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  1. Finally got around to finishing my Jordan 191, here it is with my Williams;
  2. Some great ideas, unsure if anyone would use these but I recently came across the 'Besta Frame' (120 x 40 x 38) in Ikea, I think it's meant to be part of a lounge/TV setup but I just bought the frame part ~ £25 each! Anyway to give you an idea I've put a few of my RC's in and you can see there's tonnes of space, some shorter models can go long ways in, you can buy shelves and probably have 2 per slot. Also they're wall mountable which if I get around to it will look great.
  3. Picked this up of eBay, just need to find a chassis now
  4. Hey, Sorry for slow reply!! This is the seller, he doesn't state postage to the UK on his listings but I just PM'd him and he was more than happy to help https://www.ebay.com/str/0-01shop-store?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  5. An eBay seller in Japan, I had to ask for postage costs, it worked out around £35 and came with the Japanese 'Sonic the Hedgehog' decal set haha.. needless to say I didn't use those stickers other than the 'Camel' as the MCI Racing set didn't have them. I'll find the seller if you like, my brother bought a 1/10 Jordan 191 shell too for his F104W and it's turned out pretty good.
  6. Shocking phone picture, I got fed up of my RC's been sat on the floor so put some questionable shelving up for some of my cars.
  7. Finished my FW14 Nigel Mansell shell today, it's not perfect but the decals were surprisingly difficult - repo shell and stickers though.
  8. I use the Ikea one shown in the above videos for my 1:18's, in terms of 1/10 Tamiya's though you'd have the take the side glass panels out in order to fit most in. examples like the Hornet don't even fit at an angle but then again for what you get it's very cheap. I use 'floating shelves' for most of mine now but the Argos glass cabinets are the best I've used but I stupidly got rid of them.. they're severely over priced too; http://www.argos.co.uk/product/6141152 Probably the worst photo ever but gives an idea of space, TA01 190e;
  9. Yup it's up there with the Jordan 191. The shell is work in progress at the moment. will be 1992 Nigel Mansell
  10. FW14 F102 project - chassis pretty much restored with replaced missing parts, got new foams ready too but as it'll be a runner gonna try get a bit more life out of the current ones. Electric's in
  11. Sorry to bump up an old thread but looking for some help. I've had the Code RC core sport non LCD for few years (CR153) and run 2 of the receivers. I've looked around and am i right in thinking it's no longer possible to source the receivers?.. alternatively does anyone know if the new Code RC Core CR277 receiver will work with my CR153?? I don't really want to be buying a full new system and I've never been a fan of the 'gun/wheel' type transmitters. This is the one I have:
  12. Good to hear! my first set from MCI but my brother got a custom set made for one of his Top Forces and they look great.
  13. Umm not official but best I can find for my F102 FW14 project. 😉
  14. Won this on ebay, was listed as a F103 but it's a F102. Has a 3.5T brushless and a 1/8 scale 120A ESC in it.. not sure who's crazy enough to run that turn of motor in a F102 chassis but it's seems to be in decent condition, i'm going to strip it down and rebuild it...so the hunt for impossible to find F102 parts is on.
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