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  1. yup ! ME TOO i use all flysky receivers and one transmitter makes it easy to bind , had some trouble with set ups till i did this
  2. competition setup / class unknown yet ? have these chassis, MO5 VER 2 PRO AND MO6 RR CHASSIS ... motor.. XERUN V10 G3 Brushless Motor 3.5T ... ESC .. XERUN 120A V3.1 ESC Black Edition ... battery .. gens ace 2s 5300 mah 7.4v 62c lipo battery are there any other things i might need ...tires / BEC / UBEC / 1S DC BOOSTER or some kind of surge protection ........ thanks john
  3. not yet have some custom work to do
  4. the one i put in my pics with the track star motor/esc is a turnigy card , the link u gave me is a track star card , the koysho vortex combo motor/esc i cannot replace is there a card for that one ? so im going to need one for each cars esc kpysho orion vortex and the blue motor /esc dont know that one brand 4 pole bl motor
  5. whats the turnigy turbo one go with in the pic do i need a different one for each car
  6. gen 2 ? is that the one in the kyosho vortex motor or the mo5 with the blue 4 pol bl motor and esc , does hobbyking have one for each of them the vortex and gen 2 oh and does it matter if its a 1/10 or 1/12 car thanks john
  7. yea its brand new, 30 min of run time on both buying new setup for a pumpkin low rider ... thanks
  8. are there universal cards or must u buy to match to amps ... found this one says 80 to 120 turbo and this combo esc/motor from hobbyking
  9. yea i have been browsing hobbyking for about 2 hrs now ... thanks it helps
  10. thank any advise is appreciated
  11. thanks just starting out ... since the 70's so im way behind on tech have a mo5 chassis,pumpkin lowrider, and 2 kyosho's ... chevelle and charger RTR but having problems setting them up mo5 one has no reverse.. kyosho chevelle i cant program at all says shut off ABS ? cant find on controller
  12. have one too same model has room for 9 cars and u can name them so u don,t get mixed up
  13. need advise on motor , esc combos and links if possible ebay / amazon / ect ... thanks
  14. thanks ... but still don't work tried alot of ways but nothing cannot find abs shut off think thats the problem
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