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  1. The new body is based on this car *drool*. Finally, something Honda FF that is current Here is the new TRF417. credit to www.1188plus.net TRF502x from TKG26 posting @ another forum About the Model -Highly durable chassis consists of carbon fiber upper and lower decks and utilizes many aluminum parts. -Features an optimized weight distribution designed to match lightweight, block-shaped batteries. -Shaft-driven 4WD system with the front-mid motor in a longitudinal position offers superb stability and handling. -Uses the TRF511’s proven suspension system. -Kit also includes: Front/Rear Carbon Fiber Damper Stays Front/Rear Aluminum Suspension Mounts Front/Rear Large Ball Differentials Spur Gear with Built-In Slipper Clutch Aeration Dampers Front/Rear Universal Propeller Shafts Full Ball Bearings
  2. +1 I just found mine after I left it sitting in my cupboard for the last 15 years. It was a pain to build and found it was nearly useless in the off-road as in on-road. Had Tamiya reinvent the car in either the TB01 Rally or DF03Ra (I rather have it in TB01), it would have been a much better performer. The suspension was overly done yet there is no travel. The combination between the original spring and the stock shock piston made the car floaty. I had the fronts changed to a coil over shock for Striker. That help a bit but not a wee much. That tiny little rear arm holder are easy to misplace (I lost one of them; replaced it with...a screw?). Basically, a mess. It is better as a shelf queen, though.
  3. TEU-104BK is better than 101 but not by much. You better off getting LRP IP v.5.1 for better adjustability and motor limit than that ESC.
  4. I have been lurking these pages by accident (by way of Dyna's car @oople.com). I am wondering if Nimrod ever decide with all those custom parts to make a kit with their own body on it. I mean aside from a few parts, screws and bearings, you have a whole car, am I right? Have you and the engineers @ Nimrod (plus the owner, of course) ever consider that? A futuristic shell that matches the chassis would have been out of this worldly experience (for future owners)
  5. Quick fixes for that: 1. Pack that tunnel with thick grease (ie Tamiya AW grease to call or Associate Green Slime). Yes, the attract dirt sand etc but if the center of the tunnel to concern, they will block it. 2. Change the stock (soft) plastic servo saver. It is too weak to transfer power from servo the linkage. The sand gets to it quicker than it moves the linkage Get Kimbrough or Tamiya heavier duty servo saver or better yet, get the aluminum ones 3. Get higher torque servo. The CC01 is heavier than Desert Gator, no? That is the reason why the DG can glide through the sand whilst the CC01 just dug itself in the hole. The sand is kinda sticky by the beach because it has so much moisture in it. The higher torque servo (most likely higher speed as well) will help it guide to better path quicker and sooner. Better yet, it will cope with the weight better than radio stock servos! best of luck and have fun!
  6. The "R" version of the TA05 is being reworked as Tamiya has just introduced the updated version called "v.2" with these upgrades: # The new TA05 ver.II chassis features 5 newly designed parts: L Parts (Lower deck), KParts (Stiffener), M Parts (Suspension Mount), Body and H Parts (Wing, Mirror), DC Parts(Motor mount). # Overall chassis width is narrower which improves road clearance in rolls. # The battery position is moved forward for improved driving characteristics. # The separated suspension mounts enable easy maintenance of the drive train. # The belt-driven 4-wheel drive chassis features isometric drive belts, front and rear 37T ball diff. and a horizontally mounted motor. # Features inboard front suspension and short reversible suspension arms as well as up-rights with 1050 ball bearings. # Aluminum one-piece integrated motor mount. If that's the case, then I won't doubt they will coming out with the IFS version soon considering the TB03 is IFS with shaft drive...
  7. I think the suspension parts for the Levant (arms etc except for gearbox and chassis) are shared with TL-01B (buggy) and RevStorm. From the angle the picture was taken with the Super Levant, they might have changed the arms (I hope) because it doesn't look as flat as the two piece system of the TL-01B. You might want to look up RevStorm for shock/shock tower parts because it and Super/Levant shared the same drivetrain/chassis (well almost...RevStorm is based upon TG10...well you know what I mean) here is the linky. The TBLE-01 is same ESC as the Team Orion basic OEM ESC as well as Kyosho, Venom Racing Sensorless ESC etc. You can find them at dirt cheap price at rcmart.com
  8. Quoted from Tamiya America: The Super Levant improves on the existing R/C Levant by offering more power, speed and excitement. This vehicle is ready to run out of the box and ready to rampage across any terrain. Specs & Features # Ready-to-Run 1/10 R/C model of the Super Levant. # Powerful Tamiya Brushless Motor 01 TBLM-01 8T included. Kv rating (rpm/volt) = 4410. # Tamiya Brushless ESC 01 TBLE-01 with DEANS ultra plug connector included. # The wheelbase is 23mm longer than the Levant (Item 57789) and the rear tires feature a 2 degree toe-in which greatly improves overall stability. # New sleek body design. # New metal-plated wheels are fitted with NDF-01 V-Tread Block Tires (Item 53854). # A slipper clutch is installed to protect the drive train from damage. # Features full ball bearings. # CVA Dampers included. # Finespec FM transmitter, TRU-05 receiver, & TSU-03 servo included. # Length: 430mm, Width: 296mm, Height: 151mm, Wheelbase: 303mm, Weight: 2005g, Tread (F/R): 245mm/247mm. # Battery pack & charger not included.
