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  1. TurboTimmy

    Opinion On Axial 27t

    I wound up putting it in my Grasshopper.......It works well, and is a step up from a stock motor, but I tend to agree that it's not quite as fast as a Sport Tuned 540. I still like it, though. Thanks for the reply.
  2. TurboTimmy

    Possible Lunchbox Axle Slippage

    I got some tire glue from my M05 NSU TT project and put about 4 small dots around the inside of each tire-12-3-6-9. Now it wheelies like a monster!!!! Thanks, all, for the advice.
  3. I seem to have something resembling slippage while I run my Lunchbox...... While it's running, it seems to not go even as fast as the stock 540. No wheelies either. I swapped axles with my SuperBuggy and now it works fine. Could I have not properly installed the motor or something? Thanks for any help.
  4. TurboTimmy

    Opinion On Axial 27t

    I just got an Axial 27t motor for my Lunchbox. I have not had a chance to run it yet.....How does this compare with a Sport Tuned 540? Thanks for any info.
  5. I am considering putting a set of Tamiya 50520 shocks front and rear on my Lunchbox. What would be the best overall dampening setting? Two holes? Three holes? It currently runs bearings and a stock 540, but soon will have an Axial 27t. Here is the chassis....... How effective are the "sway bars" that mount between the tops of the friction shocks? Thanks for any assistance.
  6. I just installed a HobbyWing QuicRun 1060 in my buggy-it has an ARRMA 15t Mega Motor. It ran like a rocketship for a while-but then acted as though it ran the battery down. Question 1) How long should a 3000 mah NIMH battery last with that setup? I figure it won't run as long as, say, a 540. Question 2) Does a HobbyWing QuicRun get too hot and shut itself off? Thanks for any replies.
  7. I just got a new Lunchbox. I was wondering if anyone has modified the rear axle mounts so that the upward movement is completely eliminated and it operates like a Grasshopper rear axle.....I have noticed that the upward "slap" is, indeed, considerable. Has anyone ever done the "Grasshopper" mod? I know it takes out the biggest feature of the design, but the thing is really bouncy anyway with friction dampers.....What would happen if I did that? Thanks for any input.
  8. TurboTimmy

    New Rain 480 ESC Conking Out With Mega Motor

    Thanks Mark C. I kinda figured that was too hot a motor for the New Rain, but I still had to try it. My next ESC is a HobbyWing 1060.....
  9. I have one of those New Rain 480 ESCs from Ebay in my Grasshopper. When I run a Sport Tuned or a normal 540, it runs fine. I stuck in a brushed 15t ARRMA Mega Motor. It went like stink for a few minutes-then slowed down and eventually stopped, as if the battery was drained. After it sat for about 30-45 minutes, it fired right up again. Is this ESC overheating and shutting itself off? It has its own cooling fan, so I assumed it could handle a 15t motor. Otherwise, it is a good cheap ESC. Thanks for any advice.
  10. TurboTimmy

    Bolink Funco SS1 Body

    Here's how she wound up........I put a 15T ARRMA Mega Motor in there too. We'll see how it goes.......I will submit more pics as time allows.....
  11. TurboTimmy

    Bolink Funco SS1 Body

    I saw a Bolink Funco SS1 body cheap on Ebay and thought I would try it on a Grasshopper chassis. It was originally for an RC10 but still fit rather well. Haven't yet made up my mind about what color it will be..... I will paint by hand the engine fan shroud and the oil cooler.......
  12. TurboTimmy

    Grasshopper #2

    Nice Grasshopper!!!! I began my Tamiya passion back in 1989 with a Hornet. After I ran it for a while, life got in the way and it was forgotten for almost 30 years. I recently moved and found it in a box-so I got it running again and promptly broke it..... Got a new Grasshopper kit-and I am having a blast with it right out of the box. 'Hoppers are the backbone of the hobby, in my humble opinion. Just a bearing set and a 380-but occasionally I use a 540. Enjoy your Grasshopper.
  13. TurboTimmy

    Timmy's Baja Bug Build

    Here is the finished (for now) Baja BugHopper........ After a few rollovers and bad landings from jumps, the body now sports a patina of sorts....... I figured a driver was needed-so we got Ed. He has a patina too. The New Rain 480 ESC and Black Magic brushed 540 are running great so far......This motor performs similar to a Sport Tuned, I think. I'm having a blast with this thing, even though it's really only a Grasshopper......But Grasshoppers are fun and durable. Thanks for looking, all.
  14. TurboTimmy

    TBLE-02 ESC Turn Limits

    Thanks User4-but I live in the States. Your offer is greatly appreciated.