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  1. I have a cheap ultrasonic cleaner and I love it! Just fill it with warm water and washing up soap, add a handful of screws, nuts, small plastic parts, and let it run for a few minutes. Used to do this with a toothbrush, but this saves so many hours of boring manual labour! For really greasy parts like gears and gearboxes, I put those in a plastic sealbag with some terpentine, and place that bag into the cleaner which is filled with water. Greasy parts come out very clean, and one more round in the water with soap removes the terpentine smell. All I can say is, the cleaner is a perfect addition to the tools pool.
  2. Ray_ve


    Poor-able polyurethane rubber is available. I guess the biggest challenge would be to make a decent negative shaped container to poor it into. Either make a container by copying a good tire, or for increased accuracy make a container using a 3D printer or CNC machine. Sounds like a nice project for the christmas-holiday. But I would buy a better resin-based 3D printer first. Agreed that the rubber should be a but thicker... Difficult to say how much as the suspension of the Bear is like the Clodbuster, the tires are the main springs. That only leaves the gears! Maybe somthing with a negative container made from gypsum and poor molten zink or aluminium into it?? Or try to print resin gears.
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    Tires are even worse to find compared to gears, as gears will at least not dry out as the years pass by. I was lucky to buy 2 bears, with an extra set of decent tires to make one original bear. And have one other set of used tires that are in one piece, but the rubber feels very dry..... I think that unfortunately, the search, and practical use, for original tyres is over as time has degraded the original rubber too far... Unless they were stored in sealed plastic bags in a dark cool place... Would be nice if a re-production run was done, as tires and gears are the only parts of a bear that need replacing. Most other components will last.
  4. The Marui Big Bear. That saw a lot of action. In Those days, given that charging of my only battery took 4 hours, I could run 3 times a day if I timed it right. Not to mention the nummer of times I tested the range of the transmitter by running the Bear in a straight line away from me, only to have to run after it as offcourse no more range means the servo will keep the speed controller at full speed. Second was the grasshopper, because it was the cheapest Tamiya to be found. But loads of fun too.
  5. Shipped the 1st edition Cold Buster to its new owner. I'm slowely ganing some shelf space again. Took a big box to package that!
  6. Reluctantly attempting to make some shelf-space as things may have gone a bit out of hand with the number cars. Sold the Rising Fighter, still selling some Marui big bears, golden eagle, ninja, the stripped down Samurai..... Original Clodbuster. Business is slow, so plenty of time to change my mind on this. Definite keepers are Frankenbigbear, Bullclod Big Bear, Original Big bear, and another Big Bear variant I have in mind (my Big Bear autism kicks in). And the Shogun, Grasshopper 2, Dual Hunter are on the maybe list. Aaargh this is hard whahaha...
  7. The cheap lazy-runner buggy arrived. It's marked as Amax brand, but the parts are typically HSP Himoto, so cheap on aliexpress. And it is mostly the same platform as Basherbear, so very familiar. 4WD, have to check if it has bearings, complete with radio, ESC, battery, just need 8 AAs for the transmitter. Looks like it has only done a few runs as the tires are still fine and no play on the axels.
  8. That thing is beautyfull!! Excellent work, almost a shame to run... But in the end, that is what its made for. I myself put in a low bid on a HSP buggy, and won It. So a cheap no-problem lazy runner is coming my way.
  9. Put out a bid on an ad selling old RC buggies. Mostly grasshoppers, but one is a Marui Samurai
  10. Enough! If I don't count repairs, but only the real projects: Marui Samurai. Stripped, partially rebuild, but I need to finish painting parts. Marui Shogun. Needs a total strip, cleaning of parts as it was kept in a shed and it looks like the inside of a painters van, rebuild. 2 Marui big bears, but they will be shelf-fillers only. Marui big bear, that will be rebuild as original, but with ESC and bearings. Konghead. Its clean and new, Quick stripdown to add bearings, lube, rebuild and full electronics and custom body. Frankenbear. Needs a full suspension redesign and a body. No time as the projects my wife wants done somehow end up as higher priority??
  11. I know my Marui Big Bear, which is similar in scale size as a Lunchbox, is indeed advertised as 1:12 size, not 1/10. So a proper 1/10 monster truck should indeed be bigger compared to a bear/box. And offcourse, the clod body sits very high (a little too high for my personal taste) on the chassis, giving it that much more impressive stance. Very happy with my Bullheadclod Big Bear's scaling, it is a much more impressive beast compared to the original Big Bear. And my 12 year old self was already impressed with the original bear back in the days.
