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  1. Made a picture of my collection. Tamiya QD,2x LRP S18, Tamiya F103 (F104 Conversion), Tamiya M02 and M05ver2, FF03, Yokomo BD7 2015.
  2. Soldered two of these, one for the FF03 with a Savox. The other for my Yokomo. Painted the letters on my yokomo. DUNLOP FORMULA-R Played with the Tamiya QD chassis and fitted a touring body I had spare. Is for sale, missing esc and radio
  3. I guss the software is only for sensored esc's
  4. Do you have a picture of your esc. I had a 60A and 120A HobbyKing X Car esc... they were copies of some hobbywings esc's. Maybe do some some research, maybe it works with the hobby king pc firmware flasher / setup app, Cable costs like 5$
  5. Also... I bought a new motor for the speed run, which I have intentions putting into my Yokomo BD7 sooner or later. A Muchmore Fleta ZX 13,5T zero timing, it is used and a bargain. 15€ for a 80€ motor. Who would not? This motor has 13,5T and remarkably 4300kv, with the hop up titanium rotor, which is a few grams lighter, it may produce up to 4900kV. Amazing. edit: just did more research, this is the V1 version of the Fleta. Stock only 3120kV, makes a total top speed of 122kmh, but still I am confident about it. I have also a trackstar 13,5T V2 thats only rated at 2543kV
  6. Adjusted body mount holes and made a picture of both cars while they wait for more parts. The Yokomo BD7 is waiting for new belts and a yokomo servo horn. The FF03 waits for a spur gear mount and electronics. I bought a new motor also.
  7. The rubber tires I have now on the pictures, they were used at 103kmh. These tires are really hard and do not baloon much I have foam tires but would like to try with new ones. More upgrades today. Carbon Motor mount plate 54259 and carbon rear damper stay 54258. Completed with a sticker I noticed today, the steering with carbon reinforced uprights is satisfyingly stiff. The body also arrived, I like how it replicates the Honda Civic, as this FF03 was a Honda Civic Jaz kit.
  8. And installed the electronics into my new chassis that arrived today. Yokomo BD7 2015 Black Edition
  9. More upgrades today done on the FF03. Carbon Motor mount plate 54259 and carbon rear damper stay 54258.
  10. More for the FF03 And Christmas gifts are still arriving, a new chassis and two body sets painted for my new chassis and FF03.
  11. Some upgrades were installed today. Aluminum steering 54235 + 54261 and motor mount 54223. I think this steering upgrade is crucial. While taking apart the gearbox to clean, check and lube. I notice the last crash I had while making speed runs was more hefty than I thought. The plastic chassis did bend quite good, I used a torch lighter to heat and bend it back a bit, also the lowest screw that connects the motor plate and gearbox housing, is really bend also. The steering upgrade comes with ball bearings, also the carbon link comes with micro flange ball bearings, nice machinery. I sealed the carbon with cement. Tamiya TRF418 Carbon reinforced uprights were also installed for a more rigid feeling. Used will be a 72T 64P spur and a 60T 64P Pinion. Fits in mm's, the motor screws would be better flatter for 1-1,5mm. Waiting for more Tamiya hop-ups like motor mount carbon plate, carbon front bumper plate, rear damper stay carbon, carbon chassis stiffeners and spur mount. Also, I ordered a Carson Dragster XXS ESC for the speed run. Will keep the china esc as reserve. The carson has a 3S 12T motor limit at, 3800kv. Close enough to what I need, 4300kv 10T on 3S.
  12. Fist parts this year arrived from hong kong and japan. For my FF03. 60T pinion
  13. Took some time to install the upgrades that arrived for my FF03 today. Aluminum steering 54235 + 54261 and motor mount 54223.
  14. Day off, soldering iron in hand since morning. Preparing a Trackstar 80A ESC & 13.5T Trackstar brushless sensored motor with Trackstar DRFT 303 Servo 4,5kg for my new used Yokomo BD7 2015. Wires from servo, esc to RX have been shortened and the switch also. Waiting now for the chassis to arrive. I took this combo out of my F103, having other plans for it.
  15. Got an itch for a weeks now, today I scratched it. A Yokomo BD7 2015 touring car... I know it's not a tamiya, but I am so excited I need to share. https://www.thercracer.com/2014/09/yokomo-bd7-2015-edition-first-look.html As son as I saw this article I knew its something interesting, can't wait to get it.
  16. I don't know honestly, the TA02 and TA03 are not cars I have played with. As for the FF03 TA06, I guess it coud be possible but as said... I have other things to do.
  17. Price update. I bought a new RC car a need to sell these 2 quickly. Before somebody see's the bank account. Joke of course. But yes I bought a new RC car and need to justify it, selling both for 100€ + shipping Shipping 10€ Europe UK 5€ (because customs) // other 25€ paypal
  18. It is a FF01 and a TA02 I guess without the drive shaft. It is of a Tamiyaclub memeber, I found the picture on another RC forum back from 2006. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=44958&id=6456 He had a thing for dual motors but used only 1 ESC as it seems. Good stuff, imidiatl had thoughts of maiting a FF03 with TA06 hehe
  19. I did cancel it. It honestly seems like a true gem. Taking in consideration, it is one of the Yokomo D1 Drift Package series. Not sure how many there were, but these are replicas of Top Secret Co ltd.
  20. I just won this on an auction, never used, with original box. What do you guys think this is worth? Please write down what you think
  21. Call me crazy guys, but I tried to talk OPEN AI's - ChatGPT about RC cars and my gearing. I tried to find out the impact of 64P gearing. (the open ai system is now on overload and can't log in atm to find out) As I understand, for example this calculation... Internal gears are mostly 48P or so ? cant be 64P right? SO how is this accurate regarding 64P gearing... maybe I have understood it wrong, but in diameter a 50T 48P spur is wider in than a 50T 64P spur? Should affect top speed ?
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