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  1. Decided after two beers , not to sell my two LRP S18, as they have the same box art paint scheme, and could become collectibles as it is a hopped up S18TC and a S18 Buggy. The buggy, I noticed today, uses 12 mm hex, while the TC uses 9 mm hex like the Xray (7 mm TBH). I can not find any TC 9 mm tires, very hard task. As I realized the buggy does not have such an issue, it uses 12 mm hex. The tire size I currently have on the original wheel is diameter 52 mm, width 24 mm. So I eventually could use Tamiya M chassis wheels and get a greater width and larger diameter, like 59 mm. which will improve top speed. Currently running a 17T 48P pinion with metal gear diffs. Fixed the damper mounts that tend to brake, with a drill through screw and a nut with washer.
  2. Yes, I do not have experience in this field, may be writing nonsense. That is why I ask. So 2.2 tires do not fit on Tamiya Bodies or? I have also metal gear 14kg low profile servos, if the 9kg savox does not make sense, buying two of them is quite pricey. So just using 14kg china MG servos should do it. Still, I am keeping in mind I will not go competition or extreme crawling. It just should be able to crawl.
  3. I have seen this servo many times. I would go with this one. It is a bit pricy but I have one in my FF003 and it is ripping SC1251
  4. I am in Europe and can get the Rock Socker for 250€ which is bout $270. And I will have a loo at these too. SCX10, TRX4 Sport and Elements Enduro, I do not like how the middle of the chassis sits low, on the CR01. But otherwise I am all in it. The 3 Racing ported axels I saw are a great hop up I would wish for.
  5. electronics like a hw esc and crawler motor I am pricing around 50€ and a RX for my sanwa around 45€. If I get the Rock Socker I am looking at around 400€ max. with new tires. Traxxas has a nice app, and it eliminates the need of a GPS for speed runs. Not useful in a crawler. but in other domains.
  6. I know Tamiya like's to discontinue stuff, but that's the fun. Upgrading a 10+year old model could take years and a lot of $$. Can't explain how exited I was, I found tamiya FF03 steering upgrades that would cost $90+ in retail, on eBay from japan for only €50 NIB. Love shopping on yahoo.jp, and I am sure this CR01 could give me years of fun.
  7. May you tell me how to search for them, what would be the 'keywords'? Any specific length or dimensions I need to search for?
  8. Thank you. I like having interesting Tamiya's. So really, it's hard to change my mind to buy something else. I guess china 25kg will do it, even a 10kg savox might be enough I guess.
  9. It is not worth it sorry. But in my opinion a traxxas without the electronic is just half the money worth. I would love to have traxxas telemetry on my car but I do not see myself spending that amount of money. Just a waste of money and time, you will never get back. Tamiya for me is worth more and reading another manual is just not making it for me. Anyays thank you, I can get a trx4 with electronics for 570€. in my country, so minimun shipping and no tax.
  10. I am glad you mentioned 4ws, how does it work. My TX does not support channel mixing, do I need channel mixing? I have a Sanwa MX-V
  11. I had a look at a build video. Replace plastic shims with aluminum. (connection rods, uprights) Aluminum damper spring mounts 1+ (probably rare) fluorine coated stuff (or are they included like 4.8/5 mm ball connectors?) barrel springs hop up rocker arms (is there an ALU hop up for them?)(the connection between springs and dampers) + semi drop, pen spring upgrade
  12. I see now on tamico the CC02 comes with an ESC and motor at €250 can the cc02 be compared to anything near a CR01?
  13. Waiting just for the motor. Connected the electronics to test the steering. WOW. The upgrades like steering arms, carbon steering link with ballbearings and trf418 carbon reinforced uprights really do make a difference. Added a capacitor to eliminate servo glitch. https://imgur.com/SijqfM2
  14. I want to build it and enjoy the process. I will probably buy the car in April, until June/July (high season) It will be built, after high season I will buy the electronics and approaching autumn I will be ready to bash. No rush As said I dont need to keep up with the TRX4, but will I emberass myself with a CR01? I had a look on youtube and it really does seem mediocre. Would eventually upgrade tires and thats it.
  15. Can you specify what chassis models you refer to? the CR01 will cost me less then 300€
  16. I want the Jeep so bad! Is the price difference worth it, between the rock socker and toyota ?120€ for the body?
  17. Hmm. Thank you guys for the answers. Will check out the info you gave me. I am young but like old skool, I don't need to have the latest inovations on my car. Retro-Nostalgic-Tamiya is the way. I like the shock setup, I like how unique CR01 and Tamiya is. I would keep dampers as they are, but eventually upgrade the rocker arms to aluminium, are hop ups really so scarce? Is there anything that brakes on the CR01 first? Weights in axels and ported axels is that a thing on the cr01? Do 2.2. tires fit on the cr01? I really dont want to go with another brand, and I dont need rtr, as I want to build it through the year. I have heard brushless sensored motor are also good, probably something like 2200kV ?
  18. Another friend is building a crawler track around his ranch. He ordered a Traxxas TRX4 Defender, he is not a hobby build it guy and wants a RTR to bash out of the box. me on the other hand is seeing a opportunity to have fun this year. looking to buy a chassis first and I have my eyes on the Tamiya CR-01 Rock Socker. I am not a crawler fan, but I like to have fun with RC cars and friends. As my collection of RC cars does not hold a offroad vehicle I am torn to get a CR01 and stay with Tamiya. i have read bad rhings about the CR01, but do you guys think it is really bad? I don’t want to do no crawler competition just having fun and try to keep up with the trx4. what upgrades are essential for the CR01? what model in the same price range would be more advanced? thank you
  19. Yes, it was, at the time of applying decals, my friend was the owner. He applied them while I was cutting. Water spray bottle, hair dryer and a card to push out air.
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