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  1. In 2023 if you are still using nimh. You are missing out big.
  2. I am def sure the M05 is superior to the M03 in terms of grip
  3. I have build a M05 and upgraded it to a M05ver2 with some other hop ups, so it can take lipos. I also have a M02 and had a M05-RA.
  4. Installed the motor and pinion, nicely surprised, there is plenty of room for a bigger pinion like maybe... 65T The chassis at the moment ARTR
  5. Installed the motor today, despite not having the ESC yet. Nice fit, with a 72T Spur there is plenty of room for a bigger pinion. Currently, 60T
  6. Thank you, this is very helpful. But wow, IF I really needed this ESC I would probably never find it. This is really a needle in a haystack. chances of findind a motor for this esc are probably 1:10000
  7. Hi! Could somebody try to explain this? I bought a used ESC, a Carson Dragster XXS Plus 70A, it was sold in a Carson RTR vehicle with a 12T motor, should support 2s and 3s. When everything is connected it goes, after calibrating, into thermal shut-down. The motor stutters and gets warm, while the ESC gets untouchable hot. Also, the ESC has a sensor wire soldered onto the board, but only 5 wires? I have never seen something like this, looks to me like somebody played with solder ?
  8. Unfortunately, this ESC I bought used of ebay kleineinzeigen is garbage. Not sure what happened here. But ESC does have signs of life, but when everything is connected and calibrated the ESC spins the motor super slow without reverse and lots of vibrations after 30sec it goes into thermal shut down. The seller said he never opened it and would never sell such an item. What a lie! SO I ordered a brand-new ESC, the 80250# LRP Spin Super, a 100A sensored brushless ESC compatible with 1S - 4S https://www.lrp.cc/en/product/spin-super-brushless-speed-control/
  9. Yesterday a set of KB Aero wheels arrived. Not sure what to do with them, probably for when the cars sits on the shelf. and V1 Muchmore Fleta ZX 13,5 T 3200kv
  10. Decided after two beers , not to sell my two LRP S18, as they have the same box art paint scheme, and could become collectibles as it is a hopped up S18TC and a S18 Buggy. The buggy, I noticed today, uses 12 mm hex, while the TC uses 9 mm hex like the Xray (7 mm TBH). I can not find any TC 9 mm tires, very hard task. As I realized the buggy does not have such an issue, it uses 12 mm hex. The tire size I currently have on the original wheel is diameter 52 mm, width 24 mm. So I eventually could use Tamiya M chassis wheels and get a greater width and larger diameter, like 59 mm. which will improve top speed. Currently running a 17T 48P pinion with metal gear diffs. Fixed the damper mounts that tend to brake, with a drill through screw and a nut with washer.
  11. Popping a wheelie or two while crawling
  12. this guy convinced me! i need a crawler / Monster Truck mix on brushless
  13. Tamiya Bend Arms seems like a crucial visual ugrade. Tamiya 54106 & 54107
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