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  1. I saw someone on here use it. Was thinking the same at that moment and had the chassis in before I even ordered the kit
  2. Looks great, still need to take my TRX4 and possibly the CrossRC to RC Planet some time soon
  3. Has been on hold for over 2 weeks now. Got some of the bearings from my spare parts pile, but didn't have enough so ordered a complete kit at Asiatees and the package has been lost somewhere between the customs and my home...
  4. Took the HC6 out together with my TRX4 last week. Such a great and capable truck, got almost everywhere my TRX4 got. Only had some issues of getting grip on steep hills, but on the mainly dry and hard sand surface it did surprisingly well. https://youtu.be/5IMJXIs5YDk
  5. The Konghead kit, now the long process of waiting for the bearings to arrive begins....
  6. A lot of parts came in the last few weeks for my Konghead build, still waiting on bearings and the kit itself:
  7. Yonzariq


    thanks, got them on order right away
  8. Yonzariq


    I like where this is going! Do you have a link for the shocks? I am searching some for the Konghead build I am planning and collecting
  9. Besides my RTR bought cars I have never ever done a box-art style paintjob. I mostly just choose a color I like and paint it that color, barely ever use any stickers either as I hate doing them. I wanted to buy a Neo Fighter and build it box-art, but never got to it as I got a great deal on a used Racing Fighter. My next build is a Konghead, won't be box-art either, box-art blue looks great but I am planning to use translucent paints for the first time on that one. But it will probably be my first build which will use most of the box-art stickers, the yellow of the stickers will probably look great with the purple paintjob I am planning. Even my military CrossRC HC6 has a non-military dark red paintjob
  10. I could not hold myself and ordered a transparent chassis for my next G6-01 build together with new front a-arms for my DT-03, broke them on the last run. Got them in yesterday
  11. Tried deans but hated them. Then switched to EC5, but they came pretty hard to get by lately around here. Then started to fly FPV and saw every single person used XT60, so I did the same, very easy to switch batteries or give someone your batteries if theirs are dead, so I did the same for my cars. Switched them all to XT60 and a lot of people around me did the same, so we barely ever have to stop due to not having lipo's anymore.
  12. The other 2 were still in their packaging when I took this photo. Was quite a pain to get the tires mounted to the wheels
  13. New wheels and tyres for my upcoming G6-01 build
  14. Besides RC I'm a casual gamer on my Xbox One, recently subscribed to gamepass and downloaded a few new games. Also got a new camera some time ago, want to do more with it, so I'm reading a lot on tips and tricks to get better in photography, nothing serious so far. Maybe will look into posting some of those photo's online sometime.
  15. I did that once... measure the speed of my XV-01. Felt fast, but only managed to hit up to 32kmh (19mph). Turned out the previous owner used a pinion which was waaay to small, changed it to a correct pinion and immediately bumped it up to 59kmh (36mph) without any temp issues. Still need to measure my DT-03 and Rustler sometimes, both seem to fly pretty good
  16. Plan to do it sometimes when the weather gets better.
  17. Looks great, and love that clear chassis! Might have to order one for my build
  18. The first basic parts for my G6-01 build. - Spektrum SR315 3-channel receiver - 2x PowerHD waterproof Servo - Tamiya PS-12 silver - Tamiya PS-45 translucent purple
  19. Love the 1:1 MX5's. I would contact some Tamiya dealers to see if they could be of any help in regards to the molten part.
