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  1. I had the same with my Xerun motor, then someone gave me the tip to first add more solder to the existing connectors and heat it up. That did the job for me and I was able to remove the connectors.
  2. Received the Arch Fabrication servo mount bumpers last weekend, now I need to find the time to install them. But I forgot to order a set of servo savers/arms, which ones are recommended when running a dual servo setup?
  3. Went for a nice clean look! Also had it's first test runs around the neighborhood, but it had a lot of issues with steering. Steering one side is fine, but zero to none steering to the other side. Been trying a lot with no results, with all wheels off the ground it steers fine both ways. Apart from that, it is a lot of fun, already got some dents in the rear bumper from wheelies So I ordered the first custom parts, a pair of Arch Fabrication servo mount bumpers
  4. That module sounds great, really need to look into that
  5. Started on the body last weekend, decided to go for a yellow body. Also the metal anti rotation brackets have arrived thanks to @whahooo, thanks again! I have just started with primer on the main body.
  6. Yeah, only had a short test run, but already the most fun car to drive in my collection! Decided to go with a nice yellow body, been a bit busy lately and hope to put on the first coats of primer somewhere this week. Same here, has been on my wish list for years.
  7. Had some time to finish up the chassis. The metal axle braces were a pain to mount, but got them on in the end. Took it for a test run in the living room, and what a fun to drive a Clod! Steering needs some work, but it works. I also had some ideas for the body but not made a decision yet.
  8. I received the kit last friday and started working on it yesterday. Done the basic steps for the chassis and started on the axles. The diff step took me way longer than expected, thought I was missing 2 of the pins holding the spider gears in place, but they were stuck inside the spacers which are used for the motor screws, took me a while to find that out But man is it huge when you are used to "regular" 1/10 cars like onroads, buggies and crawlers
  9. Got hold of the last Super Clod Buster from a local shop. Hope to get it next saturday and start building . My anti rotation bracket order got cancelled, the seller didn't want to ship to NL, so I need to find another set. Also need to find a good receiver for my FrSky TX, but everything in the local shops is out of stock and expected to be back in stock somewhere in June, so I'll probably order that through banggood or aliexpress.
  10. Probably It flies with that motor, only had to tone down the punch a bit to keep the front wheels on the ground. But changed to new pins in both CVD's and ran 4 lipo's without issues, seems the standard ones in the 3Racing CVD's are a bit on the softer side.
  11. Finished the rebuild of my DT-03. Only to destroy one of the pins in the 3Racing CVD's 20minutes later
  12. A few Tamiya's and some other brands: Tamiya DT-03 Tamiya CC-01 Tamiya TT-01 Tamiya TT-02 Tamiya DF-03RA Tamiya XV-01 Team Associated B4 CrossRC HC6 Axial SCX10 Dingo X-Ray M18MT Serpent Spyder SRX2 From this list only the CrossRC HC6 is still in my posession, and recently aquired a slightly used DT-03 Waiting for the Super Clod to get back in stock and add to this list.
  13. Picked up a used DT-03 and started to take it apart for repairs and maintenance. Has a broken chassis.
  14. I noticed this also, I am 33 myself and have always liked Tamiya, but around here almost everyone is into "bashing" with Traxxas, Arrma etc, I don't see the fun into that. Whenever I mention Tamiya on meetings or when visiting the LHS most people call it too expensive, crap or overpriced toys which cannot be used for anything, with no arguments whatsoever.
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