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  1. Old topic, but when i try to login to the main site, i cant, when i goto reset my password it tells me, that im not registtered there, and get the below error i tried to log a ticket with the help system? never heard from that How do i go about getting back into the main page so i can update my models etc ? thanks
  2. Up for sale is my NIB R8R. Located in Australia, but will ship internatioanlly. This has just been sitting around for years never used, so time to pass it on. Audi R8R Happy to take offers Currently up on ebay for $250 + shipping, will take down if anyone here is interested,
  3. I heard that the one I bought was one of the last few in Aus, might have to keep it in its box for a while now.
  4. Just bought myself the last one in a LHS tonight, going to pick it up tomorrow, cannot wait, always wanted one of these back in the day
  5. I also consider myself a long term member, just no where near the caliber of those you have mentioned I have lapsed in and out of the hobby, getting the itch to spend up big and kick start my collection again, if only I had room for them all as it is !. Work commitments and other assorted real life things happen to make you get out of it for a while, but once you have started collecting RC, then you will always come back Here is a question, my member number is 4937, at least thats what it says when you hover over my name, but my showroom ID is 3471 .. How come they are different ?
  6. 1. Avante, always loved that car and never could afford one, time to buy one i think ! 2. Manta Ray - have a re-re still NIB at home in the closet, it wont be going anywhere for a while. 3. Mclaren F1 car - Have always wanted to build one Or one of the half a dozen or so NIBs that i still have sitting around both re-re's and some original stock of some random kits
  7. Chris, 33 Just moved to Brisbane from Adelaide this year. In the Southern Suburbs of Brisbane.
  8. Cant wait this is a must have!
  9. Nice work Making me want one more and more now
  10. I also get that error on any of the chassis' that I try. Just tried a TT01E and had the same problem. I am guessing its to do with the way that link formats its URL That is what i see as the URL when i try to click on it. Rather then When you click on the chassis list from http://www.tamiyaclub.com/cars_chassis.asp
  11. When I try to click on the link on the car page, that will list what other models use the same chassis as the one I am currently looking at, I get the following error - "An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator." Is this a known issue at all ? I was bored at work, so I decided to include pictures Cheers Chris
  12. Put in a paypal claim for the entire amount including shipping. Why let him have any amount, as he has mislead you with the auction, as its significantly not as described. Go for everything and let paypal sort it out. If he has done it before it will only help your case against him. Do you use a credit card linked to your paypal account, can also try a charge back from your credit card provider as well. Chris
  13. Build a big Pyramid and take them all with me ! Got to have something for the after life
  14. Absolutely ! No Guts no Glory is pretty good too
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