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  1. Still awaiting my hpi wheels but ive heard the gearbox on MBs aint that great? Just wondered if someone has upgrades one before?
  2. Many thanks for all the advise, will stick with stock gearbox.
  3. Hi all, i have just purchased a lamborgini coutach XB Body for the TL01 Chassis. But now i really need the wheels and tyres and the ( i think foam bumper ) can anyone help me please..
  4. Asking for advise again, i have a lunchbox and a midnight pumpkin and i am building a new lunchbox from scratch as i love them so much.. i was asking if it would be better to build the gear box with a metal counter gear and bevels? Has anyone done this and it it worth doing/ as does it make a big difference...
  5. Thanks very much for all your help will go for the hpi wheels think this will go great with my new rebuold, will post pics when all done..
  6. Sorry i meant i have a second hand MB
  7. Hi there, i have a re re MB and am rebuilding from scratch. But the thing is i dont want the gold wheels back on i wanted black wheel for my project but dont want to have to spray them, is their any other wheels that can fit maybe HPI? Any help plz would be great....
  8. Thanks very much will check that out today
  9. Hi their, of their still for sale i will buy them from you. Im just rebuilding a lunchbox up. reply to me via the tamiya club.
  10. Hi there Hope someone knows more than me on this, i have just got a MB and i heard that you can fit HPI wheels and tyres to it? I know i need 2.2" 2WD wheels just wondering if anyone else has done/ tried this or even if it is possible to do? Any help would be great...
  11. Thanks very much, i get it now.
  12. Hi all, wondered if anyone can me plz, i have a hornet and i have just got hold of a tamiya super stock motor to go in and i have a spare esc to use which is a Mtronik TT30, Is it compatible ?
  13. Hi their, could anyone give me some advise plz. Ive just brought a tamiya super stock motor to go in my hornet, but i have a Mtronicks TT 30 Esc... just wondering if this can handle the motor?
  14. Hi again, Ive came across a problem i brought some alloy front arms for my wild one re build they look great but now ive had to raise the steering servo because the arms hang lower than the originals but now my steering rod, turn knuckles are to short? I want to upgrade these but am stuck on where to try? Any advise would be grateful....
  15. Hi all Can anyone plz help/advise as ive just brought a tamiya amarok hi lift/custom lift. I would like to know about any alloy upgrades i can make to this plus alloy bumpers front n back. Many thanks.
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