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  1. Installed a DS1015 servo into my Yokomo BD7 2015, to replac the terribly slow Trackstar 303. Also,changed some settings of the ESC. Running total 30 deg timing on can and 25 deg timing in turbo and boost. https://imgur.com/Uf91HHw
  2. If u ask me. I would put it in a RM01. I was thinking of buying one for my 1:18 LRP S18 Buggy
  3. yes, you can. As said. I for example use on my F103 a complete front and rear F104 axle
  4. Got a reply from EuroRC. They do not have a spare kit to send me the part. But they will send me the aluminum upgrade part. Problem solved.
  5. Having fun. Yesterday I moved the rear shocks 1 hole down and 1 hole towards center of chassis and front dampers 1 hole down. should bring the bumpers up higher front and rear + rear shocks towards center for more rear articulation. not sure if I need here stiffer springs or not was thinking of doin a pencil spring mode not sure what to expect from it
  6. The FTX arrived. honestly, great car. Quality of plastics seems rather mediocre. I drove my friends TRX4 these days and am kind of used to get over anything and spoiled, first run on the FTX was ok, went the normal trail way we drove with the TRX…. I am still getting used to the crappy esc that comes with the FTX, throttle response may be altered with TH trim and TH D/R. But main thing was… it came broken out of the box. This front axle link that mounts onto the left rail… broke a plastic, I already fixed it and found spare aluminum ones. used cement and soda bicarbonate to form a thicker layer. The part where it broke is literally 3mm thin. Crazy thin taking in consideration what this link does. Now it more like 6-7mm thick Bad light on this picutre. But it is the fixed car with fron bumper moved inwards at max and rear bumper just one slot inwards. Places the battery tray in the middle. I thought for a moment wow this sucks broken out of the box what to expect. But it runs great I love it. My 5yr old son also drove, he rarely gets to drive my cars as they are too fast and we end up braking stuff. He drove this for some time today and loved it. That is important, I am super happy he likes it and with low top speed and TH D/R it is just perfect for children to learn. I am sure with a few mods this chassis is really capable
  7. I need to stop buying cheap bargains last month I bought a Yokomo BD7 2015 roller chassis for 95€ in great condition. this month I found this gem for 130€ shipped. Yokomo BD7 2014 Arrived today. I think this is a good deal compared to how much stuff I got here I don’t even race 😅
  8. https://www.radiocontrolinfo.com/information/rc-calculators/rc-car-calculator/ (brushless) Using this one a lot of times. works good
  9. I see, well it is what it is then. You are sure the crawler mode is firmware not one of the few drive modes? Did you manage to connect it to the PC? does the software include firmware or is it in an additional folder? I saw these came with PC CD with the program on it and cable etc... Mine has the box and the cable but there is no CD visible. Would be nice if it was inside the box
  10. https://site.petitrc.com/reglages/speedpassion/reventon/ReventonPro_InstallMuchMoreSoftware/eng/ This is interesting and I hope it helps. Fleta 4 ESC?
  11. The V2 motor mount is a bit different designed to move the weight more to the rear.
  12. In my recent case, I was buying of ebay kleineinzeigen, there is no buyer protection at all. I want blindly to pay money to a man to ship me his car, but he refuses. We are both in EU and no customs. It is a Mugen Seiki MTC1 for 120€ shipped inside Germany. it costs only 10€ more to ship to me here down in Croatia. I am German myself and I even had a nice politely approach etc... https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/mugen-mtc1/2350154517-249-2651 I hope somebody else gets it, I can't watch it anymore. And already bought something else... I guess this is the best answer that suits my case. The person just don't want to for whatsoever reason. But that is wrong, we must keep helping people and do good only everyday. I literally would have paid the man paypal F&F just to ship it.
  13. My friend has received his brand new Traxxas TRX 4 Defender. My first impressions, WOW. What an amazing vehicle. The electronic functions it holds on the transmitter is insane. Cruise control? It behaves like a real car, when you increase speed and release the throttle it goes back to the SET speed. Wow, you tap the brake, cruise control is off. Two speed gears are great, help at ruff terrains and makes everything looks easy, second speed is used while normal driving. Locking diffs, switch in three positions, unlocked diffs, front locked and all locked. Just amazing, removing the rear spare wheel improved performance in all aspects. A video (me driving his TRX he is filming, great spot we found, his yard) (let me know if link not working will fix it) https://i.imgur.com/WAV55A2.mp4 I hope I won't be too much disappointed with my FTX which looks like a toy compared to this. Still, I am keen to take it on. First mods for my FTX will be to move the battery tray to the front, like in the Element kit. Both the FTX and TRX are 550 motor driven cars. I might go brushless and have already ordered the metal rims 93gr per piece.
  14. Oh that is a petty. I bought a Yokomo BD7 2014 with the speed passion reventon R and the speed passion 6.5T motor, with program card as on picture. They come with open box everything. Picture of what's comming My plan is either to get the ESC to work for my crawler or switch this setup to my Yokomo BD7 2015. Sell the BD7 2014 and buy a motor for the crawler if it works out, if not I got the speed passion very cheap. I haven't researched anything yet as I do not have it in front yet. I guess the firmware could be sourced, I saw the whole company seems dead. I am sure back in 2018 I was reading a lot of recommendations on here to get these Reventon's, they are supposed to be good. I found out just later they were 40A and 70A ESC models. Mine is the R and 70A, would be a nice upgrade for my new bought crawler.
  15. Hi, I recently bought a good deal RC touring car, it came with a 'Speed Passion Reventon R' 70A ESC and 6.5T brushless motor. I have seen in the manual it does have some kind of crawler mode/firmware... Did somebody try it, maybe? What motor should I get with this? I would guess something like a 1800kV or similar... My smallest kV count I have is a 13,5T 2450kV would that make sense? In general, how is the Reventon R in crawler mode performing? My guess would be good but would like to hear first-hand thoughts if there are some
  17. Buyer pays cost whatsoever, in my case it really is only 14,99 eur Definitely pro-racism behavior It sure isn't solidarity that knows no borders either
  18. Now I am being specific about Ebay Kleineinzeigen Germany, it is like a franchise of ebay. But yes, also UK. I won another day a private listing of an LRP Sphere TC esc for 22GBP, me ready to pay for full shipping and custom duties... but no... no international one. This time I found a Mugen Seiki MTC1 from germany for 120€ with shipping inside germany, I was offering more to cover the additional cost of shipping... but no... It is nothing personal, just so freaking frustrated...
  19. Mostly buying from Germany. Shipping tracked is 14,99 with DHL. People just don’t want to I guess
  20. I have seen strange behavior of sellers online. to that point that I am really annoyed with it and find it sort of racist. a lot of people selling bargains and they only ship for example only UK or only Germany… I don't really understand the point here??
  21. I have bought a M05 new for around 60€ and invested in all upgrades to make it a M05ver2 with an Abarth Berlina Corse body. Total Cost close to 200€ with 54000 dampers. I love the kit! Definitely something I will never sell
  22. I honestly just found out this FTX brand sells basically rebranded Chinese trucks going under RGT and some other brand in the UK. I thought good that I ordered on a Friday afternoon, wanted to cancel the order and replace it for a Sendero Element 20€ cheaper. TBH this video changed my mind. Kevin Talbot has an RGT in review with the sendero. Its fine I guess
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