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  1. Cool car! Those colors and scheme fit that era so good. I'd have a tough time deciding on the wing too, that is one of my favorite Tamiya bodies.
  2. I've been down this road a few times, and similar to what others have mentioned, it's a matter of what enjoyment you will get versus the cost. There's a satisfaction that comes with the cleaning and wrenching, the aggravation of finding parts in some cases, and almost always, the rewarding final result after your work is complete. If it's a vehicle I know I can't easily replace as a whole, I'm more likely to not feel any remorse when it gets expensive. I feel much less guilt spending the money on parts than I would tearing open a scarce NIB kit, so I'm usually hunting for parts trees and clean donor vehicles. Most of the time I end up with a fair amount invested but satisfied with the completed vehicle for the purpose it was resurrected for. If you know what your expectations are from the start and you have an idea what you're willing to spend, you're less likely to not finish it or be disappointed when it's done.
  3. I remember those days! One of my LHS's always had a flip-through stack of Autographics decals and it was always fun to pick out something different to go with a new body and paint. Several years ago, say 2015, I remember finding several listings on eBay that were posted by the owner/artist's daughter that were NOS, and she mentioned in the listings that he had passed away sometime before. Those decals were high quality for their time when you consider that was around 30 years ago and that the closest as far as good vinyl was in a Tamiya kit, lol.
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