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  1. Saw that one too and it is nice, but that mount plus shipping is about 20 euro's, to get a car running that I paid 50 euro's for... So was hoping to find a more 'balanced' (cheaper) item.
  2. I'm looking for the motor mount that is on the lunchbox gearbox, to mount a 540 motor with the small brass pinion. Preferably not in the price range of the adjustable ones on eBay, something cheaper. Or an STL file for 3D printing is ok too. I'm located in the Netherlands.
  3. Two complete brand new in bag old stock Marui Big Bear gearsets.
  4. Being a Marui nuthead, I do agree that the Ninja is a very good looking buggy. It has smoother and better flowing lines compared to the Shogun. I believe Marui made models back then that were great in design. The Ninja chassis is basically similar to a DF-01 chassis. Or the coolness factor of the chain-drive Samurai, that was almost sience-fiction for 12 year old me. When I put my Ninja together after its cleanup and upgrades, I did have a hard time deciding if that spoiler should go on or not. It does look very sleek and stealthy without the spoiler, and stealth is Ninja. But keeping the looks box-art, the spoiler did go on eventually. Maybe I'll do a runner without the spoiler at some point. So many plans, so little time..... Still need to finish my Samurai and start on my Shogun as we are on the topic of cool buggies. And maybe then continue on two Big Bears that also sit here collecting dust.. Man this midlife crisis is starting to kick in.
  5. Wanted to do some clean-up so I thought about selling a lunchbox-wheeled Grasshopper II that has been sitting here as a project for a rainy day. Took foto's to sell it on a local website. Ended up ordering bearings and a ESC/motor instead...
  6. Stripped the recently aquired Marui Galaxy RS down, to see what's what. Gears are about 2/3rd way gone. The grease is so old and sticky, it now resembles chewing gum.... Some little plastic bits of one shocktower are broken off but complete. It uses 5x11x4mm bearings in the gearbox, but our chinese friends can supply those. Tires need a cleanup and re-fit, but are in reasonable shape for their age. So overall... little repair, replace, bearings and electronics and we have a shelf-queen.
  7. Ah yes, here in the Netherlands we have the option to transfer packages to a pickup point instead of home. That saved me many times.
  8. If budget is an issue... I user a cheap 2.4ghz TG3 pistolgrip set from aliexpress. The set is about 20 euro's, extra receivers 4.50 euro's. So alle my running models are ready to go, just pop in a battery.
  9. Edit: got the name wrong, it's a Galaxy RS.
  10. Offcourse Marui and Tamiya are key search words I use. But I was browsing in the 'RC cars, all brands' section and saw it listed as 'old buggy'.
  11. Stumbled upon a cheap Marui Hunter on a local trading site. So......... it happened again.
  12. Another non-gearbox related cause for a burned motor could be that some dirt/contamenant got between the brushes and commutator. Especially with a motor that has open slots to the outside and is not water/dirt sealed. This will increase the electrical resistance between brushes and commutator, causing increased heat, which results in burning of the commutator which increases resistance even more with more heat, etc... etc... until the motor dies. Had this happen in my basherbear after driving through a puddle. Smoke came pooring from the motor. For me, stuff happens just replace it.
  13. Been bidding on some cars over the past few day but missed them all! My mojo is really in bad shape these days.
  14. Doing some mock-up for a semi-crawler with a M-05 chassis that is converted to rear wheel drive, and an old body. Final body will be polycarbonate from team Bluegroove, with lighting. Ordered some different shocks and servo horn, so I can continue at a later time.
  15. Wheels and tires that I ordered in February came in. I had already given up on them.....
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