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  1. Came across a Tamiya static kit on a local trades site. Got inspired and bought it for a new project rc car.
  2. Sounds like we married the same wife. It's dry outside, and the electrified Mugen Seiki still owes me a test drive, so I'll do that now.
  3. Out of the 10 cars presently sitting on the shelfs, 8 are complete and runners. But as my daughter said: 'you never run them dad' so eeeeeh there is that...
  4. Finished the final paint on the 3D printed body of the TNX, and added the 1:8 scale decals from MCI. This car is finished. Biggest Bear yet!
  5. In the old days, a buddy and I used small plastic water bottles, or AA drink bottles. Those would sit stable with some water in them, and give a nice water spray when you'd hit them just right causing a rupture.
  6. TNX decals came in today, 1/8 scale thanks to MCI Racing. Shipped fast, as they arrived within a week without extra import taxes/charges. And local Action store had 120 drills for 15 euros, that's always handy. https://i.imgur.com/j6WauRv.jpeg[/i
  7. 3D printed a new narrower battery box for the TNX to get it running again with its new body. Its first testdrive being this complete and operational was very good! Top speed may be a little on the slow side, but that is not the main purpose of this car. And given that it is very heavy (almost 6kg!) it's fine no to put too much pressure on the chassis and modified gearbox. The 3D printed body is on the heavy side compared to normal thinner shelled factory bodies. Combined with the loose suspension it actually makes for a very 'entertaining' drive in terms of 'body language'. The chassis has a nice roll when cornering, nose up under acceleration and nose deep down when braking, its adds a ice bit of dynamic to this car. And suprisingly, the turning circle is very small! It will turn sharper than most 1:10 cars I have. So overall, I gained another very nice car with this big project. Now to find some shelf space to store this 60cm long by 45cm wide by 30cm high monster.
  8. Finished most painting on the TNXs 3D printed 150% scale Marui Big Bear body. Need some cleanup and touchup but OK for now. Ordered decals from MCI. Todo: need to make a new battery box and the rollbar. Compared to 1/10 scale, this thing is HUGE!
  9. Postman brought a motor and center gear for my future budget build. I have a spare ESC, so this is a cheap nitro to brushless conversion. Local library had surplus books for sale, ended up with 21 Starwars comics for 5 euros.
  10. Painting the TNX's custom body. The base color is ready, next up the bed and fake Windows. Then on to the details.
  11. Scrolling through rc car ads on a local trading site. Noticed a nice Kyosho Gallop that is already sold.... Bummer....
  12. TNX shell: sprayed it with putty primer yesterday, and finished the first wet sanding now. It feels much smoother, but needs more smoothing so next up: another putty layer.
  13. Working on the TNX's 3D printed body. It's currently sitting in plastic primer, I'll spray-putty it later today. Up first: tidy up the Ray-cave. It is quite a mess.....
  14. Ordered a center gearbox gear and brushless motor for the budget build. I still have a leftover ESC from the bad motor set I bought a while ago, and a leftover center gearbox/motor mount that did not fit another car.
  15. The TNX body finished printing. Happy with the result. The Biggest Bear yet.
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