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  1. The Konghead kit, now the long process of waiting for the bearings to arrive begins....
  2. A lot of parts came in the last few weeks for my Konghead build, still waiting on bearings and the kit itself:
  3. Yonzariq


    thanks, got them on order right away
  4. Yonzariq


    I like where this is going! Do you have a link for the shocks? I am searching some for the Konghead build I am planning and collecting
  5. Besides my RTR bought cars I have never ever done a box-art style paintjob. I mostly just choose a color I like and paint it that color, barely ever use any stickers either as I hate doing them. I wanted to buy a Neo Fighter and build it box-art, but never got to it as I got a great deal on a used Racing Fighter. My next build is a Konghead, won't be box-art either, box-art blue looks great but I am planning to use translucent paints for the first time on that one. But it will probably be my first build which will use most of the box-art stickers, the yellow of the stickers will probably look great with the purple paintjob I am planning. Even my military CrossRC HC6 has a non-military dark red paintjob
  6. I could not hold myself and ordered a transparent chassis for my next G6-01 build together with new front a-arms for my DT-03, broke them on the last run. Got them in yesterday
  7. Tried deans but hated them. Then switched to EC5, but they came pretty hard to get by lately around here. Then started to fly FPV and saw every single person used XT60, so I did the same, very easy to switch batteries or give someone your batteries if theirs are dead, so I did the same for my cars. Switched them all to XT60 and a lot of people around me did the same, so we barely ever have to stop due to not having lipo's anymore.
  8. The other 2 were still in their packaging when I took this photo. Was quite a pain to get the tires mounted to the wheels
  9. New wheels and tyres for my upcoming G6-01 build
  10. Besides RC I'm a casual gamer on my Xbox One, recently subscribed to gamepass and downloaded a few new games. Also got a new camera some time ago, want to do more with it, so I'm reading a lot on tips and tricks to get better in photography, nothing serious so far. Maybe will look into posting some of those photo's online sometime.
  11. I did that once... measure the speed of my XV-01. Felt fast, but only managed to hit up to 32kmh (19mph). Turned out the previous owner used a pinion which was waaay to small, changed it to a correct pinion and immediately bumped it up to 59kmh (36mph) without any temp issues. Still need to measure my DT-03 and Rustler sometimes, both seem to fly pretty good
  12. Plan to do it sometimes when the weather gets better.
  13. Looks great, and love that clear chassis! Might have to order one for my build
  14. The first basic parts for my G6-01 build. - Spektrum SR315 3-channel receiver - 2x PowerHD waterproof Servo - Tamiya PS-12 silver - Tamiya PS-45 translucent purple
  15. Love the 1:1 MX5's. I would contact some Tamiya dealers to see if they could be of any help in regards to the molten part.
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