parts on a local market website, so I'm going to chain myself to the heating radiator, and throw my pay card and phone to the other side of the room....
  6. A Big Bear that needs a body, chassis is done. Galaxy RS in pieces, needs rebuild but I have everything. Ninja, complete. Shogun, complete. Samurai, in progress. Golden eagle, complete but needs a driver. Basher-Bear, Bullhead-bear and Frankenstein-Bear need a place too. Edit: forgot M-05 Bear, enough parts for a 2nd Bear, and plans for a blazing Star based Course Melling Thunderbird....
  7. Got too many cars and projects so decisions had to be made. Sold the mini and konghead, so I have more space for the Marui cars.
  8. More Samurai work on the wheels. The Hotshot tires fit on the front wheels just fine. As I have a new front wheel set, they only needed to be glued. For the rear wheel set, I re-used the wheels that came with the car. The left wheel is as they are after clearing away massive amount of CA glue. It looks half-decent but has a badly damaged front edge. The right one is the same, but here I sanded away the lip to get a smooth cilindrical wheel. Next: I 3D printed 2 new edges, and inserts to get the rim inner diameter to match the hotshot tires, and glued them to the rim. A dash of silver paint is on the front to get it to look somewhat original with a small silver lip. The rear wheels can now accept the hotshot tires, and (from a distance) still look like smaller diameter rear wheel (right) compared to front (left). One rear wheel done except for glueing the tire, now some more 3D printing for the 2nd.
  9. Well the tracking data was off, as the big box did not arrive (didn't expect it too haha). But is was 2 bubble envelopes with the Marui Samurai's ESC and 2 pinions that I intend to use for the tank chassis. I also already got geared motors, and if my calculations are correct this tank chassis will move at a lightning earth-shattering speed of: 0.13meter/second -> 0.45km/h.
  10. According to the tracking, the ESC for the Marui Samurai should arrive today. But it also says the box it comes in is 3x15x20 inch, weight almost 1kg... So I'm quite curious what is in this monster box??
  11. Made a thingiverse account but for some reason sign-in does not work correctly... Will try again another time. Currently working on my 'new' 386DX-40Mhz PC, so the samurai is om hold for today, but I have the 3D printer set-up for some more parts tomorrow...
  12. So, more work done today. Printed the G55 model from @silvertriple . Replaced 2 wrong sized screws for the chain adjusters to the right size. Got up to step 18 in the manual, both gearboxes installed. The drive train runs smoothly on a bench power supply so job done so far. Crazy part is that I seem to be missing a lot of screws... Not sure where I put those, maybe I lost something in the years it was stored away.. Luckily the Ninja and Shogun have a lot of left over screws, so I can continue for now. I also don't have wheel bearings. I came across an unidentified pack of 11/7mm bearings, so I made a order mistake I guess. Ordered bearings 10/6mm, an ESC and some motor wires. To be continued.
  13. For a while, the 3D printer has not been printing as nicely as it did some years ago. The problem is most probably absorbed moisture in the spools of PLA plastic that feed into the printing head. I'm not storing those spools the correct way in an air-tight bag with moisture absorber. I had already bought a food dryer, and have now gutted out 2 trays so a spool can fit inside. Now leave this spool to dry for 5 hours, and test print again after dinner to see if this has indeed improved quality....
  14. Excellent stuff, Thanks!
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