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  1. I am keen to know what kind of car you drive? my FF03 has sometimes a 3s 1300mAh batterie in it. First of all, totally wrong size. Second rhe extra weight helps better traction. Third, two full throttle runs on a brushless 8T and its half empty. so I dont understand why use a small lipo when I can use a normal size lipo with just about 300gr and run the car for a hour and more. because thats what I do, I drive the car as long as it can wirh my buddy or alone. And I dont want to change batteries often. no offens but I dont agree with you at that point.
  2. I have the previous version, a MX-V. Great entry radio, would not recommend for RC racing but more then a great radio for hobby.
  3. What you see on tamico.de is a good point to learn. basically any mAh and C rating will work. but for 120A escs ypu need to match the components. Like high C battery and and whats the motor peak W
  4. Same here. Used them over ebay. Couple of times went all good, but I did not get anything for couple of months. Contacted them and they replied they are out of stock. When I said it was in stock when orderd they said its a mistake and they did not have it at thaz time. I got my money back after leving a bad review and contacting them through ebay and email I got from my paypal transactions. very bad
  5. Last parts for my M05... and this really nice camera for my fpv racer drone. It actually has a gopro sized 2.1 lens on it. A tiny box for whats inside expirience of opening this box can be compared to a new iPhone
  6. Finished the chassis build of my spare parts M05. tried a M01 body, looks nice but sits tight
  7. Of you dont mind, this is my new phone wallpaper where was thos taken? Looks kinda new york
  8. I tried the M01 Mini body on the M05RA and it looks so good. But really tight fit, I could trim it a little bit. It just took its spot on the shelf. the idea is to redoo some stickers on this body and polis it a bit and get a M01. Would not mind to keep it on the M05 RA... if it works put. the rear tires stick out a bit, the rear toe angle is now at 1.5 or 2 ? I believe with 0 toe it could fit better.
  9. So the last two days I was aware my last M05 chassis parts are arriving. So I started preping everything and taking the chassis apart, as per manual source all necessary screws and it was tight... but I have them all. the differential is ball raced, except 1 850 bearing, there is a bushing. Will work fine but I will keep it in mind once I get that bearing to take apart and inspect lube everything. 8 1150 bearings would be necessary for the wheel hubs, but I hope it will benefit from bushings in offroad. rails mounted to the front Dropped that rear suspension plate in and screwed everything up. Finally... And here it is finished. I made video of suspension travel and the other video is of the run in, I left the motor running on a 2s battery on minimum throttle inout for 30secs, put some oil bearing on the shaft and ran it again 30sec. edit: now with sound no scratches, never run carbon reinforced arms. RA uprights The car has Tamiya oil plastic dampers of a TL01 so they are 55mm instead of m chassis 50mm. also the tires now are 55mm so that seems kinda low. In my wishlist I have the rally block tires. here it is compared to my M05 ver2 with touring tires So my plans further are... I have 2 NiMh batteries in the mail, 2x Ansmann 2300mAh 6 cell and a 1A NiMh charger for them. next I still need rear body mounts. and I need the RA mudguards. stay tuned
  10. Check the videos I added to the last post. Quite some time had gone into the F103 obsession leaving me with a F103/104 coversion so cant really decide what I have. I wanted it to look like a F3 car
  11. I run my esc, also without the fan, same model as yours, with slightly boosted esc settings. Without the fan very good. I extended the wires and moved the fan back to the motor mount. here is a video 2 years ago fresh build!! Different gearing tho, took some time to find the correct spur. (Now 80T 64P and 35T pinion.) it could eventually fit a 64P 72T spur if the diff plates are shortened in diameter for 2mm and exotex diff parts used. The MST 2.0 LSD gyro was a perfect fit with the sanwa reciever just behind the servo. I love how neat it looks shiny new. Lots of scratches now since its was my only rc back then and a hardcore runner. F1 bashing 2 enormous hard crashes and 3 broken spoilers in 2 years. The first big crash was on a speed run hitting 92kmh and crashing due to diff coming off. A complete F104 rear diff with axle and tires lost!!!! 50โ‚ฌ damage there if not more. second crash was a broken spoiler and motor mount. Bought the rear section completely twice including diffs. This is now from the last postal race I attempt, bad weather here constantly and only having dry weather cars. and this here is a build from a friend. F104 ver2 rear motor mounts on a normal F103. the ver2 mounts fit but two holes need to be drilled. Since its shorter. Also the t bar needs to be dremeld a bit.
  12. Not trying to offend, but as a kid I always got beaten by the GT40 on granturismo 4. I did not like the car then when I was younger... and being beaten by it so many times on the game I judt hated it more and more. but its like the cars hunts me, ford has made so many models in tribute to the GT40 that I believe its is for life like this. i have actually driven the multipla... and erm... yea...
  13. FF03 definitely also i will have s m05ra for sale later today
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