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  1. Thanks, yeah I was uncertain on the silver, thought it might come out tacky but it's actually pretty clean. The rubber strap broke, but also the two screws that hold the battery plastic casing near the motor, one corner had completely snapped off!. I love it, it's fantastic fun to speed around with on all terrains. I'm mainly an older Tamiya kit kind of guy so not owned anything like this before, but there's occasions where if I'm away or just want something a little tougher I needed something and the Losi LMT kinda fit the bill, although it's costly to initially buy.
  2. After bashing my Grave Digger Losi LMT RTR around, it resulted in needing full strip and rebuild. Due to the state of the grave digger shell, cage and snapped axle housing's I took the opportunity to try customise it. I struggled to get the JConcepts shells I wanted as I'm based in the UK but saw ModelSport had a single Ford 1979 F250 shell in, however it looks like this is 1" too short for the ideal fit on the LMT chassis and stickers say Ford F150 on?!? so I've had to cut the shell at the back a bit and the archs don't fully line up unfortunately but it's turned out OK. The stock battery holder had surprisingly snapped at the strap end where it mounts on the chassis so I've customised it and managed to make it sit lower in the chassis to try an get rid of the 'top heaviness' of the LMT. I've painted the stock green plastics using Tamiya plastic black paint and the wheels. Here are some pics, sorry they're not amazing; I hope you like.
  3. Yea I've looked at the JConcepts bodies however all UK supplies are just out of stock and give no ETA when I ask about it. Bit of a shame really. Was hoping maybe someone else who's got an LMT in the UK might have some ideas. Doesn't look like JConcepts have UK based stock
  4. Does anyone have any good recommendations for body shells for the LMT (without cage) that are available in the UK? I'm struggling to find any in stock.
  5. I've never had one, but I'd say keep it. There's a reason it's sat in your cupboard for 6 years . - I'd rather have one epic kit/model than loads of average ones - If for some reason you don't buy the other kits/models then you'll be left with boring pile of money - BB might rise in value more - Try put other money aside to gather other wanted kits, then you get to have them all
  6. Postman brought me a Losi LMT, probably the biggest RC car I've actually owned...really looking forward to running this one. Top Force for scale
  7. Another vote for MCI, I've used them on a few of my kits when the proper Tamiya ones are hard to get and the results have always been good.
  8. My brother kindly sorted me a Top Force with spare Evolution bits he had collected. So I could have a shelf queen rep (although I'm tempted to get some electrics to run it), finished applying the decals today
  9. Finally got some wheels for my Mansell inspired BTCC Mondeo; red number 5 :p
  10. Almost finished my FF01 Mondeo shell, going to make this one the Mansell #5 & just need some wheels.
  11. Thanks for the replies so far!. I have seen a few sets of the Mondeo wheels pop up on eBay but they haven't been great condition. They look pretty nice Juggular, could actually be a cooler alternative to the standard wheels especially with the added dish they have.
  12. Hello, Tamiya 50550(Mondeo) and/or Tamiya 50522(Blazing Star or Celica) wheels wanted. I'm based in West Yorkshire (UK) Currently building a Tamiya Mondeo and struggling to get hold of some wheels for it, wondered if anyone had either of the above sets in decent condition they'd be willing to sell? Figured the Tamiya 50522's would be slightly easier although not box art. Thanks in advance, Matt.
  13. Finally got around to finishing my Jordan 191, here it is with my Williams;
  14. Some great ideas, unsure if anyone would use these but I recently came across the 'Besta Frame' (120 x 40 x 38) in Ikea, I think it's meant to be part of a lounge/TV setup but I just bought the frame part ~ £25 each! Anyway to give you an idea I've put a few of my RC's in and you can see there's tonnes of space, some shorter models can go long ways in, you can buy shelves and probably have 2 per slot. Also they're wall mountable which if I get around to it will look great.
  15. Picked this up of eBay, just need to find a chassis now
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