  20. Started re-building my RC shelves and re-organizing all of my stuff after moving to a new home.
  21. So I had a go with a few vehicles this weekend, started off with the CC-01 and CC-02. Took my TRX4 with me for a bit of comparison The CC-02 looks good but is way to "crawler" for what I want, it did everything great and it was about the same in speed as my TRX4 so both felt a bit slow on the open spaces. Also didn't feel like it would able to handle more speed, if I wanted another (smaller) crawler the CC-02 would definitely be added to the list of possibilities. CC-01 was quite a bit faster than both and was really at home on the light trails. The rougher terrain with tree roots and rocks was quite hard with the CC-01, got stuck a few times and it flipped pretty fast, so a fun vehicle but also not really what I am looking for. Next up was the G6-01TR, he said he had a Dynahead, so I assumed it was a G6-01TR, but it actually started its life as a King Yellow, now with Dynahead body and 1.9 crawler wheels and 114mm tyres, and he had the stock wheels and tyres to try. But of course it didn't have the portals the G6-01TR has. With the 1.9 wheels and tyres it did most about the same as the CC-01/02, but on the rocks and trees it didn't flip as easy as the CC-01 so it could follow the TRX4 on a lot but far from everything while still being able to handle some speed. Compared to the CC-01/02 it felt a lot heavier which is of course also an advantage on rough terrain. And the slightly larger tyres vs the CC-01/02 (114mm vs 96mm) gave it another advantage so it got stuck less, but I don't think much larger than 96mm suits the CC-01/02. Steering sometimes was a bit slow with a large turning radius but that is to expect from a vehicle that size and one of the reasons I would add a switchable 4ws. I hardly came above 60-70% of throttle with the 4620kv motor that was installed, even on the large open spaces, but I have other cars for more than that amount of speed I have that exact same motor in my DT-03, great motor and the DT-03 flies with it, I think a bit too much for the G6-01 chassis, but to each his own of course Quite a bit faster than my TRX4, while still being pretty capable, of course the TRX4 crawled better, but the G6-01 got to every place I wanted it to, sometimes took a few tries but in the end it got there. I could even jump it a bit, something my TRX4 wasn't capable of. He also had a brand new Axial Capra with him, another great vehicle I never looked into and it did everything fantastic. Speed, crawling, trailing, no matter what, it could do it without issues. Pretty steep rocks it climbed like a mountain goat while even my TRX4 had a pretty hard time with some of them, and that is already pretty dialed for the trails. But as always, this comes with a cost and the Capra really is way above my price range. The kit is already more than twice the price of a Konghead kit at my LHS (€410 vs €195), and then I still need to add all of the (strong) electronics and tyres. He had around €900 in it, or about twice the amount of money I want to spend on a complete new car And still hasn't got everything the way he wants. Already got 2 running money pits, Super Clod Buster and TRX4, so no need for a third one MF-01X or XV-01T will be too low for everything as even the CC-01 had some issues. I think the Dynahead would indeed be a bit slow with the added reduction of the portals, read on multiple places they reduce the speed with around 50%. So I think the G6-01 Konghead or King Yellow will be in my near future (or a Capra if I win the lottery) as I had the most fun with it and it was even more capable than I expected. Add bearings, 1.9 wheels/tyres and a sensored brushless setup with around 3000-3500kv for more than enough speed for me. And it will "only" cost me around the same as the Capra kit without electronics etc Aside from the body, what is the difference between the King Yellow and the Konghead that explains the €45 price difference? King Yellow is €150, and Konghead is €195.
  22. The drag cars are all based on 1/10 short course trucks which are much larger than the Tamiya 1/10 onroads. So the drag bodies from Proline etc will not fit at all, same goes for the current wheel/tyre options. Those are made to fit the Traxxas/Associated cars and won't fit on a standard Tamiya. For example the DR10 has a width of 272mm, Tamiya TC-01 is 190mm The DR10 has a wheelbase of 322mm, the Tamiya TC-01 has 257mm Wheels for the Tamiya are 26mm diameter, for the drag cars they are 2.2inch or around 55mm. Traxxas should be pretty good available worldwide and that would be my first option. Found an image, left is a standard touring car size, right is the DR10
  23. Thanks so far guys. Thanks to facebook I am meeting with someone from my region at one of my local spots next weekend who has a CC-01, G6-01TR and CC-02 Will see how that ends up
  24. Not looking for crazy high speeds, that's not for me, but something faster than a crawler with 35t/45t motor while still being able crawl up some rocks, mud and sand Not sure on the MF-01X, added it because it looks fun hahaha It looks like a small trail vehicle with the Mercedes or Suzuki body, but most reviews state it isn't really that capable offroad, so that would rule it out. Had an XV-01, really a great vehicle, but it is a bit too low for what I want with it. I know the XV-01T, but specifically didn't mention it as I don't like the looks of it that much. The CC-01 also looks like something I could go to, as it can handle some speed while still being able to do some light crawling, but it seems those need quite a bit of work to get driving right...
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