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  1. Always good to see another Big Bear! Whish I had the body I want to use stripped down as for as you have, but it is my slow-pace project. The best of luck with this project!
  2. Took the clod-bullhead Big Bear for a drive on a 3S lipo. Snapped the 3D printed body posts in a roll so need to improve those. Thought I'd use the remaining lipo charge to run basher Big Bear, but that has a T plug esc, and the lipo an EC3 plug... so next on the list is a T tot EC3 converter plug...
  3. The Mad-bull lookalike Grasshopper 2 arrived. Looks decent enough, one rear axle took a whack. And still features a mighty 380 motor . Never seen this type of reciever before... But in time when I get around to it, it will be converted to ESC, 2.4GHz, ball bearings and a 540 motor.
  4. Since I don't have any more space on the cars storage shelf...... I went and bought a used grasshopper 2 sitting on lunchbox tires. Should come in this week....
  5. Working on the Mugen Seiki Prime 12 and spent hours looking for a pinion/maingear set I knew I had somewhere.... But only found the pinion aaargh. So, back to ordering a new set, that will be quicker. And place a new batch of parts in the ultrasonic so I can start on the front-end.
  6. The ALDI folder ( in the Netherlands) shows that they have ultrasonic cleaners for sale starting tuesday June 25, priced 20 euro's. So a Nice oppertunity if you want a cheap parts cleaner.
  7. Finished and had a small testrun with the M-05 chassis. First impressions: Quick, very bouncy on the pavement stones, and in need of better grip than the tamiya tires can provide. So oil shocks at some point and does anybody have tips for aftermarket tires? Preferebly some that can fit these rims? Need to finish the wiring, and place the body mounts for the Mini Cooper body I have for it.
  8. More bearings came in, the full set for the Mugen Seiki Prime 12. So more car-stuff plans for this weekend!
  9. Started work on the M-05. These little chassis Just fly together, its about half-way done in 1 hour. With the 4300KV motor I still have, it should be quite the little rocket.
  10. The bearing set for the M-05 came in. Finally I can start to assemble this thing.
  11. Up till now, I open the door of the supply cabinet that houses the spares, thow in the spare parts, and close the door. Which generally results in not being able to find anything again when I actually need it! I did buy a big plastic container with seperated compartments, its about 50 by 40 by 8 centimeters. It now holds all the screws and servo bits, and that works well. Still need to organise the rest of the cabinet..... I also keep specific bits from cars that are completed in seperate boxes or containers depending on size of parts. that also works ok.
  12. Ordered a full bearing set for the M-05 from a UK based supplier because the aliexpress kit never showed up. So hopefully I can start assembling the car next weekend.
  13. Finally finished the tailgate on Tamiya Marui Bullclod Big Bear. It is quite a beast compared to an original... And the battery box modification is almost complete, so it can accept 3S hardcase Lipo too.
  14. A metal servo saver arm I need for the M-05 chassis. But apart from that, nothing else has come in for weeks! Very annoying, this way I cannot get anything done.... My chinese friends are really dissapointing lately.
  15. Basherbear fits that description. Bought it as a used HSP Himoto chassis with motor and esc, and it looked like everything you would expect from a unloved chassis sitting in a dusty and damp shed for some time. I believed I paid too much and it would never amount to anything. Only bought it because it was 4WD and I liked the dual-shock per wheel look, and I wanted something cheap and simple for the occasional drives. After a good cleanup, a team Bluegroove Marui Big Bear replica shell with MCI decals, and chinese 13cm chevron monster tires, it did start to look better. But broke a wheel upright on the first run. Had to wait a few weeks again for metal replacements to appear. Since then it had some changes in motor to get more speed and other tinkering, but...... it always seemed to remain in one piece and ready to run at any time! Nothing seems to break and believe me.... I tried! And since I gave it a 3600KV and a 3S lipo, it is such a great car which flies over the tarmac with a great grunting sound from its chevron pattern tires as they grip into the surface. And will lift its front tires even when on half speed with a punch of the throlttle. So this car went from 'trash chinese stuff' to my most brilliant main runner with high reliability and high fun factor. Everything my original Big Bear was.... in my mind at least when I was 11 years old and did not know any better...
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