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  1. For a grass hoper And others I am sure you need Tamiya 50204. I bought the 51000, but I use it for f103/104 compared 51000 to 50204, very different. I dont own cars like you, but from pictures on the net I believe it will not work. Or maybe with ball studs and spacers.
  2. I had the same thoughts. right now im my nitro i also have space for a 4xAA hump pack. But if switcing to lipo. I had a pick on this, LRP 430350 https://www.t2shop.de/epages/61746328.mobile/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61746328/Products/02-430350&Locale=en_GB
  3. Me and my buddy are selling; 2x FG Sportsline 23ccm Petrol models with a lot of parts and tires, I will describe each by each. (the paint jobs are not the best, but fine) 1. Complete 1:5 FG Sportsline RWD, RTR. BMW E92 BODY (Orange/black/white) 23ccm Zenoah petrol engine, repaired with new crank bearings 2s li-po 2500mAh reciever pack (with ubec) 2 servos (for throttle and brake) 1 Big servo for steering 2,4Ghz Radio with reciever (dont know the brand now, it is kind of oldish, but does the job) Mechanical front brakes (real brakes for each wheel) Racing airbox Ready to run 2. Complete 1:5 FG Sportsline RWD (FG EVO3 Chassis plate), BMW E92 BODY (orange/pink/silver) 23ccm Zenoah petrol engine, repaired with crank bearings, piston rings and ported exhaust 1600mAh Ni-MH reciever pack 2 Turningy servos (for throttle and brake) 1 Big servo for steering FG EVO3 Chassis plate (thicker, more robust) Mechanical front brakes (real brakes for each wheel) Racing airbox Needs only Radio and transmitter to run 3. Lot of parts and tires/ chassis plate / bodies 1x RARE chassis plate, short base with RARE FG FIAT 500 ABARTH Body ( with this chassis plate you may convert any of these two to the short wheel base model of FG SPORTSLINE FIAT 500 ABARTH) 1x BMW E90 Body (has been raced in EFRA competition, 1 place 2016) orange 8x NEW GRP tires (on each car 4) 36x GRP tires, used but still good for parking lot bashing, various compounds (2 of 36 are F1 FG rear tires) VA parts like lower/upper/front/rear arms, servos stay, 2 rear mechanical break calipers, few side body mounts, 1 rear body mount, complete engine mounts, 2x servo springs NOTE: Everything is in used condition, but fully functioning, these cars are very fast and fun to drive, they have always been driven on regular petrol 95 octane, oil mixture 4% only MOTUL two stroke oil, the FIAT 500 chassis plate with body may be considered very RARE due to discontinued production, also prices for new chassis (FG Sportsline) without radio and servos are about 1000-1300€ for 1 vehicle with body. only the value of installed servos/batteries would be about 300€ when bought new. Price for this LOT: 1200€ Shipping international (not USA and Asia) 100€ ONLY TO BE SOLD AS LOT
  4. has anybody used this charger? I was a hard NIMH enthusiast, but my buddy convinced me to switch to brushless after I saw his Novak 6.5T on 3 s. I own now a Turnigy nano-tech 6600mah 2S2P 65~130C Hardcase Lipo Pack. This charger has this specs: • Compact charger • Mains powered • Simple to use • Auto balance charge • LED indicators Specs: Type: Balance charger Battery type: 7.4 ~ 14.8V (2 ~ 4S) LiPo batteries Input: 100 ~ 240V AC Plug type: EU mains Output: 50W Charge current: 4A Balance current: 300 mA Charge mode: Balance charge Dimensions: 98 x 98 x 36mm Weight: 278g No storage mod, it says balance charger, so it balances cells while charging? I read a few reviews how 2s 1500mah-2700mah have swollen after a few chargers, due to current of 4A, but that would be fine for a 6600mah battery? am I right? Will i hurt my lipo if i dont use it and it is not charged for storage? this charger is already bought.
  5. Me and a really good buddy at work hooked up last winter, I only owned 2 buggys a DT-01 Fighter buggy and a DF-02 Rising storm... and a very very rare nitro on road belt driven touring car Carson CH-04, in not working condition. One night I went over to his garage, where we used to drink beer watch games... and that night I saw him fidling with a Revell 1:25 Porsche carerra rs 3.0 model. First of I told him years ago I was into RC models, mostly 1:10 only electric... he was more sort of a guy who thought they toys and only nitro/petrol RC are for grown ups... I laugh hard that night when I encounterd him trying to put together that Porsch. Since electric cars where toys... Short story long, that night I promised him to bring to his garage the Carson nitro model so he could try to put it together and make it ready to run... after a month, we ended up signin him up at our local RC CLUB, ended up buying 2 1:5 FG petrol models, 2 1:10 nitro onroads, 2 Tamiya F103 and 1 Team Associated onraod 1:10 in less then 3 months all together with my 2 Tamiya buggys. For me it is a funny story how his garage became a ''RC'' man cave in less then a week after I hit his ego that night, playing with 1:25 models... (not that I am against, it was just that he said a year ago how electric 1:10 are toys) For myself, a man cave was our local RC CLUB (but I dont like working on my cars with to much people around), after that a man cave was my living room / kitchen table when my wife was not at home... this garage was a gift from heaven.
