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  1. I am not from UK, but I‘d still like to offer my FF03, I am from Europe and am happy to ship first so you could check on my item first.
  2. Hi folks, would somebody happen to know what kind of micro chip am I missing here? could this be fixed? apparently the esc got hot and the small micro chip melted himself into the plastic. while taking it apart, it ripped itself out i believe its on the battery lead ports? the esc had trouble to work with 3s but did fine with 2s any ideas?
  3. Where do you live? That sounds really cheap and not real.
  4. Any interest? Best offer prices starts at 40€ + shipping thank you for looking
  5. Do not forget Tamiya is japanese, I dont think they can do what Lego did. I guess the mentality is just different. Japanese marketing vs European. How popular is lego in japan? as for the age that appeal’s to this hobby, a lot of older people I have met in our rc club are really against tamiya, and are not recommending them. But that is a racing point of view, you cant race a TT02 or TB03, I know people on this forum have done it. But still how does a tb03 even worse tb04 compare to a Xray T1 not to mention the T4. It couldn’t be compared in my opinion. on the other hand, I have been lately into crypto, and boy is that a mess over-there. Young people investing, playing P2E video games… idk but what do you all think about a hobby that brings passive income or RC cars that literally waste your money. for me I got into this hobby at the age of 8-11, stopped for while and got back to it at the age of 26.
  6. Have a look at the link, I am looking to get 300€ More or less with shipping. https://www.njuskalo.hr/rc-modeli/genesis-1122-catamaran-racing-boat-8s-70km-h-oglas-36610947
  7. I am at this point not interested to buy such a model. I like the 1:8 scale, would be a first timer for me. but at this moment, I am tinkering of buying all the parts and then eventually sell for a slightly higher price as a lot. but on the other hand I might build it. I am still researching the brand Hachette, they are as I understand a french company. I cant find any build sets, only this magazines and parts. Every car is supposed to be high quality and licensed. can somebody point me out here… how many models did they make? What was the first one… should I maybe open another topic for Hachette or is there a forum?
  8. Hey, so I have started collecting Hachette magazines, they provide 100 magazines with car parts. so when I buy all 100 magazines this year. I will be able to put together a 1/8 Zastava 750 (basically a fiat 500). I was surprised by the size… 1/8 scale… will weight about 5kg and cost… the most amazing part for me… about 950€
  9. I was working for Sixt a couple of years. we had bunch of Astras, petrol, diesel, automatic, estate, hb, sedan… very comfortable cars and very low fuel consuption. but eh… did we have problems with them. Bad AC, batterys tend to die more often then on other cars. The insignia 2.2 diesel automatic has only 6 speeds. That was bad too. now the peugeot has its fingers in… the 208 and new Corsa are identical cars. Probably would not recommend. Peugeot did step up their car game. But still as you said… those 1.2 engines are a pain to drive.
  10. Next time avoid Opel and you’re good.
  11. Thanks, It looks like it could take a beating. Alu uprights etc. diff is not showing any kind of wear and all ball bearings from factory.
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