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  1. I speak German very well, I communicate the sale with the seller per inbox on the site and pay with paypal. High risk, but in general I never had problems, please take this in consideration, not sure if you can use the site buyer protection features in NZ. edit: most people have no idea how much shipping cost to your specific country are. I do my own research and let them know about possible solutions. Sometimes it doesn't lead to an agreement.
  2. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/tamiya-tb-05-pro-4wd-1-10-elektro-chassis-58658-neu-/2297423222-249-6232 Hey, I have been looting this German site ebay-kleineinzeigen. Found a lot of great stuff for respectful, reasonable prices. Not sure what item location you prefer, but this might be worth a look.
  3. Have you tried rubber bands to hold the tires in place? I like to use them, not sure if it makes really a difference
  4. I always like to mention to my RC friends how folks on TamiyaClub have rooms full of cars. This is what I meant...
  5. I installed the Yokomo DMS Servo i got today, it's a 6k metal gear servo with a direct mount to chassis. I love it! I bought this car used but in great condition, I looked up what this all was worth new, and got little to say surprised. GBP 554,00 for a chassis kit and servo? no body motor esc etc... I wasn't really aware of this
  6. For my Yokomo BD7 2015, an DMS servo. This is the best deal I have made recently., bought as used with original box for 4x less than new.
  7. Let's call it 'Ground Station version 1.1.2' My first conclusion was totally wrong, and I am surprised I came up with such a idea at first. The wires were wrong and the monitor doesn't support Audio. But the best part is yet to come. This is the correct setup, just followed instructions of an Aliexpress add, for 7 inch TFT monitor, it is a monitor used for truckers and car enthusiasts for parking or surveillance. No Audio, just AV1 (camera 1) and AV2 (camera 2), the green wire is signal for switching from AV1 to AV2 when you engage reverse gear. I have, in the meantime while building this, ordered a RC832 5.8GHz RX to replace the RC305 I currently own. The RC832 is a 40ch receiver with display for Frequency and Channel, while switching in between frequencies and channels is done via two buttons on the RC832, the RC305 uses rocker switches and is a 8ch RX. I also have learned that on both RX's the AV1 and AV2 outputs mean separated video and audio. See picture. This is the best part of this story, because I have three camera setup's with VTX and microphone, this means I could have on 3 of my RC cars a camera with mic to see and listen while driving, Can't be a bad thing tho. Especially on speed runs, to see the road in front of the car far in distance. I also see this idea good for Crawler short videos and fun. I have added a 5-6 mm thick sponge layer on the bottom of the case. The RC832 is ''secured'' with the male part of Velcro tape, it snugs into the sponge and can be easily removed. I am using an antenna wire to extend the length of the antenna to RX distance, might make a holder for the antenna, the wire is so long that the top end of the antenna wire is just about 1 cm longer than the case, but the antenna itself has about 5-6 cm length. Far away enough to mount it away from the electronics, also I could remove the RC83 easily out of the case and considering wire length, place the receiver about 3-4 cm out of the case, which would extend the antenna to RX/Case for about 15-19 cm.
  8. Had some progress on the Ground Station. I did cut out the sponge where the bits were sitting in, used only edges that are shaped to fit nicely into the corners. Ont he right of the monitor I had put a row of the bit seats, to add a softer sponge effect. Makes sense when I push the monitor in... right side first, I have to push the bit seats on the right first before I insert the left side into the sponges to get a nice and snug fit. Two small 2 cm Velcro tapes hold the monitor. So I could always remove if I want to take it out. I did re-solder the AV cable, added audio input. Picture before below (did add a 3,5mm connector to external audio output, speaker, but a true mess of wires) Had to make a Y lead with 12V switch to power the RX and Monitor of the same battery and to turn it on and off. It works and looks nice so far, still a lot of work to do, like drilling a hole for the RX to have the antenna sticking out. https://imgur.com/JxeWCn3 a video
  9. I have been thinking lately due to a lot of stripped bolts, I need new tools. I had a Lux Tools kit the last 5-6 years, but the frequent tools are pretty worn out. Wanted to order new tools for RC cars but went today to the hardware store and found my same tool kit on discount for €15.99 and bought it. now I have two tool boxes, will dedicate the old tools box and make a FPV ground station out of the old tool box. perfect size for the monitor.
