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  1. https://rgt-racing.com/cn_asp/productshow.asp?id=1140 here can be found more info. I guess the mother firm is RGT
  2. Yes, I see what you are saying. It may not be the best choice to the FTX, but I still am convincing myself it was a good deal. I don't want to say too much, I am pretty excited. I don't think the FTX has really any cons except the plastic drive shaft pin, also as I understand this hobby... the crawler hobby... I could eventually install traxxas axles onto any crawler similar size or not? Yes brass weights and so on I havent found, There are some parts on ebay... but thats it?
  3. Few days and I will find out. I am perfectly fine with a trail car, if it performs well its ok. Myself had always a soft spot for the Toyota Hilux. I was really unsure about the Bushido, I always had on my mind it’s like a m chassis but looks 1/10 and I don’t know just weird. The MST Jimny for example is more proportional for in size. I was basically choosing between 300€ RTR kits and 400€ rtr kits. I found in the 300€ range the Element Sendero (low end element), Carisma SCA-1E, FTX outback 329€ 400€ range, MST CFX J4 Jimny and D1, Bushido Element (great upgrades short wb) and I do not remeber what else. I believe the FTX may be the car that needs the least upgrades out of the box. until something breaks it should be fine. i really dont know anything about crawlers tbh and I believe it is quite individual. the body does look really nice with litghts included and all. I did notice the FTX aluminium and plastics may not looks so nice and probably questionable quality idk. Design wise I think it is a masterpiece
  4. Yes, it comes with a Hobbywing 40A esc and 550 17T brushed motor. I do not know what servo it is, but it should be 15kg. I have been researching RTR crawlers for weeks now, and this is pretty much standard RTR crawler electronics,they are all more or less the same in an RTR. Expectations for this 40A esc are somewhat higher than for the Reedy 40A esc in the element kits. Even tho it should be a replica. I really like the weight ditribution, it is a special chassis. You don't often see the motor next to the servo an the gearbox in the middle bottom, the battery tray can be moved forward. it comes with charger and 2000mAh nimh battery. The radio is cheap-ish but I believe a 4 channel. I might put my sanwa RX inside.
  5. I bought this as my first crawler. I think it is a great deal, €329 and €6,90 for shipping is great. Compared to my friend who is new to the hobby and bought a TRX4 Defender a charger and two 2s lipos for around € 700 https://www.eurorc.com/product/26027/ftx-outback-hi-rock-4x4-110-trail-crawler-rtr It was the last piece and I didn't want to waste time more... I think it should compare good to the trx4.
  6. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/ftx-outback-hi-rock-4x4-rtr-110-trail-rock-crawler-446751 What about the FTX Outback Hi Rock?
  7. I watched a lot of reviews, the esc seems very simple and not really programed for crawling. Or not sensitive as it should be. I could use that RTR esc in something else, so I do not see a problem with upgradeing that part. As for the motor, this reedy 27T does not really produce any drag brake.
  8. The LRP Spin esc arrived from rckleinkram, super cheap, 100A, up to 4S, so far I installed it and tested it on the room floor. Nice and smooth. on 2S. with an MuchMore 13,5T Zero Timing Fleta ZX V1 3200kV This is for my speed run project, I also have orderd a CRC Gold Standard 71T 64P pinion, which will be used on the 72T 64P CRC spur. Going down low as final FDR 3,61 currently 60T 64P / 72T 64P final FDR 3,80
  9. I am searching for a new crawler and found stuff here super cheap. Looks like scam? Has anybody heard of it before? https://www.rcspielzeug.de
  10. Yes, been two days researching the absima and carisma. The absima sherpa compared tot he trx4 is terribel. the carisma with the land rover body is inded smaller overall than the trx4. The bushido is my first choice. so far it is a higher price kit, comes with more upgrades. Will definately need a different motor and esc.
  11. https://www.hodis-modellbau-ecke.de/produkt/carisma-sca-1e-1981-rangerover-2-1-crawler-4x4-rtr-oxford-blue/ it is the cheapest offer I can find.I am buying from Germany. I live in Europe Croatia
  12. I am mostly interested how does in compare to a trx4 defender body? smaller? the wheelbase is small,? 285m vs 313 on the trx4 I have plans of getting it for 320€ shipped.
  13. Could somebody share thoughts on the Carisma SCA-1E 1981 Range Rover? I found it on a really good discount and am pretty sure it might be it. Also, has anybody expirience with the Absima Sherpa? as I see it comes with remote locking diffs and 2 speed also... like the trx4? I found a used sherpa with charger and two quality lipo batteries with Hobbywing 1080 and other upgrades. 335€ sounds a good deal for a full rtr with upgrades but used tho.
  14. I am honestly torn between these 2. https://tamico.de/Element-RC-Enduro-Bushido-RTR the Bushido comes with lots of upgrades compared to the 320euro base model. https://tamico.de/MST-Crawler-CFX-WS-DC1-RTR-Dunkelblau this one looks just great for the same price, not sure how the double slipper clutch operates, but is this better or worse then the element? Also my friend has bought the TRX4 Defender in gray, it should arrive next week. I am wondering, how do these above cars compare in terms of size? I would like mine to be similar size scale to the TRX4 as we will be filming stuff, I dont want to have the biger car (even tho it should be smaller) I have hear the bushido is huge tbh, how does it look next to a TRX4 Defender? Is the MST smaller and closer to the TRX4?
