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  1. 4 nice chevron monstertruck wheels, 175mm diameter, I will use these on a recently aquired TNX chassis that I want to electrify (brushless, LIPO). Compared to a Clodbuster, that chassis is HUGE!
  2. Vacation in Denmark is coming to an end, so ordered some 1/8 scale monstertruck wheels/tires as a start of a new project.
  3. My crazy project is the monster truck replica from the videogame 'Duke Nukem Forever'. I was playing this game oktober 2022, during the levels with the monster truck I thought 'that would be a nice project truck to build'. At the same time I saw a somewhat run down Juggernaut on a local trading site, which had the same grille as in the game. And noticed Duke Nukem action figures in roughly the same scale on eBay. So that all came together to the Rc version of 'Duke's Mighty Foot' monstertruck.
  4. This was the last work Friday, I now have 3 weeks summer holiday. I have some plans for 3d prints to repair the Bullhead Big Bear, but will also be on holiday to Germany and Denmark with wife/kid. After that, the wife's hobby room and kid bedroom need to be swapped so chores time. The real car needs maintenance, so these weeks will pass quickly...
  5. Sun was out so got some pictures from the Jugger. I made it a video game tribute car, for the ultimate alien a.. kicker of the 90s video games era. Just need to stop by the stores, as the driver seems to be out of gum. Its in the pictures only thread, page 81.
  6. Finally finished the custom stickers on the Jugger! Bolted the body/chassis together to see the 'final' result, but it still needs a new battery/Esc tray and detailing so plenty of work left. When the sun is out, I'll post some pictures. For the way it looks now, I love this thing.
  7. Working on the Jugger's lights. Front works, now on to the rear.
  8. Nice car! WP-880 is what I use for my Clod and Juggernaut.
  9. Had another impulse buy accident and bought a Tamiya TNX.
  10. Did more custom decals for the Jugger, but ran out of ink so had to order cartridges. I'm about 70% complete. Custom cars really take some time to complete.
  11. Finished the new heated printbed on the 3D printer, and printed the bracket that I'm missing to fit the Jugger's grille. As the drivers cabin is visible due to not having the black windows but an open rollcage, the visible portion of the inside of the Jugger got some decals as well.
  12. Slow day today as I've got a very bad cold virus that draining all energy. But at least the 3D printer is busy printing new mounts for its new heated bed so I can make more custom car parts in the future.
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