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  1. Fabia130vRS

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Yup, I intended this also for my son. But after the battery was charged, the car wasnt moving. Hard to remeber but I think that problem remained from the childhood years. Will open it tomorrow.
  2. Fabia130vRS

    Rally car - TB01 or TT02 Type S?

    Isnt a TT01 cheaper and therefor better then a TT02? Dust covers are available for it too.
  3. Fabia130vRS

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Managed to find my remote and battery with charger for one of my first RC ever. A Tyco Rebound 4x4. I was very young then and this was amazing.
  4. Fabia130vRS

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Painted some wheels for my Abarth 1000TCR
  5. Fabia130vRS

    Where are all the Tamiya parts?

    I like tonuse hobby_japan on ebay. very cheap, combined shipping. They have really cheap prices for Tamiya parts. F104 rear diff 19$ F103GT rear damper 17$ while tamico charges over 30€ for the F104 rear diff or over 25€ for the F103GT damper. RCMart has a lot of discounts sometimes. Making hop ups cheap. I am not into vintage or offroad. So I would not know about those parts. also t2shop.de is avery good site, I keep an eye on the used section a lot. A lot of good deals. Bought my Xray T1FK05 for 30€ there a lot of race tech like esc and motors on the cheap also. also TQ in the states is great. also hobbyking for electrics or battery’s
  6. Fabia130vRS

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    That is amazing. could you share what courier was used? I had a similar problem with DPD, they seem to be a reliable conpany, but not really in Croatia, I live in the very southern city next to Dubrovnik. DPD once had to deliver a parcel from the UK from our dear member @Jason1145, the courier, after I arrived to their warehouse, told me that he didnt know where my house number is... because numbers 18a and 18b are on the oposite street, and my number 18 is on the end of the street. So he was “confused” and did not bother with my delivery. Amazing, also he has said there wasnt a phone number and he couldnt call. in this modern time with all the gps functiona and stuff... you just have to be stupid I think. I told Jason about the problem, he canceld the delivery because the DPD courier has marked a incorrect address. I was waiting two weeks. From now on, I pay more attention to tracking numbers, as soon as I see the parcel is near me, I call the courirer or post office and even if I have to lie I do it, like “I would like to collect the parcel earlier, I am out if the house on vacation for a week later...” because on the end they will leave a note about a unsuccessfull delivery anyways and make the trip to the post office
  7. Fabia130vRS

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Shipping from RCmart
  8. Fabia130vRS

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    The guy who sold me this on ebay, said he is switching to the crawler scene. So he had no use for it, also a Durango short course truck with speed passion electrics was for sale for him for a bargain. as for today... went with my wife and kid to a playground next to our local “track”, they played with other kids and Moms, while I was tearing the rubber off the front tires on my M03. I have a few sets of M chassis tires comming, so I am not worrying to much. And as for yesterday... me and my buddy went on with his project if 1:10 lexan bodies. our first test body will be a ABplastics BMW M3 E46 with liberty walk fenders. Here is what we did yesterday. This is still a concept, we have plans for a all on 1 box or something similar, will actually try a lexan sheet by the end of the week. To see how it works. after we made that mold from the BMW, after cleaning it can be used as normal. If this works out good, we will make also a M chassis Mini Cooper and a Nissan Silvia M06. I am not a fan of home made copies from finished bodies. But I like to se a bice shiny mold, I even thought to add color to the mold and make it a sculpture for my living room. If love to see a blueish mramor looking mold of a Mini cooper
  9. Fabia130vRS

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Not sure what to look for when placing a 8T motor. But I am crazy enough to put it in my F103LM build. I like to call it in front of my wife “the sculpture”. As it is displayed on the bedroom table next to a lamp, camouflage with the diffuser towards the wall so it does not look carish in the bedroom. Not a fan of rc in inappropriate places. But I like to have an eye on it when I think what to do next in rc or where is this chassis taking me because I dont need anymore cars, reality. So just for display, all missing parts for a complete chassis except tires will be in the mail soon. It will look great on the shelf with a tble01s. saving it for something better.
  10. Fabia130vRS

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Managed to get for 30€ a TBLE01S esc and a TBLM01 8T motor. Dont have a chassis for it yet. But I love it!
  11. Fabia130vRS

    Help with Universal lengths.

    I am using M03 yeah racing universals. Pretty happy with them. And they come preinstalled, cheapish, and they got me rid of the chatter noise. On the M03 FWD
  12. Fabia130vRS

    favorite wet-weather model?

    If I my ask... what kind of carson dragster combo you have, I have the blue 10T with 3800kV. I thought about putting it in my M03 with 3racing speed gears. Whats your M class chassis you run the carso dragster combo?
  13. Fabia130vRS

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Sold my TA05. Fitted M05RA uprights to my M03. and bought a small M chassis lot. All together I would probably pay more for 1 cooper shell then for the all this together. so maybe I even get my money back on some upgrades.
  14. Fabia130vRS

    Tamiya F104W Grinding Noise

    Did you use a plastic bag to adjust the gap between spur and pinion? Thats the only way it could make grinding noise. Try to move the spur and pinion away a bit. So that they hardly touch.
  15. Fabia130vRS

    favorite wet-weather model?

    I have same thoughts... I need a car to run as a rally and waterproof rain car. My first thoughts were a TT01/02 or a DF02 or even the old TB series had those nice rain shells. I found a rain shell for my M03, I think that one will be used for rainy wheater. I used my DT01 and CW01 in rain. the CW01 ocday esc, got burned out.the dt01 still drives. (brushed)