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  1. I went this route and loving every part of it so far. It is really fun to see a stock Clod change and perform better with every upgrade you do
  2. Looks great! Do you happen to know which Traxxas shocks these exactly are?
  3. Finally got the motors in, they feel pretty good, soldered new power leads as the one that come on them are waaaay to short. Got them mounted and some bench testing shows serious power on 2s compared to the silver cans. Might order 2 more as spares, just in case. Had to glue the beadlock rings to the wheels, with the new motors they pop loose. The stock tires are not glued to the wheels and they seem to hold great so fare, will see how it goes when running outside. When it dries up a little around here I will take it for a testdrive outside. Hopefully I won't trash the stock body before the new one shows up My new color scheme won't contain yellow or blue, so I had the rear lockers printed in black. New shocks will be black or red, not sure yet, also waiting on an in stock notification for those.
  4. The wheels came white stock, and really liked the look so left them white hah, for the car itself I wanted something other than box art, about 90% of them are already built box art. I reallyreallyreally wanted the Mammoth BC8, but just couldn't justify the cost for one of those This one will be no shelf queen also, but I won't drive it crazy hard either, that's what I have my TRX4 for. It will be used for trailing and forest mainly, not the mud, wet, and extremely steep hills I drive my TRX4 on. Stock tires aren't bad, but had some issues on the surfaces I tested it on so far, so I want to try some different tires to see how it handles.
  5. Started on it again last month. Finished the interior: Installing the ESS One+ sound module: Replacing the receiver and connecting the sound module: Painted the grill black, I didn't like it all red: And this is how it is standing now. Waiting for a receiver and some servo extension wires. Also thinking of something to place over the sound module. Wanting some new tires, probably the ProLine Grunt, the stock tires are very stiff.
  6. Have had this one for some time now and it spent about a year on the shelf, started working on it again recently. Chassis: CrossRC HC6 Motor: CrossRC 45t ESC: Hobbywing QuicRun 1080 Steering servo: PowerHD 20KG Shift servo: Axial 8kg servo (came as steering servo in my RR10 Bomber) Pretty big box! Gearbox and axles are all full metal and pretty heavy! Front axle: Rear axles: 2-speed gearbox: Attached everything to the chassis: Started on the electronics: And finished the electronics, it has switchable headlights and working brake lights: Finished the body: And at this point it was placed on the shelf and sat there for almost a year as I had other priorities...
  7. Got the ESC in, still no motors, so it is still running the silver cans for now. Also got the J-Concepts Tribute wheels and beadlock rings in, using the stock tires: Also got myself a Spektrum DX5 Rugged Limited green edition. Love how it looks so far, next up is a lexan body, got one in backorder already.
  8. For my onroad and light offroad (2wd buggy) builds I use the Turnigy 1250TG (7kg an 0.06sec @ 6V). Lightning fast, pretty cheap for €32 and haven't had a single one fail on me. Had multiple PowerHD 20KG in my crawlers, they should do 20KG and 0.16sec on 6V but they felt so slow and sluggish, and I kept destroying the "metal gears" in them while crawling, so I gave up on those. On the worst day I destroyed 3 PowerHD 20kg servo's in a single day, had one in my Axial Bomber, failed, replaced and the new one failed on the same way. Switched to my TRX4 which also had that servo, only to have it also fail on me the same way the 2 others did. So now I use a 1283SG in my Traxxas TRX4 (30kg and 0.13sec @ 6V) and in my CrossRC HC6 I have a Savöx SW-0231MG (15kg and 0.17sec @ 6v), both are powered by a generic 6V 8A BEC from AliExpress. In the Clod I am using the last PowerHD I have left, so that one will probably be upgraded to a Savöx 1283SG or comparable also somewhere in the future as it feels even slower in a big truck like the Clod.
  9. Still waiting on the ESC and motors before I can run my Clod again. Only need to hop into my LHS with it after fitting the motors and ESC to test fit some lexan bodies before I completely trash the stock body with the faster motors. Also got 2 pair of white JConcepts Tribute wheels and red beadlock rings on the way as I finally got a back in stock notification. Need to order 2 pair of tires to go with them, don't want to cut up the stock tires to fit them to the Tribute wheels, RCMart have them in stock, but shipping costs more than the tyres itself... For the shocks I set "back in stock notifications" as all of them are out of stock at the moment. To further customize it I have been looking at custom chassis' and really like the South West Monster Shop KK3 Costs more than the Clod itself, so I will need a lot of time to think about it... But it looks fantastic And now I know why most people call the Clod Buster a money pit
  10. So, the internal spring are a no-go for the Clod paired with normal shocks?
  11. Yep, if the GoolRC don't work out I will order 2 firebolts. Read a lot good things about them also. But up next is some better shocks, was thinking of the following: 2 pair Boom Racing Boomerang Type I 100mm 2 pair Boom Racing Boomerang Type E 100mm 1 of each per wheel as I like that look. Would this be a good setup?
  12. I don't mind RTR's but 99% of them need to be taken apart before the first run to properly fill/lubricate the shocks, diffs and gearboxes, haven't had a single RTR with properly filled/lubricated drivetrain. It is that I already bought a Super Clod Buster this year, else this one would be an instant buy for me, but for now I'll just throw a pile of cash to the Clod to customize it
  13. Running 2 1080's in my crawlers so the Quicrun 880 was a no-brainer. But don't have a clue on the faster brushed motors, so I thought the GoolRC were worth a try due to them being so cheap. Good to know you like them @Carmine A @whahooo the 880 has the following limits: 2S LiPo 12 Turn 3S LiPo 18 Turn 4S LiPo 24 Turn
  14. Somehow burnt the stock ESC and RX, so I got a new RX and QuicRun 880 on the way. The QuicRun 880 also has a better BEC than the stock ESC (4A 6V vs 2A 6V), so I probably won't need the extra BEC anymore, cleans it all up a bit. Also ordered 2 cheapo 17t motors with a black Friday deal on Ali Express, 2 GoolRC 17t motors for €6 each, so I figured those are worth a try.
  15. Ordered a sound unit for my crawler, but tried it in the Clod first, might actually leave it there. Unit is a Sense Innovations ESS One+ Wanting to upgrade it, but having waaaay to much fun bombing around in it But I really need a lexan body, already trashed the rear bumper
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