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  1. Ray_ve

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Stripped the M-05 chassis down. It had no bearings so need to order those, as well as a servo saver and maybe oil shocks. Good news is that it has not been run much. So start the ultrasonic cleaner, to have it ready for assembly when parts come in.
  2. Ray_ve

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Picked up the M-05 chassis. Combined with a mini shell and wheels, and a small 4300KV brushless I still have somewhere, this should be a lot of fun!
  3. Ray_ve

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Decal time for Tamiya Marui Bullclod Big Bear! With thanks to MCI for 120% scale decals. Almost finished , need to prep the tailgate for painting, and add lights to the Rollbar (not the clod lights, something else).
  4. Ray_ve

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Put some ads online to sell the Rising Fighter and Blazing Star. I don't use those much as trucks is more my thing. If a good price is offered, I'll have some shelf space again. And tomorrow, I'll pick up a used M-05 chassis to go with a Mini Cooper body I purchased. Not a truck but I'll paint it like the real Cooper I owned some years ago.
  5. Ray_ve

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    My wife has some names for my stuff too. These words typically rime with larbage, munk, crash... But she is no better with her hobby stuff, so balance is restored in the universe.
  6. Ray_ve

    Why bevel the teeth?

    If I am to believe the advertisment texts on aliexpress, these gears are anodised aluminium. Perhaps the anodising process causes to much buildup of anodised material on the sharp tips, so they bevel them to avoid this? Just a shot in the dark..
  7. Ray_ve

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Had a few hours to myself and spend some time on BullClod Big Bear. Finished spraying the body, and clearcoat. Not 100% perfect but OK for what it is. very happy with that. To do list: Tailgate is printed but needs finishing and paint. Paint the bed gray and detailing on indicators and stuff like that. And Decals! Got 120% size from MCI. Just wait 2 days for the paint to cure fully.
  8. Some confusion about a Carson 21T x2 motor I've been using (nr 500906216). Drove my basherbear through some puddels at top speed until smoke poored from the motor. Did an autopsie to see is anything could be salvaged, but given the melted end-bell and deep-fried rortor, its beyond help... But found something confusing. When I was a lot younger, a x2 motor would mean it had 2 wires parallel on the rotor, but this rotor has only one wire. Is Carson definition of x2 something different?
  9. Ray_ve

    Your favorite tire?

    Any monster size chevron will do it for me. Marui Big Bear, or Lunchbox, Mad Bull, Clod/Bullhead, and the dual Hunter and alike. Love the pattern they make in sand.
  10. Ray_ve

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Put a blazing star body on it. That already looks a lot better compared to the manta ray. I had a ray too many years ago but am very happy with my blazing star when it comes to looks.
  11. Ray_ve

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Finally had the Clod body for my Bullhead sanded down enough for primer and paint. It wasa used body and at some point dark red, then blue. So layer upon layer cased a lot of work to get decent. Primed white: And started TS-51 racing metallic blue: Some accidents present, too thick causing sags in the paint. Leave it to dry overnight so I can sand those spots tomorrow and continue.
  12. Ray_ve

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Picked up the 3100KV brushless set, and installed it in basherbear (HSP chassis 4WD) with a 20T pinion. Charges a 3S lipo and took it outside. Turn on and punched the throttle...... INSTANT 720 degrees cartwheel send the car flying! Wow.... this motor set is quite something different from a brushed set. It's blindingly fast! Will even lift the front wheels from half speed punched to full. Top speed no idea. I think 50 or 60kph which is a lot for a monstertruck. And the sound it makes is amazing. Next upgrade... Wheely bars! And run it on 2S until then. And replace 2 body clips that got lost. And glue the rear if the bodyshell which got cracked from scraping due to wheelies.
  13. Ray_ve

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Stripped the spare clod chassis down for parts. I'm not going to use the chassis itself as it has damage on the suspension mounting points. Wanted to mount the new pinions to silvercans to put into the Dual Hunter, but the new pinions need M4 screws instead of M3... aaaah. Diverted a package from delivery to my house to pick-up at the collection point, so the wife is not triggered that I bought more stuff.... Going to collect it this evening or tomorrow, and I also believe the brushless set has arrived there too so dual goodies for me!
  14. Ray_ve

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Postman brought a hardcase for my softcase 3S lipo, battery straps, 2 18T brass pinions for the Dual Hunter gearboxes. And picked up a Clod chassis for spares.
  15. Ray_ve

    WTB Clod Buster Project

    I have too many projects, including a red clod. Were are you located?