  6. Has not arrived yet, but I am very happy about this order, got bored of dragging cars and equipment in all sort of boxes, finally a real bag, and also some nice glasses to go with.
  7. https://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/yoiyamikan37/33726515.html more on this topic. unfortunately neither language I can understand 😂
  8. OH I FOUND IT AGAIN! it wasnt japanese. I guess, it was a french!!! rcrally.vraiforum.com/t464-Transformation-DF02-en-DF02RA.htm please all have a look, I knew I have seem a “df02ra” somewhere.
  9. I apriciate your help, Jug, the body you have posted says 180mm width. That would equal more a Touring car chassis. I have on my laptop a picture I have come across on google from some japanese. He has the df03ra lower arms next to a complete df02. can not find it again on google, but it made me think. transfering it all on a tt01 is not a option. Too much work compared to how cheap a tt01 is. And only tamiya bodies are a way to go. so df03ra and df02, lower arms incompatible?
  10. This is great, amazing! I am thinking of something like this a few years already. But never really get the time to do it! Much respect! 😁
  11. I own a DF02, with all the aluminium hop ups. I bought it with some parts missing, etc etc now its complete, but I kind of got bored of the Rising Storm body. Not feeling like buying a new kit sinc I invested in my F103 a whole bunch of $$$. I would like to turn it into a rally chassis like the DF03RA does anybody know if there is a way to do so?
  12. I dont even understand why this is a question? if you dont want a xv01 i'd be happy to buy it from you. As I wasa kid, I really liked the bodys that came with the TL01 chassis, and price was very affordable. but I couldnt stand the look uf a monoque chassis. NHF but i think they are ugly, I went as a kid with the M03 Mini kit. and maintaining the gears and asembling all together was such a pain in the a, the xv01 looks much complicated, but I think it is a really good chassis. and easier t maintain. more suspension travel will give also good handling, I've made a rally conversion from a tt01, and was suprised how the suspension travel has added to handling.
  13. To reply, the main thing was, our club runs a concrete track, we drive only at weekends, since over the week the local driving school (for real cars) have a polygon there. Basically the track gets really dusty, sometimes even too dusty for our 1/5 class. So the main reason was to go for rubber tires. Since we also dont have a local shop, our sources are hobbyking, rcmart, ebay... and I am really having trouble finding 103 rubber rims and tires. I clearly may understand how a wider car is more stable/faster, I am sure it will take some practise to get used to the F104 width. To continue the build, I've come a long way since last pictures. Collecting for a brushless setup someparts... The rear end is complete, with carbon rear shaft and and the blue f104 diff etc.. including exotec heat sink, of course no plastic all bearings. front end completed, waiting for the last part, fluorin coated aluminium balls, and TRF blue spacers to lower the turnbuckles, since i wanted the position of the servo as it is now, so they dont hit into the upper arms. also whats not on the pictures, but is orderd, MST 2.0 Gyro, trf blue wheel nuts, trf blue friction plate screw and body mounts in trf blue. PICTURES Also a new body from TRG arrived, waiting until winter to put this all together with the brushless and gyro. To be honest, our club is more into 1/5 Petrol racing, official EFRA racing, they take place in Zagreb, on the mini motodrom Ayrton Senna. link below. Training this 1/10 scale is only fun. I know this brushless setup will be a pain to drive, but its for the fun of it, as you see a lot of eye candy is on the chassis. Cheers EDIT: another video of our EFRA track in Zagreb. (myself lives in Dubrovnik) MINIAUTODROM AYRON SENNA
  14. Greetings, I wanted to introduce my Tamiya F103 build, the original build was the Renault Damon Hill edition. The main plan is to make a conversion to F104 with a sick brushless setup and gyro. first setup was as I got it, really old foam tires, silver can with 3000mah nimh. right now it is running with a LRP RUNNER 2 23T, cheap china esc, and a 5000mah LRP bat. All upgrades are visible on the pics, the rear motor mount is from a F103GT. I have a brushless setup coming from hobby king and also the f104 alu dif, front end f104, low profil servo... will keep the topic updated
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