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  1. I dont know how this could happen, we have tried speed runs with F103s on f1 wheels, 3s 13T witht a FDR of 1,68... and nothing happend, and you go just out there with a brushed motor and 2s and BANG ahah cant believe it. it happens to be I have the same LRP GT2 motor.
  2. I have got some racing Hitec servos for my 1/5 H.A.R.M, since the 1/5 is on sale without electronics, the 25kg servos, at keast one of them found its place in my T1FK05, amazing steering response with a sanwa transmitter. it has a full aluminium housing 25kg and 0.17 response on 6V. Dont know the part number at the moment.
  3. Could be bearings for the rear differential and front wheels of a F103 https://i.imgur.com/A7ynUSw.png
  4. I have a DT01 Fighter Buggy Figure, the torso is painted in black and the helmet in silver, face wasnt painted.
  5. I always like to avoid flysky, frustrates me for no reason. never had any problems on my sanwa regarding servos or magnets. While flysky sometimes feels like toygrade
  6. You could find somebody to manufacture new longer shafts for jazrider uprights. or swap to F103GT front end and seek for longer shafts or make them. Or other hexes? my f103lm can not accept front wheels with hexes only the regular f1 wheels.
  7. Price may be adjusted. to expand the offer, a Zenoah 26ccm engine will be included with carburator and exhaust flange. the Zenoah 26ccm needs a new piston ring as it is disassembled and would be a shame to be put together with the old piston ring. The crankcase has new crank bearings and carburator is cleaned. the exhaust flange is from a Samba, will fit FG exhausts and zenoah exhausts. price 450€
  8. Standard size rims work with 60D and 55D tires. Basically the rims are the same across the m chassis, just the tires have different heights.
  9. Try to seek mirror tape. I use it over two years now, it is used to fit mirros on walls, you have it for outdoor and indoor use. I always use the indoor tape for bathrooms. Holds up to 60kg and it is weather resistent. the manufaturer here in east europe is Tesa.
  10. I also have these, on my M05ver2 but with 54000 50mm shocks and its a onroad car. 55mm diameter but really great grip. part number Tamiya 50568 also the pit shimizu slicks are great rubbers but also 55mm, so the clearence is slightly lower
  11. Any chance to seperate the bumpers and mirrors from the M01 mini body set, maybe a silly question, but that is what I am looking for, for a while now. Grill isnot needed
  12. At the moment Tamiya Type A slicks. 60mm diameter. But Tamiya 51427 Rally tires would be a good choice.
  13. I have done a RA upgrade on my M03, this is the ride height I have at the moment. Shocks are from touring car size 55mm and RA hubs. Could go for more clearance but the drive cups are already on their limit. definately some offroad tires are required for less wheel spin
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