  10. I want to add also a disclaimer. This approach I am trying is rather not to be just copied. In my opinion, this only makes sense if there is enough power to push this gearing, not to overheat the motor and kill performance. This attempt could easily fail and damage components. This approach sounds like over gear it and just keep adding power until you are there. I am mainly using such gearing because our speed run place is downhill about 6% and long straight afterward. Here are a few videos of me filming my friends' car. Where you could see the area. https://imgur.com/ArIijlo
  11. I am sorry to update all the time in this thread. But my latest conclusion was, this FTX actually became somehow my son's first RC car. He today drove it more than me officially. He also drove my friend's TRX4 and likes it more as stated. But that is what RC is about, hope he will when a bit older want to upgrade it. I will be getting a TRX4 at some point for sure, it is amazing how quiet and well everything runs, very durable as you folks said. FTX Hi Rock wise, I enjoy it, definitely something new and really capable. But I guess flaws show up with time, and the gearbox is really loud compared to a TRX4. The tire and rim upgrade will add about 400gr just on the wheels. Should tip over less easily. With a more precise esc also. We had a drive today, I think I will upgrade the rims that should arrive this week and some tires that grip better on rocks rather than mud. Stock tires are fine but if there is something more gripper out there I would like to have it. Brushed ESC upgrade is imminent. Even a TRX4 ESC + 21T motor combo would be nice. Saw some used cheapos.
  12. Add high gearing, I think some other cover for the spur gear would be necessary. TT02KR uses only a small carbon plate to keep the spur and bearing in place. Which alows then to use for example - 50T pinion and 56Spur (just example, but the spur cover will not let you fit oversize pinions) I like this guy. He mentions not to overgear. But I did overgear, and will try to work my way around this gearing to get it to work like this. On 3s it is very promising while on 2s you can’t drive it. Get out all the slop in suspension, I run super hard spring in front (because FF, all the weight is in front) hard springs in the rear but might need to switch to medium hard in rear. I have now ordered a LRP X11 3800kv 10,5T motor to replace the muchmore 3200kv 13,5T. Will see how that works.
  13. Mine did not work. I bought a LRP Spin I should have bought the first time. Up to 4s https://imgur.com/a/VM5RB7I @RC_FunLand try to search the forum tt02 speed run. but basically get the tt02 speed gear spur mount and aluminium speed motor mount. I think yeah racing makes them. Start from there Busy this weekend but from monday I could write my thoughts on speed runs and different approaches
  14. Tried it today... on 2S it is not usable. Immediately after two runs up and down the streets, the motor shuts down due to low voltage. On 3S it is much happier... and drivable.
  15. Yes, with high gearing I am going lower in turns. I guess the 3200kv motor is too nervous for such high gearing. I can not get it to roll out. Its like hitting 50mph but it still is not at it max rpm. Will need to play with motor and battery afterwards. I guess a 2500-2800kv motor on 4s would do it.
  16. Installed today on my FF03 a new pinion. Getting somewhere with the speed runs. The day before, I managed to install Windows 7 in an old laptop, to flash the Speed Passion Reventon R to a Crawler firmware. The Reventon R came used with a 6.5 Speed Passion motor flashed with the Drift firmware. For me on my sanwa it did not work, I haven't got time to test it yet with the crawler software, but something tells me I will have no luck. The motor might be damaged? The ESC does definitely shows signs of life.
