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  1. I am in Croatia, and never had problems with the post. why do people care about some made up insurance? Only to brag about? I was working in Sixt rent a car for over 6years and we once had a mail from sixt uk. How to sell to UK people. A short introduction went like this. ”The brits don’t like when you scare them off with stuff like it musnt be your fault, somebody can hit you on the parking etc… make it look like a bargain or some thing they could brag about in the pub” In my opinion insurance is a misperception of the real thing. Getting your parcel shipped.
  2. I have seen people put small sponges in between: because the balls are 4.8mm and the caps are 5mm. So you have 0.2mm of play there. have a look at this. https://www.rctalk.com/forum/threads/ball-joint-sponges-gator.113575/ the sponges are probably there to keep the dirt out. But also could reduce the slop
  3. Deans and XT60 that is on LiPo, on NiMh I use Tamiya plugs. deans and xt60 just because they are better for higher current… so I have heard.
  4. And I have another one… in the sale section or ebay whenever I see UK only… I cant really understand why this is a thing, unless we look back in history.
  5. I have never build a static kit and I built an rc from kit back in 99 when I got my first Dt01. Second kit was a M05. I am a kind of person who wants to stay budget all the time. Never go full crazy. I own a M02 with a Abarth 1000TCR repro body set. Shelfer since day 1, not interested to drive the M02 neither I want to ruin it. then a F103 converted to F104 suspension and tires… all blue bling that is out there… its a shelfer now bcause my driving buddies stopped with F1 cars. I tend to run more modern cars like the FF03 with lots of parts out there. The M02 for example gets a ride once or twice in a year.
  6. This is nonsense I cant look over. Lipo is safe as nimh if you are somewhat avarage intelligent and dont push 1C charges all the time.
  7. so the Piaggio 50 Hyper 2 Pro engine above, is clean now. almost as new. It will bi build back to original factory state with restrictions. I cleaned the oil pump, and lubed its bearings, just like RC... new bearings for the water pump also... I used the Factory shaft and impeler from Piaggio, by far the highest quality and tolerance quality. The electro starter also recieved some oil and a run in...
  8. so these are 14mm? My idea is to mod the M02 if possible, to have F104 Rubber tires and rims. I guess 3d printing is the easier way. but thanks.
  9. Bought a Piaggio Hyper 2 Pro 2T LC engine for my other project a rebuild and tuning of a SR50R Aprilia Scooter. this engine was a bargain, for 60€ It comes without carburator and exhaust… but… a Malossi Multivar 2000 is installed and the correct clutch spring setup in the rear. also electric windings and oil pump is there. I am going to give the engine a new set of crank bearings and its ready to be installed.
  10. Please post the 14mm ones. I need those to fit F1 wheels to touring car.
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