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  1. I used a gool rc 9T combo, I guess that one is rated at 5200kv or 4730 not sure. but with a 4000mAh Zippy 3s Lipo in the lunchbox battery compartment. plenty of power and endurance
  2. As amazing as it is. There is something challenging about touring cars that can only fit a 2s battery. getting 100kmh on 2s is no joke, its a struggle tbh. A car setup that goes 80kmh on 2s, will easy go 100kmh on 3s. to me there is no suprise in seeing a 6s car hiting 100kmh. That is what you are expecting when buying one.
  3. And so what?? still the chassis I have mention, are capable of that kind of speed. For us it was enough to reach 100 km/h
  4. Also you can use touring car wheels on that body and get a much greater grip and over all handling
  5. To me it sound like torque steer. seting up the car geometry is badword of important. Also balnce weight. but probably torque steer and bad geometry with a loose diff (standard grease or too little) if you just have build it… take you time to adjust and measure things. if you dampers are soft that can also be a reason on smoothe surface I prefer harder springs. and in general I like to gear high my cars since I run brushless. So with little throttle I can drive it easy bust fast. I own a M05ver2. also… remove slop on steering and lower arms
  6. I have a small flat screw driver… same as on the picture from Unior. Thats usually enough for taking it apart. With nose pliers when putting it back, I use a workbench vice and a small hammer with this small screw driver. but of corse the often you bend the pronge it could get weak, but never move the pronge more then necessary. Just enought to get the end bell loose
  7. Could be a one and only case. I have managed to open all such cans and close them again. I know it could be difficult but never had such problems on 5-6 motors.
  8. All of them can be opened. for a quick clean, you can use automotiv Brake Cleaner spray… Or open it up and rebuild it.
  9. I use 20 on brushless. With 35 speed gears. maybe go rather with 18 on brushed?
  10. 416 and FF03 are also Tamiya. I am just saying… it takes a loT of effort to make the tt02 speed run ready. any pro TC from Tamiya would be a mich greater starting point. but I like the idea… had same thoughts. for me, I am using the FF03 for speed runs, havent done a lot to it lately. Still at 103km/h
  11. Who ever said a TT02 is a good chassis for speed runa probably never had a professional touring car. I guess you would be better off with a 416 or Xray T4 then anything else. I am using a FF03 and got to 103km/h, my buddy with a AE TC6.1 got 113km/h much easier.
  12. Probably because the M05 and M06 are more versatile chassis then the M07/M08… also the wheelbase is on the M07 limited to 2 settings
  13. It would all get taxed. Offtopic but since UK left EU… it triggers my tax offense easy
  14. To be honest… I want them ONLY to be made in Japan. God forbid they start producing in lets say… UK.
  15. Tamiya, robinson, xray, yokomo best brands. Not a fan of yeah racing stuff
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