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  1. Front wheels are Tamiya Super Astute 53085 fronts, rears are Tamiya 53086. Front tyres are Tamiya wide-grooved soft 54284, rears are Pro-Line 2.2" Dirt Hawgs.
  2. Not sure what size the hexes are on these wheels, which are Tamiya Star Dish 2.2" types from the Super Astute or some other re-re. They are standard hex fittings, though. I have a load of Kyosho hex-pattern wheels from back in the day and they fit on these hexes. The adaptors are a genuine Tamiya Hop Up item and fit over the GH2's standard drive pins, replacing the plastic four-hole adaptors.
  3. Yalson

    M04L Lancia Rally aka Abarth 037

    If you are happy to hack shells about a bit, there are other options. Just saying.
  4. Yalson

    Radient Mistral charger issues.

    I've swapped out the fuse and the mains cable but it hasn't sorted the problem, so I am guessing it is a technical issue with the charger. Ho hum. Looks like no RC for me until I can visit my not-so-local model shop again next week and get it changed. Why does the universe not want me to start driving again?
  5. Hello, I recently bought a Radient Mistral multi-chemistry battery charger to power my return to the hobby. I just now got round to trying to charge the Schumacher 3000mah NiMH battery I bought for the first time and after carefully following the instructions on how to do it (attach charger to mains, attach charge cable to charger, attach cells to charge cable, select 'NiMH/NiCd', select 3A, press button to charge) all seemed to be going well. But after about 15 minutes the charger gave a tiny beep and switched off. Not a beep to say "I'm done", it just died. The lights have gone off on the charger and I now cannot get it to come back on. Battery is cool to the touch, connections all seem sound, mains and cable are fine. It just stopped working. I am presuming I am going to have to take it back and exchange it for a new one, but before I do does anyone know if I am just being a dope and missing a reset switch or some other process to get it working again that I just don't know about?
  6. Yalson

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Mid

    Sensible policy.
  7. Yalson

    hello I am new on this forum

    Ha ha! Would that have been a Marui CJ7 Eagle? If so, that is quite a coincidence as my first car was a Grasshopper I, followed shortly afterwards by a Marui Toyota Land Cruiser, which was identical to the CJ7 apart from the body. Looks like I was away from the hobby for about the same length of time, too. I still have a lot of the racing gear I had back in the day, but rather than ruin potentially valuable vintage equipment teaching myself to drive again, I have started from scratch with a GH2 chassis that has been kicking around in my garage for the last 25 years or so.
  8. Yalson

    hello I am new on this forum

    Hi! I'm not the oldest hand here, but welcome nonetheless! Sounds like ypu have quite the garage. What model Grasshopper was it, a I or a II? I had a a GHI as my first car over thirty years ago, but I am currently rebuilding a GHII. You can't go wrong with them, really. I think they're great cars.
  9. Yalson

    Noisy 2wd?

    I can't say what format gears Kyoshos ran in the first half of the 80s, but Mids definitely came with .6 module gears, as did the Ultima Turbo II I briefly had. I seem to recall that the original Optima came with 32dp gears, but I might have imagined that entirely or confused it with a coarser metric pitch, so don't take it as truth without further research. The Lazer ZX apparently also ran .6 module, while the ZX-R was a changing point, as it appears it came with either .6 module or 48dp. It could be that this split was either along market lines (maybe Europe and Japan came with metric .6 module, while the US came with imperial 48dp) or it could have been simply that they didn't have enough of one so they filled the rest of the kits up with the other. I honestly don't know. What does seem to be the case is that after the ZX-R, Kyosho standardised on 48dp, so your Lazer ZX-6 and Ultima RC6.6 defintely would have been 48dp from new. The picture for Mids, Ultima IIs and ZX-Rs is likely to be murky these days, though, as so many of them will have been fitted with aftermarket spurs or run with the wrong pinions by owners ignorant of the difference between the two standards. From reading some of the forum posts, I can tell you that A LOT of people either don't know the difference or didn't even know there was a difference. We tried running 64dp on the Mid for a while, as we bought some second-hand equipment that included a lot of 64dp Mid spurs and pinions. I loved the smoothness of the drive and the fact it was so quiet, but ultimately the motors we used tended to be too much for the fibre the spurs were made out of and they tended to chew the teeth up. It was also a bit hard getting the amount of play between the pinion and spur right with such small teeth on the Mid. Too tight and it would chew the spur teeth up, too loose... and that would chew the spur teeth up, too.
  10. Yalson

    Classic touring cars 90s era

    The Nomad looks like it's set up as a drag racer, which would be hugely entertaining given its short wheelbase. Radio Race Car in the UK used to have regular drag racing reports and the cars all used to be about three feet long.
  11. Yalson

    Classic touring cars 90s era

    Yeah, that looks like a GTO shell. Bonnet bulge, stupidly long overhangs, rear window with buttresses, long rear lights – lovely looking thing but totally hopeless on a buggy chassis. Not sure what an RS200 would be doing hanging out on an oval, but I suppose it takes all sorts. I also love the fact that the heading impressively states "DIRT OVAL RACERS" above a circuit which self-evidently is anything but a dirt oval.
  12. Yalson

    Noisy 2wd?

    I just had to look it up to check I wasn't losing my mind, but no, Kyoshos did run on .6 module gears. I did double take when various forums claimed that the Lazer ZX-R ran on 48dp, as I ran mine on .6 module for its entire racing life with no problems, but according to the manual it seems there were either two versions – one with 48dp and one with .6 module – or there was a kit to convert one to the other. I know we would have used the .6 module version as we still had all the pinions from the Mid.
  13. Yalson

    Noisy 2wd?

    They do? Dunno if they changed their gearing system for the re-res, but top-end Kyoshos always used to come with .6 module gears.