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  1. I was working for Sixt a couple of years. we had bunch of Astras, petrol, diesel, automatic, estate, hb, sedan… very comfortable cars and very low fuel consuption. but eh… did we have problems with them. Bad AC, batterys tend to die more often then on other cars. The insignia 2.2 diesel automatic has only 6 speeds. That was bad too. now the peugeot has its fingers in… the 208 and new Corsa are identical cars. Probably would not recommend. Peugeot did step up their car game. But still as you said… those 1.2 engines are a pain to drive.
  2. Next time avoid Opel and you’re good.
  3. Thanks, It looks like it could take a beating. Alu uprights etc. diff is not showing any kind of wear and all ball bearings from factory.
  4. I would like to sell this, as it is in very good condition and almost never run by me. I got this Reely in a trade. I swapped a older Laptop for this Reely roller with no electronics. I have put now new electronics inside. Gool RC 9T 4370kV motor Gool RC 60A ESC Hitec 5kg servo FlySky GT3B with RX As said it is in AS NEW condition, the person before me had the standard reely silver can inside, and 16T pinion, I guess the top speed was 20kmh. I now have a 18T Xray Pinion and it easy hits 60kmh. I gave it also a try with a 27T pinion and it stutters but on full throttle from a still stand… it does backflips. Maybe a good gift as Christmas comes. looking for 175$ + free shipping! Worldwide aluminium front uprights, aluminium oil dampers, aluminium shock towers,18T Xray Pinion, all ball bearings, traxxas front bull bar. no wear on diff or driveshafts driven 3 times as brushless only by me. not having use for it as most my cars ar shelfers, I dont drive that much lately and would like to give it a new home. Could be somebody’s first RC. make an offer, anything will work. Feel free to ask if any questions or more pictures needed.
  5. Just leave a couple of greatest cars you have, so once you go back into the hobby you dont have to buy all over: my vehiclea are all now… 5 of them.. cars that I would never sell. Because they are worth on the market less then they are to me. Second If I want to buy another it would cost 200-300$ so if I cant sell it for 200-300$ I am not taking the loss. Never go all crazy and sell of your whole collection. Leave at least the best 2-3
  6. I use super glue and baking soda. put some super glue to hold it together… then add glue layer per layer… glue, soda, glue, soda let it dry and voila. I repaired that way my plastic stand for my camera on the tripod. And it still hold.
  7. I used a gool rc 9T combo, I guess that one is rated at 5200kv or 4730 not sure. but with a 4000mAh Zippy 3s Lipo in the lunchbox battery compartment. plenty of power and endurance
  8. As amazing as it is. There is something challenging about touring cars that can only fit a 2s battery. getting 100kmh on 2s is no joke, its a struggle tbh. A car setup that goes 80kmh on 2s, will easy go 100kmh on 3s. to me there is no suprise in seeing a 6s car hiting 100kmh. That is what you are expecting when buying one.
  9. And so what?? still the chassis I have mention, are capable of that kind of speed. For us it was enough to reach 100 km/h
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