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  1. This has probably been done already, but a browse through the incredible collection of @mackerb03 got me wondering about my favourite vintage box art. Bit different to favourite model, this is solely about the front of the box. For me, Clive, it's the Wild Willy: Up until then, Tamiya had always gone 'left-front angle' or 'right-front angle', with the occasional raised viewpoint when they felt like pushing the boat out: The red and black stripe behind the Super Champ was the very first hint of excitement, and then suddenly there was the Wild Willy, in side-on profile and wheelie-ing away. There was mud splattering out behind the wheels, there was a ridiculous driver, it just looked amazing. Then, clearly, whoever was responsible got sacked for this transgression, and we were back to boxes showing cars looking like they were mid-way through a three-point turn in a Sainsbury's car park: The Frog and the Grasshopper, with their vaguely military stripes and airborne postures, at least tried, then the Hornet kicked off the excellent 'cornering at high speed' phase of boxes, of which the crowning glory is clearly the Wild One: As I said, nothing to do with favourite model - I don't own a Wild Willy, and I don't particularly want one, but the box art is just brilliant. What about you? Maybe you love the Blackfoot, because the helmet-less bloke driving it looks like he might be on his way home from work: Or maybe you're not into the whole landscape thing, and for you it's all about the Road Wizard: No wrong answers here, (so long as no one starts going on about the worst box (because that's clearly the Porsche 959...))
  2. Update, in case anyone else encounters the same issue and doesn't know what to do - TurnipJF's suggestion got it sorted. Pressing the failsafe button on the receiver after turning both it and the transmitter on turned the failsafe function back on. More info on p.25 of the FS-GT3C manual. Thanks again for help.
  3. I can't see any way of doing a factory reset with the TBLE-02s. I hadn't thought to try the receiver, though, and will give it a try - thanks @TurnipJF.
  4. I have a standard TBLE 02s ESC in a Monster Beetle which works perfectly when the transmitter (an FS-GT3C) is on. However, if I turn the Monster Beetle on before the transmitter, then the car zooms off at full speed. I haven't encountered this with three other TBLE 02s's I have in other cars. I have just been through the manual to see if changing any of the setup options (high point setup, low voltage protection, reverse set up) make a difference, but with no luck. It's a standard 540 motor, and the TBLE is set to brushed mode. I have moved the receiver (an FS-GR3E) antenna away from the motor wires and separated the servo and motor wires, which were previously zip-tied together in places, but that has made no difference either. I've already once turned the car on before the transmitter and had it zoom off with no immediate way of stopping it, and sooner or later it's going to result in a crash. Does anyone know what could be causing the problem and whether it's possible to fix it?
  5. Really useful guide - exactly what I needed this morning, thank you.
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