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  1. Havent seen this body looking better on a M chassis before.
  2. Is Tamico a option, maybe they do have it or T2Shop
  3. I’d like to add me dimes to this thread. as I have a Xray T1FK05 and I was looking to get to todays racing standards, my conclusion was... regarding for example a Team Associated TC6.1. They have a spool in the front and oil gear diff in the back. The T1FK05 has also both ball diffs, lock the front as much as possible and let the rear be locked to 6/8s to get the proper todays car feel. My idea was to lock the front diff and get a Spec-R rear oil diff. Makes the noes more stable and better turn in to corners. maybe replacing the rear diff with a oil diff would be the best choice. And get a spool for the front?
  4. After searching a little bit for this Yaris Model and seeing this picture. To my mind is coming that Tamiya did this on marketing purpose. Maybe the Yaris WRC body was a good sell, and now they have completed more or less the bigger picture. also the new Toyota Supra and AE86 Gazzoo themed bodies were maybe a good marketing for Toyota.
  5. Tamiya is tamiya. I will buy this body for sure, I had affinities to buy a Mazda 2 Body, but I am a fan of Toyota more. Especially the Yaris. For my M05ver2.
  6. I do love FF cars, apart from the F103s I own they are RWD. sold all the 4x4
  7. Is this Tamiya Paint PS16? I think I used the same one on my F103 TRG body, such a lovely color.
  8. I am very tempted to own a M06 and the M07/08. I recently sold my M03 and am left only with my M05ver2. I have a 10T carson brushless SL system in it and run it on a shorty lipo 5000mah and 100C. Two days ago I made a speed run; and hit easily 67kmh with it. It has the speed gears and medium pinion. A final FDR of 4.99 I believe on 3s it would come closer two 90kmh but the gearbox could fail. the power did rip the tire off the rim even tho it was glued.
  9. Regarding the FF03 post, top speed on 3s was 107kmh. It is amazing what a difference it makes to run on 3s and 2s a on road car. also the body improved the steering a-lot, lighter car on higher speeds seems to be easier to maneuver. No pictures or video unfortunately. Next try will be documented in the speed run thread. Edit: here after I came home the GPS as still on.
  10. I had a 3s lunchbox and it went bonkers. today I have prepared a 3s FF03 speed run try. the poor FF03 is already beaten up, has more slop then a NIB Tamiya kit, but it is now a all or nothing shot. last time on two S it reached 82kmh. I am wondering will it survive this time. the gearing on 82kmh was 35/68, now we have on 3s 36/65 both in 48p also after on the last try with 51/80 0.4 gearing the FF03 failed because the tires balooned and broke the Honda body on the sides. now we have a MazdaSpeed6 body, and I gave it a try on two S this morning, much much better handling. 3s on a TBLE01 8T Tamiya Combo.
  11. After thinking about it... I had a look at our club members Amewi Genesis, just not worth it to play around the toy boats.
  12. I have found this Nikko Hydroboat Torpedo. I feel like I could upgrade it to fit a 3s brushless system to it? what do you guys think? Since I dont have any expirience with boats in general.
  13. Dont want to sound rude, but for this price you could buy two sets of these. at the moment they are on rcmart on sale for 32£ I paid for them last year 40£. just informational
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