  17. I was a bit disappointed with my current setup. In 2018, I had a Tamiya TBLE01 ESC and a TBLM01 8T Motor (cca 5500kv) with a 64T 48P Spur and a 35T 48P pinion. Managed to achieve 103 kph on 3s (3s quad copter 1300mAh 55-90C, rather small, bottleneck) Now I had an LRP Spin 100A ESC and MuchMore FletaZX 13,5T motor (cca 3200kV) and 72T 64P Spur and a 60T 64P pinion, on the same 3S battery, achieving 83kmh only. New conclusion and project road map is... 72T 64P Spur and 71T 64P pinion (still room for 73T - 75T pinion) 72 / 71 = 1,014 + 2,60 (FF03 Internal ratio) = 3,614 FDR Also, I did not know before, the LRP X12 motor series is compatible with 4S, I might push in the future a 17,5T LRP motor on 4s... both ESC and motor are / or will be compatible. (would my muchmore 13,5T 3200kv work on 4S?) Pictures of the new pinion. Such a beauty. 60T 64P vs 71T 64P Also, I ditched the rubber rain tires from LRP Dunlop for these used foams. I did a speed run, speed is lower because of diameter of tires. But the grip is incredible.
  18. I love to see so much spending power in this community. Small order before season from overseas. Amainhobbies provided these special pinion gears I could not really find in EU. A CRC Gold Standard 71T pinion for my FF03 speed run missile. And a 2 mm shaft Losi pinion for my S18 Buggy from LRP. With a 380 motor, 2 mm shaft.
  19. Combined with a 10'' notebook to take with me to the trails to play with settings, as with the crawler firmware you can't use the program card anymore. I love it !
  20. So... I came to a conclusion... I tried to connect the program card to my daily laptop I use, it is running Windows 10 pro. I couldn't get the UART USB driver to install on win10. I figured it is because in the Reventon R manual it clearly says Windows 7, XP / Vista So I digged out my old Acer Aspire One ZG8 that I upgraded to max spec and had a Linux distro on it. But managed to find a clean Windows 7 Enterprise licensed copy and installed that instead of the Linux. And voilà! Who would know it bloddy works. The program itself has all the firmware's with it. First picture when I first connected it (it had a DRIFT firmware) Top right corner you can see the temperature of the ESC Crawler Firmware uploading (selected from a menu with lots of firmware's)
  21. I used this servo little in my F103 and M05. It is good, definitely something for shelf queen or occasional driving. Fast and does the job, but far from competition racing, for drifting it is plenty. Always maintained lubed the gears and never hit anything. 25T horn. Short wire 7,50€ + shipping UK, EU, USA, JP Features: • Aluminum heat sink • Short profile for better fitting • Nylon gears • Quality motor • Real ball bearings • Universal installation Specs: Weight: 39g Size: 41mmx20.1mmx28.9mm Torque: 3.5kg.cm (4.8V) - 4.5kg.cm (6.0V) Speed: 0.12Sec/60deg (4.8V) - 0.10Sec/60deg (6.0V) Voltage: 4.8-6.0v Type: Standard Gear Train: Nylon Gear Type: Digital Motor: Brushed Spline Count: 25T Ball Bearing: Yes Lead Length: 270mm Plug: JR
  22. As mentioned in title. Wires were lengthened, is used but in excellent working condition. I got this with a Yokomo BD7 2014 and do not need it. 12€ + shipping (I could not find the new price, but I guess these go for such amount, please send offers) UK, EU, USA, JP Please send a PM if interested
  23. For sale is this mentioned part. To be honest, I know this part is not a Tamiya part (or at least I am not aware of such Hop-Up part), I am pretty sure it comes either from a Japanese brand like Square or either GPM. New without package, never used. I never owned a M06, I got this with a Mchassis parts lot of ebay. I don't need it. 14€ + shipping UK, EU, USA, JP Please send PM if interested, I accept PayPal and Crypto
  24. LRP Spin is a great esc. 100A 2S-4S around 50€ motor any you could find I guess around 10,5T?
  25. My friend brought by a brushed combo, the motor is a Reedy Conquest. The rotor burned through on 3s. I installed a Tamiya 27T Johnson rotor and replaced the brushes. Also did a run in. As new. Clean, oiled up and run in. https://imgur.com/dTQlOxe
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