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  1. I will recommend what I never had and It is high up in my wishlist. a so called Pre-Runner truck. Been really dragged to them lately over social media like instagram. These trucks look really great and perform outstanding. I had my eyes on the Kyosho Outlaw Pro... or the normal Outlaw but its body is different. https://tamico.de/Kyosho-Outlaw-Rampage-1-10-2WD-Truck-white-RTR the cheaper version. https://tamico.de/Kyosho-Outlaw-Rampage-Pro-1-10-RTR-Red more expensive version. a video of the pro I looked up the chassis on google and its design is really nice just a thought... but any Trophy Truck / Short Course Truck / Stadium Truck will be amazing fun. dont know about Tamiya... I guess the XV01T chassis could be someting...
  2. So electrics arrived. 30A esc and 8200kv 2430 motor. perfect fit into the standard motor cass, just with little modifications like opening a hole for the wires to come out at the end as the location of wires is different. Also had to make the wires longer to take of the stress from them as the wires originally were a tiny bit too short. Using some old silicone tubing to test fit the water cooling line position. This is the end result so far. just waiting now on the resto bits for water pick up and new silicone tubing.
  3. I domt think a fan is really necessary. But any “turbo fan” depending on size either 30x30 or 25x25 will work. I would do this... buy the cheapest motor available and try it. I sold my Tamiya TBLM01 8T motor for 120$ and bought this https://www.ebay.com/itm/233825784873 should be fine.
  4. The first sensorless tamiya TBLM series is like Carson Dragstar motors. The 10T carson I have has the same identical esc as the tble01. Just rebranded. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/45039brushless/index.htm I had the original TBLM01 8T that was only in a RTR available and seperate from Carson. tamiya has made only 10, 12 15 16 17 18T motora I guess in these series available seperate. Interesting to me is Tamiya does not mention the TBLE being 3s compatible. But I did run the 8T Tamiya combo without issues on 3s. Without setting the battery type. While the carson needs to be set up for 2s lipo 3s lipo or nimh. the blue and black cans are identical so are the esc’s between those two. Carson goes for about 120€ while tamiya brings the price up to 200€ For the first sensorless TBLE&TBLM 01 series
  5. A lot faster. Its like from out of space compared to brushed motors even when using Nimh batteries
  6. Sorry for bumping this again. but I would like to also swap this for a Buggy from the Tamiya Range. Let me know if you have anything. Thank you.
  7. looking at these pictures brings me so back to the 90s and you cant tell by anything it is not as a kid always wanted to have one
  8. I had intentions on buying the Pheonix Buggy, quite similar to the truck. I think its a good chassis over all. basically a B4 clone. I am keen to hear your thoughts on the differential and gears..
  9. Progress so far. one water pick up installed and drilled holes for the other pick up. Also two holes where the tubing will go inside. pretty much still waiting on everything. Esc, motor, 1 more water pick up and two outlets. With silicone tubing. Confident about it.
  10. It comes now with these two body options. both bodies used, but fit the M05RA.
  11. don't you think this has potential? like switching A and C wires to turn the motor rotation? I think it looks close enough to a Porsche.
  12. Yeah, It kind of is unreal to look at. Like how is this possible? But I had imagined a FF03 turned around, looks more like onroad/buggy DT02...
  13. I am looking at this add on ebay. and I am thinking its a shame the front uprights arent replaced and driven RWD... any thoughts? https://www.ebay.de/itm/Tamiya-Porsche-934-RSR-Turbo-Vaillant-FF03-Pro-Chassis-Rare-Vintage-1-10-2WD/384073398236?hash=item596c8ef7dc:g:YqgAAOSw10VgZg43
  14. Half way there. https://youtube.com/shorts/tfV3gVlP758
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