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  1. Hey everyone-haven't been here for a while due to all things Covid-but I finally got to build a 4wd buggy for my collection. This is a Plasma Edge 2-stock with bearings. I never go with the box art because I am a non-conformist. That's Rustoleum Apple Red with the stock yellow wheels. I built the stock white shocks and simply used decals from a Traxxas truck to make 'em snazzy. I am still deciding whether I want to black out the windows or not......and I'm waiting for the 2 channel radio to arrive. The Torque Tuned 540 and drivetrain worked perfectly together during the initial test. If you simply follow the instruction manual, Tamiya kits ALWAYS work. Thanks for lookin', y'all.
  2. Nice Looking Swift!!!! Thanks for your response. I'm thinking of a higher output motor-but it gets just the right amount of traction now.......
  3. Here is my former NSU TT-I decided the NSU on an M05 chassis wasn't authentic...So I originally wanted a Mini Cooper body. Those are rare and expensive-and I found this Suzuki body cheap. I had to adjust the wheelbase to the middle setting and purchase some new wheels and tires-but overall it turned out nicely. It has bearings, a Torque Tuned 540, and a Hobbywing QuicRun 1060 ESC. Thanks for looking and any comments....... Now it's time to find a rear-engine rear wheel drive chassis that has a 239mm wheelbase........NSU TT......
  4. I haven't thought about what I'm gonna do with the sunroof......It's easier to see the driver in there without it. Thanks Novamadcars and Killajb!!!!
  5. Thanks Otis311. I looked at a whole bunch of Blitzers on YouTube and decided the Gulf theme was the way to go.
  6. During the past few months I have been noodling around with my Tamiya collection........ But I also bought an R J Speed Digger kit....It is a blast but it's limited as far as the power output 'cause there's no suspension...... So I decided to build another "Digger" out of my old Hornet chassis. A Hobbywing 1060 ESC and Traxxas TQ radio, along with bearings and an ARRMA 15T Mega Motor, complete the mechanicals. I also installed Bolink foam donuts just like the original Digger. A Bolink Baja Bug body completes it........Now I can flog it on any parking lot around.
  7. Hello folks-I haven't been here for a while.....But during the months of staying home I decided to get all my Tamiyas out. And I got a new one just 10 days ago......I always wanted a Blitzer Beetle and found one in Japan for a discounted price (no ESC). So I got a Hobbywing 1060 brushed esc and put 'er together........ It has the stock 540 for now, but a Torque Tuned 540 is waiting........ She has Fast Eddy bearings as well.......The Gulf theme was used because my sister-in-law used to work there....... Thanks for looking, everyone..I also have another build to show in another thread. Take care.
  8. Thanks!!!! Now that you mentioned the gearing issue with the big tires, the 10t pinion is obviously the only one to use...... Here is another footnote: Is the gearing for a Rising Fighter the same as a Grasshopper 2? Probably a dumb question...... I am looking at both for potential purchase and plan to use a Sport Tuned with a 17t pinion. Thanks again for any advice.
  9. I have a Lunchbox that is stock except for a Sport Tuned 540-I do plan to put on CVA shocks all around....... What is the recommended pinion size (number of teeth) for that motor in that chassis? Thanks for all replies.
  10. Thanks all for your comments-I have always been curious about using a Sport Tuned 380 in this buggy-the stock 540 is good, and I have called it the ideal motor for a Hopper in the past, but it does seem to have a bit too much torque. And the Grasshopper is supposed to have a 380 to be more authentic. The 540 belongs in The Hornet......Perhaps I'll try the ST 380 and get back with everyone.....
  11. Yeah, that's what I thought after more research.........Thanks Taffer!!! I'll let everyone know whatever I purchase. I have been looking at several different models-the Rising Fighter kinda hooked me because it's inexpensive and basically the most updated version of the original Tamiya Fun Buggies (Grasshopper 1 and 2, Hornet), and I really like the bolt (screw?) together monocoque style body, just like the Grasshopper 1. I am just a bmx/baseball field basher,so these solid axle buggies appeal to me for pure silly fun. My very first buggy was a Hornet back in 1989-and I loved it. Now I have a Grasshopper 1, a Lunchbox, and an M05 NSU TT for asphalt pounding. I also created a Baja Bug out of the original Hornet using a Bolink body.
  12. The Rising Fighter manual suggests, as a hop up, a Dirt Tuned motor with a 17t pinion. What difference is there between one of those and a Sport Tuned? Would I still use a 17t pinion? Thanks
  13. Yes, I've seen those-usually on Ebay-but I wonder how good they are-and do they fit? Are there any shocks available for these models?
  14. I am thinking of getting a set of front and rear shocks for my Grasshopper-I saw some on Ebay. Has anyone tried these? If so, which are the ones that work best? Thanks for any response.
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