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  1. Ifnit works ok. I have a MST 2.0 LSD gyro according to the manual it needs to be centered and in between the middle and fron of the car for best effectiveness.
  2. On ebay, its called “Venturi” as on a carburetor.
  3. Tried it and even filmed two runs of 10minutes. didint caunt laps so just went for it. will post video of second run in duration of counted laps with all other informationa on the car. my idea was to rule out first 2minutes and count laps from then 5minutes. Will edit post with video later at home.
  4. OMG how long does it drive with the 8000mah battery? the largest nimh I had was 5000mah from LRP and 6600mah lipo, now I use a 5000 shorty and 5500 hardcase regular lipo. With 100-120C. Lasts longer then I am willing to drive
  5. Can you explain the logic of the gyro in the compartment. as far as I know it should be placed in the middle of the car somewhere after the front axle.
  6. Funny how many ideas I had before Covid struck the planet earth. Went from 9 cars to 5 now, since 2019 F103 - needs a new servo (no driving condition) F103LM - needs a new correct spur FF03 - needs new uprights in the front (no driving condition) M05ver2 - runs perfectly, could use a new set of tires M02 Abarth - shelfer, waiting on brighter days to get a restoration and electrics. (no run condition) I have thoughts selling maybe my F103LM and get a offroad car like the blitzer beetle or some other brand, also the XV01 Long damper spec would be nice. or maybe dont sell anyyyything and just get that **** offroad car.
  7. Well I think tomorrow will all work out fine. Here is it running again, 18T PInion in 48p, spur I am not sure about, didnt want to count. In blinky mode.
  8. No luck, Obviously I had a 43T pinion before not the 45T. I tried to drive it like this since I dont have the 43T pinion anymore. And it ate the Spur. no big loss I have two spurs more but such a shame. try it again tomorrow also not sure but isnt 4x5m kind of small???
  9. I made my F103LM TRF ready for a shot today. Rain has stopped over night, battery is charging, hopefully I will be able to submit a run today. the problem was, my other F103 formula, has a faulty servo I have forgotten about, as it is a mini servo, the servo holder is different to a big servo and I dont have neither to replace now. then my F103LM was in the box for a couple of months because on the last speed run I have tried it took of the ground and afterwards a rear tire unglued... so now tires glued again... servo is replaced with a heavier and much stronger one. Gearing remains the same 45/80 in 64P. so will need to reprogram the esc after lunch and go for a run. edit: 12:53 East European time, last setups over Laptop being done. race about to start
  10. Hard to tell. I like the Team Associated and Xray stadium trucks/truggy’s. but they are kind of professional racing trucks. then traxxas has interesting short course trucks and kyosho or proline also have RTR models that are attractive. but then Tamiya kicks in and I would opt for the Blitzer Beetle the most.
  11. Seems interesting. but I have my eyes ona 4x4 truggy or short course car or stadium truck a long long time. My collection is missing a offroader badly.
  12. Yup, I noticed that on the first track with my M05. As is has the speed gears and a 10T brishless, going full throttle even on the exit of corners does more harm then good. So finding a nice cornering line and keeping decent speed without sending it was the way to go. the second track layout could have been good for ful throttles but it was raining and now for the third layout it still is not going to stop raining.
  13. Check their A800 touring car. Also some freaking interesting innovations I also had to look twice to found the dampers haha https://www.rcmaker.com.au/products/awesomatix-a800xa-touring-car-kit?variant=400306438171 but this 1/12 is advertised as “tweak free” and looks really promising. If not it looks really cool.
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