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  1. It starts my creative thinking, if I dont have to figure something unique on my rc cars it is really calming. Mostly if something need to be done which is not ‘as per manual’ it gets usually exhausting until I actually get to do it, and then while I am at it, a new idea comes to my mind. so basically if something is on the ‘To Do list’ I think about it all the time, as for example, I find myself in a hardware store buying house goods... I usually first check up if there is anything I could use on my RC cars, second the priority why I came to the hardware store. TC made me do it... until I met all the champs here, it wasnt like this.
  2. @Jonathon Gillham, that place looks like it could become a RC theme park. Just from the first pic I could picture myself having a indoor TC carpet track. A outoodr TC track a 1/8buggy dirt track... a few atvs to get around and of course did somebody mentiond drons? FPV track would be a must have. A part from Japan, I love New Zealand
  3. It is the same offer as on Tamico, I am gonna leave it for a while as I have different priorities at the moment. But its deff on the 2020 list.
  4. Now I want one even more. Is it usual to have 4WS?
  5. This is just amazing, I consider myself a F103 enthusiast, but hey... who is not.
  6. Of course depends all on the weight of the vehicle. On my F103LM, I use a 4.5T mod motor with a gearing of 1.87FDR according to calculations top speed should be 190km/h but on my t1fk05 the internal is 1.7 + 87/26 so a total of 5,04FDR with a 10,5T brushless.
  7. I use for cleaning, automotive brake cleaner. Great stuff, but disappears really fast if used on large brakes
  8. I believe you are right, but that means I bought the alu motor mount for the ver2. Also suspension arms are different and king pins instead of screws. interested how the build will go on.
  9. I dont own a 414 but a T1FK05 from xray, I run on a 14year old car the 10,5 LRP motor and a 120A esc. Havent upgraded anything except the highest available pinion to calm the power (rev’s). My idea was to order the rear gear diff from Spec-R and a spool in the front. Was comparing it to a TC6.1 and that is what most setups are on our racing TC cars. Rear gear diff front spool. For a short while I had a 4.5T mod motor in it.
  10. It was not expensive to go for the M05ver2 chassis parts tree. In order to fit Lipo batteries. Thats what I did and ended up with a spare M05 hah mine is waiting for steering hop ups.
  11. I am interested to know what thet big part will do on the F103GT
  12. https://tamico.de/Tamiya-Rock-Socker-CR-01-Bausatz-58592 I am asking because of this. seems way way cheaper then the 389€ toyota cr01
  13. If you willing. I d like to ad the tl to my collection
  14. I always have been thinking what rc offroader should I buy... now I know it should be the CR01. I knew I couldnt talk myself into a Traxxas, just not a fan of it. edit: is the rock socker different to this, seems lower on tamico de
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