  12. Looking back that sure is true. Back in the days I bought a Manta-ray thinking it would be a great car. But the sloppy steering and lack of power from the silvercan made the drive disappointing.... And don't get me started on the rear gearbox with its aluminum gears and motor mount.... I now bought a Blazing star for the nostalgia of the chassis, but it required quite some upgrades to make it an acceptable car to my taste. And it's all down to acceptability I guess. If you want a base car for acceptable money, Tamiya has something for everyone. And you can either keep it as a budget lazy runner for little money, or upgrade it to higher performance with the aftermarket options as Tamiya as well as other companies produce many options. Improved speed, or strength, looks, anything is possible so the tinker-factor is high enough to keep it interesting for us non-kids. It all depends on a persons wishes and budget, but for the money, better cars exist if you are not held-back with your nostalgia. I needed some Tamiya stuff and went to a LHS the first time after moving to the area I live now. Although they sell some Tamiya stuff, the main focus is Traxxas. An indeed, I picked up and looked at a Bigfoot and E-Maxx from the shelves there, and they just feel so much tougher and stronger compared to Tamiya. Its like a different class of car. The owner in the shop told me he was focusing toward Traxxas so he could sell more cars without his customers coming in again within a few days because of issues or damages on the car, complaining about the product and needing a lot of support. That makes sense off-course from a business point of view. The Bigfoot is still on my list.
  13. Can you clarify what the problem is? (cut the power can mean several things...) Does the charger shut down when it supplies 4 amps (Screen goes black), or does the charger remain working and will it not charge with a higher amperage than 4 amps? An 8.5 amps power supply should be capable of supplying 4 amps continous without issues... How hot does the supply get? If you can keep your hand on it at the hottest parts, it should not be more then 45 degr. Celsius. Edit: the website states it has an internal fan, is that working correctly?
  14. That is a great little machine, and it overcoms the resolution problems of my 'classic' 3D printer. Something for the christmas wishlist this year!
  15. Not sure if these are front of rear... https://m.ebay.nl/itm/RUOTE-ANTERIORI-MARUI-004-900-VINTAGE-X-LAND-CRUISER-CJ-7-MITSUBISHI-TIRES-S0ET/352136051403?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3D3fce7388bac64d918937a06d49357657%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D8%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D153353267207%26itm%3D352136051403%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2481888&_trksid=p2481888.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3Ac501387b-c5d8-11e9-b1de-74dbd1809d74|parentrq%3Abfdd38ba16c0aa6695946032fff3f9e9|iid%3A1 But are the tires broken, or only flat spots? I put foam inserts in my Golden eagle tires to make the flat spots round again.
  16. Now THAT is a great idea!!!! Love IT!
  17. Always good to see another Big Bear! Whish I had the body I want to use stripped down as for as you have, but it is my slow-pace project. The best of luck with this project!
  18. Took the clod-bullhead Big Bear for a drive on a 3S lipo. Snapped the 3D printed body posts in a roll so need to improve those. Thought I'd use the remaining lipo charge to run basher Big Bear, but that has a T plug esc, and the lipo an EC3 plug... so next on the list is a T tot EC3 converter plug...
  19. The Mad-bull lookalike Grasshopper 2 arrived. Looks decent enough, one rear axle took a whack. And still features a mighty 380 motor . Never seen this type of reciever before... But in time when I get around to it, it will be converted to ESC, 2.4GHz, ball bearings and a 540 motor.
  20. Since I don't have any more space on the cars storage shelf...... I went and bought a used grasshopper 2 sitting on lunchbox tires. Should come in this week....
  21. Working on the Mugen Seiki Prime 12 and spent hours looking for a pinion/maingear set I knew I had somewhere.... But only found the pinion aaargh. So, back to ordering a new set, that will be quicker. And place a new batch of parts in the ultrasonic so I can start on the front-end.
  22. The ALDI folder ( in the Netherlands) shows that they have ultrasonic cleaners for sale starting tuesday June 25, priced 20 euro's. So a Nice oppertunity if you want a cheap parts cleaner.
  23. Finished and had a small testrun with the M-05 chassis. First impressions: Quick, very bouncy on the pavement stones, and in need of better grip than the tamiya tires can provide. So oil shocks at some point and does anybody have tips for aftermarket tires? Preferebly some that can fit these rims? Need to finish the wiring, and place the body mounts for the Mini Cooper body I have for it.
  24. More bearings came in, the full set for the Mugen Seiki Prime 12. So more car-stuff plans for this weekend!
  25. Started work on the M-05. These little chassis Just fly together, its about half-way done in 1 hour. With the 4300KV motor I still have, it should be quite the little rocket.
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