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  1. I had this Gool RC combo 9T in my lunchbox. With 3s and 19T pinion instead of the 11T pinion. They are good, it does what a motor is supposed to. They are not really waterproof thats it. My esc caught water in rain conditions, water running down the battery cable and burned. The thing about this budget combos is, the gool rc is a smaller rotor, basically a 380 rotor in a 540 can. Something like that. But honestly, it does the job without issues. Plug and drive, the cheapest is the best. As for the battery, I don't know where you are from, but any hardcase 2S is in my opinion safer then the soft case (no case) lipo's
  2. Oh wow, it really looks small I like the yellow color. I will post my thoughts when it arrives. Have seen only good comments price / quality wise.
  3. https://tamico.de/Carson-LiPo-Akku-2S-74V-4200mAh-60C-Race-T-Stecker https://www.ebay.com/itm/266026306524?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=P9Jgb5yvTVW&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=tdvw9b6xte-&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY I again will say. Yes you can!
  4. The combo you showed will work perfectly. as I said, you can have everything just try to make the transition to lipo. a 2s 5000mAh will run this goolRC combo for more then 45min I am pretty sure. it is mostly up to gearing, with adequate gearing you can manage to have better longer runtime
  5. 4 buttons for menu navigation, up down left right yes it has st trim, th trim and aux trim didnt notice it does not have short cut trims
  6. It is intended for my son, so smaller size is good. my Sanwa has also 4 buttons and a display. Find it easier than a flysky with the turning knob, that is a hassle.
  7. What world, I send stuff across the world up to 5kg for 50€ max. I would not speak if I had no clue. where do you @donut_v2 live? New Zealand? Australia? me from Europe sending a parcel to new Zealand insured for 700€ value is about 66€
  8. Hi community, Did maybe some of the fellow members here buy such a radio? It is similar to the Carson Reflex Wheel, just with a lcd and memory. I find it tbh cost/function ratio wise a good buy. Most of the modern features that a radio should have: (see picture)
  9. I used a LRP 5000mAh NiMH in a lunchbox, it had a brushless 4300k motor and the 19T hornet pinion. Here I noticed the biggest difference, what a monster the car was on 3s 4000mAh (that is the same usual battery size) vs the heavy 5000mAh NiMH (because of the weight and output, it would hardly lift the front wheels after the battery voltage drops) So basically switching to lipo will eventually open you also the door to 3s 11.1V. Not sure how brushed setups will handle it... but yes it is an individual thing to personal preferences. But people make it sound like it's something illegal. I just don't see a point here unless it is year correct and requests NiMH. Don't mind me here...
  10. how long do you charge these 1400-2000-2400mAh nimhs? is it worth it? and how many do you have in use? I guess all that could be replaced with 2 mid size'd lipos. Charged in less than an hour.
  11. I really would engage everybody to switch to lipo, who has at least some experience in this hobby. Often there is so much negativity about li-po that is unreal. hardcase li-po batteries of known manufacturers and in-region sellers (EU, UK, USA etc) knowledge of li-po ratings and ESC / Motors specifications basic knowledge of charging batteries (don't let your charger exceed over 1C charge ratings for example 4A = 4000mAh) lipo alarm I admit I was a bit annoyed and yes it is destructive, sorry for that, lynch me. idiot proof charger (expensive combo): https://tamico.de/Spektrum-Ladegeraet-LiPo-Smart-PowerStage-Bundle-2S up to 5A (any battery above, 5000mAh will be safe) mostly other chargers are low as 1.5A or 2A (any battery above1500mAh - 1.5A / 2000mAh - 2A is safe) I have a Quanum E4 Cube 4A smart charger and imax B6 for low capacity 2s lipos and nimhs. My batteries are from 2500mAh to 5500mAh 2s-3s. lipo alarm (in case esc does not have low voltage cut-off): https://www.ebay.com/itm/254625136230 For me, it's really not that hard and dangerous. I wouldn't advise children and inexperienced ones.
  12. Take my apologies if it came across harsh. But I am reading the comments about Li-Po and it’s like a bunch of girls complaining about how dangerous something is. made me wonder… I would like to hear your pro’s on NiMh batteries
  13. Shipping is totally overpriced and should be sanctioned by the Moderator/Admin team tbh
  14. It’s not about quicker, but weight and duration + consistency I only would understand you are not interested in lipo tech, if you say you are 60+ years old. Elderly people tend to have difficulties to adapt to new technologies otherwise I would think you are inexperienced and ignorant to something superior also I understand fear of the unknown, don’t be afraid anon. I sleep literally next to my batteries and some of them are puffed
  15. In 2023 if you are still using nimh. You are missing out big.
  16. I am def sure the M05 is superior to the M03 in terms of grip
  17. I have build a M05 and upgraded it to a M05ver2 with some other hop ups, so it can take lipos. I also have a M02 and had a M05-RA.
  18. Installed the motor and pinion, nicely surprised, there is plenty of room for a bigger pinion like maybe... 65T The chassis at the moment ARTR
  19. Installed the motor today, despite not having the ESC yet. Nice fit, with a 72T Spur there is plenty of room for a bigger pinion. Currently, 60T
  20. Thank you, this is very helpful. But wow, IF I really needed this ESC I would probably never find it. This is really a needle in a haystack. chances of findind a motor for this esc are probably 1:10000
  21. Hi! Could somebody try to explain this? I bought a used ESC, a Carson Dragster XXS Plus 70A, it was sold in a Carson RTR vehicle with a 12T motor, should support 2s and 3s. When everything is connected it goes, after calibrating, into thermal shut-down. The motor stutters and gets warm, while the ESC gets untouchable hot. Also, the ESC has a sensor wire soldered onto the board, but only 5 wires? I have never seen something like this, looks to me like somebody played with solder ?
  22. Unfortunately, this ESC I bought used of ebay kleineinzeigen is garbage. Not sure what happened here. But ESC does have signs of life, but when everything is connected and calibrated the ESC spins the motor super slow without reverse and lots of vibrations after 30sec it goes into thermal shut down. The seller said he never opened it and would never sell such an item. What a lie! SO I ordered a brand-new ESC, the 80250# LRP Spin Super, a 100A sensored brushless ESC compatible with 1S - 4S https://www.lrp.cc/en/product/spin-super-brushless-speed-control/
  23. Yesterday a set of KB Aero wheels arrived. Not sure what to do with them, probably for when the cars sits on the shelf. and V1 Muchmore Fleta ZX 13,5 T 3200kv
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