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  1. Mounted my esc with new wires to the M03RA. I had in mind to make it look like it came from the factory like this, but I had to learn again that you cant rush something you love and desire over night after 1am. Was quite of tired and measuring twice and soldering in tight spots was not really a Gentlemans idea, but came out... lets say Ok, if considering my expirience in soldering. Has never been opened in 23years. This is a M01 body, if there is any difference to it, to me it seems yes? Like bumpers and livery overall? What is it? And I wanted to share a couple of photos of my M03 Mini body from two days ago.
  2. Mounted all tires on my xray t1fk05, will glue them next time. Front are 40R Sorex, rear Pit Shimizus 40R, with very hard inserts. Cant wait to try it, since it is summer, I think the tire choise was right. Also a nice picture of the reference sheet from Team Sorex, to be honest, both are quite sticky to the figers of your hand.
  3. Made somd cool pictures with my friends yesterday. Man, I want to buy a ducati. Yesterday I've learned its a way of living not just lifestyle More: Mini and Multistrsda https://imgur.com/gallery/1Otb85X Also after that nice day, when the night came... I played with my cars a bit... so did the Mini get a nice charge for his Nimh battery... I decided to put my 3s lipo on my FF03, and my F103GT shall have a 2s lipo. A little bit of tire changing... I tend to recycle rims and inserts. https://i.imgur.com/mj6WgAw.jpg And my M01 Mini https://i.imgur.com/oJlZKq0.jpg
  4. I have a used m03 chassis in parts, and a M05 brand new chassis in parts needs to be build. If you are interested, I could make a list of parts missing... really both are 80% complete, I think the M05 is missing only 1 parts tree and diff drive cups. The M05 has the aluminium yeah racing motor mount with the big yeah racing cooling body. And carbon reinforced aftermarket lower arms... can be cheap I also have speed gears for both.
  5. A Havent been here in a long time. Havent done much... Very busy wifh familiy and work. Also I saw the M08 came out. Will def buy one soon, and build over winter once works calms. I did complete my M03RA. And almost my F103LM For now everthing is like new. Feels like a shane to drive them. Thats why my FF03 gets driven lately the most. Its fun and already has scratches. With the Tamiya TBLE 8T it might be also my fastest RC and fav. And the rest Just hopoing for now to buy a M08. And some accesorirs for the Xray, since it will bebattempting the last racebthis season here.
  6. Stopped using Facebook 3 years ago and I am only 28 years old. best decission in my life! Regarding internet use.
  7. I have a 13,5T and 4,5T Trackstat. Havent had problema wirh it. never had anykind of problems with hobbyking stuff except a charger that died after 6months and I got a new one without even sending the old one back
  8. I own a LRP 5000mAh high discharge rate, bought new for around 60$. Very heavy Ni-Mh pack, but my M03 drives over an hour with a 80A LRP forward reverse esc and LRP 23T Runner2 motor. I also had a 3000mAh battery, but it was very old and run times of 10 or under minutes. the charging time is very frustrating for nimh! As for lipo... dont even bother with NiMh if you are not somehow sentimental attached to them. I have a Nosram 3800mAh 55/110C discharge rate and a Turningy nano-tech 6.6, so 6600mAh with 65/130C discharge rate. the 6.6 on a 10T sensorless setup is enough for 45-60minutes, depends on driving style. the 3800mAh isnt noticable weaker, but driving time is shorter, more likely 25-40minutes. Also lighter then a 6.6. Did I mention the 5000mAh LRP NiMh is ridiculous heavy, cca 420gr in the LRP 5000 and for the 6.6 we are speaking of ruff 320gr and 290gr for the Nosram 3800. Also the charger I am using is a Quantum Cube E4, abshima makes them also, available on tamico.de. that is a basic charger without any settings. But it does charge from 2-4s @ 4A. Not recomended for small capacity batteries. 25$ So the 3800mAh battery is full in less then a hour, the 6.6 takes about one and a half hour. That is from empty to full, not from storage charge to full, that would be half the time.
  9. Took out my bike and cleaned it, did not see any running for over 6month as I had a leg injury. it is a Scoot Aspect 50 I already own 7 years. hopped up with downhill sun ditch rims, the front hub is a DT Swiss rear a common shimano hub. Also Hayes MX2 mehanical brakes. Custom selected grips, seat, pedals.... rear sprocket from SRAM with more teeth... This bike is nothing special, I paid more for hop ups then the bike itself then. That is why I cant let go of it.
  10. Very retro, I like it. I took today a couple of hours. swapped my M03 black XB chassis for a silver chassis. enjoyed it very much. Also swapped in a reinforced gear diff. This Mini is my new runner shell. I now... almost.. have a M03 and M05 out of spares and cant wait to build them. The M05 will have yeah racing upgrades. Both will have speed gears. Both could be up for sale then. But not in a near future. Starting my quadcopter build should be next on priority list.
  11. Me and my driving buddy went to our man cave and had some fun. he bought a rc racing lot. A Team Associated TC6.1 with lots of parts and a 3racing setup station. I immediately brought over my cars to have a look at te setup as we did not own a station until now. very nice, must get one! also mounted a few things to my F103 like servo saver cap and new front spoiler (third one in less then 6 months)
  12. Fitted some used blue hop ups I got cheap from Australia to my M05ver2
  13. Maybe I have overseen... but what kind of setup do you run? motor esc and pinion choice? I got with mine a 45/85T combination in 48P. with a 4700kV motor. it is stupid fast
  14. Very nice. Really the best Tamiya chassis I had ever.
  15. Another blue aluminium part to complete my F103.
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