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  1. Hi, been offered a NIB THUNDER SHOT VINTAGE, as part of a trade. Never been my favorite car, but at the same time I've never had one. question is what's it worth NIB ? Thanks for your reply in advance.
  2. Hi, I've restored a Vintage HOT SHOT and HOT SHOT II To add to my collection. Always wanted a SUPER SHOT to make a Trio. Purchased one last year that went straight on the shelf, but after close inspection I'm dubious if it's not a SUPER HOT SHOT RERE With repro Decals. Is there any tell tale signs for me gauge ? Thanks for your Help.
  3. Done a little research and think it's a baja king, am I right ?
  4. Just picked this up. Running with 2 batteries, 2 chargers, acoms receiver and a beatties bag ,but don't know what it is and neither did the seller. £ 32.00 all in.
  5. Hi guys and thanks for your replies. It's been a great learning curve. Spent a few hours on the GH2 and here's how far I've got ! Last night: Decals removed, cleaned, sanded to remove all the scratches, plastic primered and the wheels sanded back and cleaned. This evening 2 coats of Retro Ford Brilliant White which was the colour of my Escort XR3i back in 88 when the GH2 was first released. Suspension stripped and cleaned. Enough for one night. Kebab order on its way and watching master Chef. What a Rock Star Life !!!
  6. Grasshopper 2 original 58074. Loft find, given to me today by a friend. Car seems all there and asking for a restoration ! Included in the box is a range of servos, batteries, frog body, msc, wheels etc. Any idea what the some of the parts could be from. Thanks in advance.
  7. thankyou very much for your reply and link. Can't wait to try it and get her back to Box Art.
  8. Arrived today. A great BUY IT NOW, EBAY PURCHASE. £100. In amazing condition, with un applied wing mirrors, remaining decals, boxed with Acoms. I want to get it to box art and wondered if it's possible to strip the paint from the rear of the Lexan so I can paint it blue ? Any advice appreciated
  9. Hi, Thanks for all your comments. This is the result. I used the right hand car as a donor. Transfered the 4 WD driveshaft and gear box cogs over. Lots of cleaning, new receiver in my spares box, Mercedes SLS Body and wheels, slick tyres. Lancia Delta body running. Quite happy with the result. t.
  10. Been given both of these chassis by a mate of mine. He's unsure what chassis they are and which shell would have originally been on them, or which shells would fit on them. I have a new Porsche RSR shell but the chassis wheel base is too long. Can this be shortened. Sorry for all the questions. Thank you in advance.
  11. Just got home from work to find this waiting for me in the living room. It's in great shape, just going to give her a polish and clean up and into the display cabinet. I think I need another cabinet, tried to purswade the Mrs for me to get another in the dining room, but fell on deaf ears. Saying that 2 months ago she said the cars were not coming into the house. I won !!! Too many cars in the garage and not enough space.
  12. Hi Gents, thanks for you comments. S-PCS thanks for you solution, I'll try it tomorrow and let you know how I get on. Cheers.
  13. Hi, first time posting. I'm in the process of restoring an original Hotshot. Original body and decals sourced from Switzerland , new heat sink resistors from the USA, as it was fitted with the later box style. The help I need is the motor had the 80's ballon bag fitted which is mainly fried, crusted and stuck to the motor. Has anyone got any great ideas on how to remove the fried rubber from the case ? I could add a later motor but apart from a wheel attachment I've used vintage parts and want to keep it that way, as I have done with my HSII. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Or has anyone got a period 540 with red and black leads, not yellow and green. Thank you in advance.
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