  9. TC3 has never won Worlds. It only has won Reedy Race of Champions...a lot.
  10. Uhm, check your servo reverse to see if it is not backwards. I personally bought two of these and neither gave me a fit. See if you had accidentally turn off the reverse by turning off the ESC and turning back on by holding the setup button. Make sure your motor wire is correctly fastened and make sure your battery is fully charged lol. That should do it :0)
  11. Did the Track at Nellis across from the hobby shop closed? Also, there this sin city R/C (I guess they are the new club that runs the Silver Bowl track) SIN CITY R/C I used to run in Silver Bowl and Hobby Town USA @ Spring Mountain all the time back in 03-04. I'm not sure if all the people I used to race with are still there. AFAIK only Rich Taylor and Scott Fisher are the local people I raced with and still racing today. I was with Joker's team...God knows where he is now...
  12. Or you meant the charger that doesn't melt when you tried to charge your battery after a (less than) 5 minute run on your 1200? Or the "how many times 15 minutes do I have to turn this sucker on to charge my battery fully"? How times has changed. For me was definitely the ESC because it was so cost prohibitive. Machine Wound was cheap compared to do that. I believe I picked Speedworks 17T for about 20 US bucks in 1992 and that's at LHS. Now you cannot even get the same quality motor for the same price, unless you are talking about the Venom Group motors. I remember drooling over my competitior cars because they have TEKIN and NOVAKs whilst all I had was MSC *tears* Motors were mainly either Trinity Monster Horsepower/Reedy/Peak Performance. I only had a Kyosho 240S that came with my Turbo Optima or Tamiya Technigold that came with my Porsche 959. Fourth is battery. I mean could you imagine with today's motor technology that a high performance motor can last almost as long as a silver can with probably the same kind of battery?
  13. Definitely: Super Shot with better damper and better stock motor lol Bigwig with better bumper (doubt it) Original Avante with non-breakable suspension parts Egress with slightly different sus geometry and main slipper clutch (I guess that goes for Avante, too) Vanquish with Egress improvements...in plastics LMAO Improbable: Super Champ or the SRBs. They could work the gearbox a bit, reduces their weight abit and better suspension without looking not scale. PORSCHE 959 with new and improved suspension bits (the same with Toyota Celica). Audi Quattro in TT01E (not polycarbonate/lexan body but the ABS resin body lol just like Lancia 037) or DF03Ra. Willy's Wheeler but instead of the old Honda City, bring it back in HOnda Fit/Jazz instead. FF01s (Civic+Mondeo+Accord+Primera). Either keep the body the same or update them to the newest style body (but keep Civic as a HB). Not much of Re Re: Audi Quattro Pikes Peak in TT01E-Drift or TB03D Peugeot 405T16 Pikes Peak in TT01E-Drift or TB03D (complete with the eiffel tower). Suzuki XL7 Monster Pikes Peak and last but not least Rod Millen Celica Pikes Peak (Yellow ST205)
  14. I believe the rear wheel hub is hex and the front wheels are bearings over axle. All tamiya 2wd buggy wheels should fit this car including the newer DT02s.
  15. put my TA04 and my TA03s back to the garage. My TB Evo II to follow suit...
  16. They are definitely longer than stock but the main advantage of having it instead of the stock one is that the suspension articulation is not so abrupt, rather, it is more linear. It helps a lot with stock setup as it does not blow through the travel so easily as in the stock setup. The rear camber will be easier to manage as well eventhough now that I think about it, Tamiya engineers did not accidentally designed the rear suspension that way. They did it so it can give the car extra steering input just like the active 4WS setup on G35/G37/Skyline GTR 1:1 cars. i remembered that my Porsche 959 was setup like that too. While steering was easier, it didn't help since it has the widest circumference I have ever seen on a 1/12th scale car! What a waste! Good luck with your project!
  17. I have a set but I have not put it in a car yet. they are supposed to into my TB01 neo rally car project complete with the TB EVO arms. I think the "Long" part of the description should have given you a hint because there is a "short" version of it. However, it is quite rare because nobody likes the stock suspension steep geometry compared to the TB EVO arms version (or the Long suspension kit for TB01)
  18. You know...I think this is Neo Shot part. II. So Tamiya has finally found its car... Hmmm... I think I'm buying it!
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