  15. Guys, thank you for your help, but now already 3 weeks of researching. I unfortunately will not get a CR01... unfortunately, it would be too much money into the drain. I will be getting a Element Enduro RTR kit with included optional overdrive gears. Some hop ups for around 400€ definitely worth it. I already know I want mine one day to be a 1990Nissan Patrol, it seems there not many Patrol body's or is the car called otherwise in different parts of the world. picture for reference
  16. My guess is the Tamiya and Kyosho Bl motors are high quality products. a comparison like futaba/sanwa with flysky
  17. Yes, I figured it. In other terms... a 36A motor should run of at least a 30A ESC. I knew I had something wrong. As Willy said, modulation is something to watch for, but in cheap electronics, you don't have always all info, that is why it is a hit-and-miss sometimes. There is a connection between motor peak current, ESC peak current and battery peak current tho. I am not sure. The USB software of hobbywing lets you update the firmware to special software editions for boost turbo or blinky mode. This is regarding the modulation, as different firmware are differently programmed for throttle response. It is worth checking the usb cable by the hobbywing part number, I can not find it to be honest atm. app: https://www.hobbywingdirect.com/pages/download this program card. The X Car esc is a copy of the Xerun. https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32278064576.html
  18. I recommended the TS50 in my post above. SkyRC had also a great esc line with 120A. I had two Hobby king X car 120A's with the USB PC setup cable, it used the Hobbywing USB software for PC as a setup card. I tbh think the chip shortage and maybe some copy rights killed their business. The trackstar v1 and v2 can pretty much be compared to the muchmore fleta series. Same as this x car series to the hobbywing 10bl60 and 10bl120
  19. Thank you for a quick reply, this topic goes much further I guess. I for myself have noticed differences in transmitter to receiver response between my Sanwa and a FlySky GT3. The Sanwa had a very sensitive steering and throttle compared to the FlySky. Some details I have gathered are that the FlySky protocol operates for example at 1mm rates while the Sanwa is more precise to 0.5mm rates. Also, what you mentioned modulation, from my experience it is always better to buy combo sets of ESC's and motors rather then everything seperate. If you do not have exact details upfront. Most of this cheap china brushless esc's are copies of hobbywing esc's. for example, the Hobbyking X Car 120A esc was like 25$ but a direct copy od the 10bl120. And so is gool rc. Bigger company's charge more for their sets because of higher service level, higher standards compared to ebay seller protection for example. This same esc like gool rc of tamico cost's like 60€
  20. Good opinion. My first brushless setup was a $90 Trackstar 80A turbo esc & Trackstar 13,5T sensored motor. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/trackstar-roar-approved-13-5t-1-10th-stock-class-brushless-esc-and-motor-combo.html This is picture of the setup of turbo and boost settings. The gool RC on the other hand is a $35 ready to run set that will do hard work without a brain. It is idiot-proof and fast on 3s and high gearing. It is a matching combo. Just add a good battery.
  21. May you please explain to me what do you mean with modulation? If it is concerned about Battery > ESC > Motor matching. There is an easy formula, I may not explain it well enough, but I use this… So... Let say I am going to match a sensored Trackstar 13,5T motor... The motor has a peak current rating of: 360A So I am looking for an ESC that can deliver this power... The hobbywing quicrun 10bl60 has a peak power rating of: 380A that's a perfect fit... Let's see if my battery will support this setup... mAh * C rating = peak A current you would need a race pack of 6600mAh * 60C = 396,000mA (396A) or a 100C * 5000mAh = 500.000mA (500A) For peak performance. Most people do not realize how important the C rating is for high-powered combos. Regarding Peak-Performance. You may not damage it if the battery is not strong enough. The ESC should never be the bottleneck itself. In my opinion it makes sense, and it is something I fetched of quadcopter forums.
  22. I am planning a trip this summer, and would like to rent a car as I find it convenient to roam around, Do you guys rent cars? If so what brand do you trust/use the most? Big company's like Sixt, Hertz, Avis, Enterprise better to go to or avoid? I have heard about different insurance levels and some cross border thing, it all adds up, do all the companies charge those? Also so many price differences between official websites and for example booking.com, expidia, rentalcars are very different, is it better to book now or rent at location? What are your expiriences? any funny side stories?
  23. I guess for offroad driving the sensorless gool rc 9 T is fine. https://www.ebay.com/itm/385342166072 Other wise... The hobbywing 60A sensored brushless esc is a best buy. (2S-3S) https://tamico.de/Hobbywing-QuicRun-10BL120-120A-Sensored-Regler This I went for, the regular LRP SPIN (47€) not PRO. both 100A (2S-4S) https://www.rc-kleinkram.de/products/02-80250?c=2488 This one is also a good sensor esc. (2S) TS50 https://www.rc-kleinkram.de/products/26-sk300060-01?c=2488 I trust people online, I do buy used motors, you can find great brands like, LRP, MuchMore, Losi and other sensor motors from 5.5T to 17.5T on ebay kleineinzeigen or ebay (a bit hard) You just need to know what you are looking for.
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