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  1. Try https://www.3dhubs.com/ I have had some small bits done through them cheaply, good service too.
  2. Newer absima units have a set button, this one doesn't. My cars are for my niece and nephew to mess around with really, 20 mins is long enough and as they are used fairly infrequently nimh is ideal as I don't need to worry too much about storing/charging. Getting a brushless setup was just curiosity really, never had them when I was a lad!
  3. I really want one of those group C chassis with the Street Devil body, but they are quite rare, especially with that body.
  4. Rather than superglue try putting an elastic band around the wheel in the grooves that the tyre sits in, the friction between the two rubber surfaces prevents them slipping.
  5. Thanks all. Juls1 - I don't have a manual, I think this is the one for the esc: http://www.produktinfo.conrad.com/datenblaetter/225000-249999/239490-an-01-ml-1_10_BRUSHLESS_MOTOR_THRUST_BL_de_en_fr.pdf There is no port or wire to plug in a programmer.
  6. Probably a df02 buggy. Jason on here pointed me in the direction of a 60amp no name Chinese esc for £10, so may give that a go then. Thanks.
  7. £12 is still pretty cheap for a motor, so I wouldn't worry too much - I wonder how much the full setup is when he has them.. Thanks for the explanation, never occurred to me that it would be reliant on the battery, but makes sense. I actually only have nimh at the moment as they are easier to handle. Thanks for that link, for £9 I might give one of those a go. Its probably going to go in a DF02 buggy as that has a weak motor, but I have a TT-01 and a TL-01 it could go in too. I do have the esc for the motor, but it has a drag brake function which stops the motor dead when you release the throttle which results in a quite alarming crack sound as the gearbox locks up, why Absima made it like that I have no idea and seemingly there is no way to program it, hence replacing the esc with something else. I only bought it because I was curious about brushless stuff - it was all about modifieds that you could alter timing on in my day!
  8. If that compressor is slow a air tank might not solve your problem - if you use the air from the tank quicker than that thing can refill it you'll experience a pressure drop whilst spraying, which can cause all sorts of problems. One answer to this is have a big tank so you have plenty of air available, thus reducing the chance of significant pressure drop - the problem ith that is it could take a very long time to fill the tank. What I'd suggest is you just buy the right thing for the job, if you search ebay for AS186 compressor you should fine entire kits that have compressor, tank, hose and an airbirush or two. I have this setup : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Air-Compressor-Kit-Model-AS186K-With-Airbrush/232898202486?hash=item3639d08b76:g:pIkAAOSwC6xbR53s Note how big the compressor is, it is easily able to maintain pressure in the tank. Appreciate that you are in Croatia,these are just chinese units that are being resold by people in the UK - if you can't find any sellers in your country I'd check other EU countries and see how much shipping is.
  9. Out of stock for ESC + motor and esc + motor + card, just the motor left for £11.99 now. How do you match an ESC to a brushless motor? brushed you just go y the turn limit ? I have a 3050Kv motor that I want to get an ESC for, but don't know how to match one up (non sensored, 3 wire connection)
  10. Over the last week: TL-01 refitted with all electronics and also replaced the last 4 plastic bushes with bearings (the 4 on the ends of the driveshaft). The car has an old schumacher formula motor, which has jammed up a couple of times - I grabbed the output shaft with some pliers and was able to free it - works fine. It has jammed once or twice, sometimes it frees without having to manually do it, when I've freed it up it sort of feels like the armature is touching the magnet in the can. I can't find any play in bearings - I tried to take it apart but although the brushes are replaceable I can't get the end cap off (tabs on the can are pushed in to hold it on and I can't release them). Not sure whats going on, but its fast when its going! TT-01E fitted with the electronics it came with - HPI saturn 20T motor and a tamiya ESC. works fine.. WR-01 rebuilt from the pile of bits, I was waiting for the bearings from RC Bearings. I have a dual output hobbywing esc on the way for this. Could do with some help on brushless setups if anyone can help ! See:
  11. I bought this Absima brushless setup from ebay http://electro24.cz/detail-466519-brushless-motor-absima-thrust-bl-10-brushless-regulator-absima-thrust-a10/ It works fine, but it has a really weird quirk that when you back off the throttle there is a drag brake that stops the motor dead, when fitted to a car this often results in a rather alarming crack as the gearboxes lock up. It appears that there is no way to program the ESC so unless someone has a way to reduce the drag brake I was going to get another esc - but I'm not really up with all this brushless malarky, so not really sure what I need. The motor is labelled at "10T", which from what I gather doesn't mean all that much with brushless. This page quotes it as being 3050Kv, this one quotes 3420Kv https://www.trxxs-winkel.nl/absima-brushless-combo-thrust-p-7117.html as per the first link, the esc is rated at 80A. Can I get away with a Hobbywing 10BL60 which is only 60A ? http://www.hobbywing.com/goods.php?id=355&filter_attr=5426.5599 Any others I should go for, maybe one of the trackstars from hobbywing ? Thanks
  12. mtroniks have a few escs that have no motor limit http://www.mtroniks.net/cat/car-speed-controls
  13. I wouldn't get a 1060 for a Pumpkin/Lunchbox. The reason is that the wires are too short, it will be a stretch to reach the motor (but is possible) and to plug/unplug the battery you'll need to take the body off, which quickly tuns in to a pain in the *******. I say get a tamiya ESC. It will be a few quid more than the 1060, but will work out better. I'e got a 1040 esc in a pumpkin and a tamiya esc in a lunchbox (same chassis)., also have a 1060 in another car. Far as battery and charger - keep it simple and cheap and go for nimh rather than lipo, this should give you ~20 minute run time, about 40 minutes charge time @ 5 amp https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-3000mah-NiMH-RC-Rechargeable-Battery-Pack-and-Fast-Charger-Combo-7-2-Volt/231052454861?hash=item35cbccabcd:g:s2gAAOSw8gVX4oQa This https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-TBLE-02-ESC-Brushed-and-Brushless-ESC-Electronic-Speed-Controller-45067/371232532685?epid=1050229854&hash=item566f2ee8cd:g:a-EAAOSwo8hTpBxt or this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-Electronic-Speed-Controller-ESC-TBLE-02S-Brushed-Brushless-Frog-Hornet/283020495019?hash=item41e55608ab:g:utgAAOSw3RZaQjr- esc will be fine.
  14. You can just use that thinners through the gun (undiluted) to clean it. I expect that little bottle was expensive though - find a local car paint supplier and just buy a litre bottle of thinners, should be about £7 or £8. You might even get away with using methylated spirit. When I clean mine I clean the cup out, unscrew the front bit and wipe the needle clean, then run water through it to get rid of the worst and then run meths through it until it comes out clear.
  15. That was probably me who suggested gixen. It is free to use and will automatically bid 5 seconds before the auction ends. Prevents bidding wars. The way it works is you give gixen permission to log in to your eBay account. Then you give it the auction number and your top price, that's it - just check at the end of the auction to see if you won. You can still lose auctions if 1) someone out bids you, either by increasing past your max bid or by using another similar tool and bidding more right at the end. 2) your bid doesn't meet reserve. 3) item removed from sale or ends via a buy it now 3) this one is probably rare, but you might not bid enough, for example I put a max price of something like 20.36 didn't win it, the winning bid was 20.00 . The minimum increment was £1 so my bid wasn't enough even though it was more than the current bidder (and eventual winner). I've had good success with it, I outbid someone on my monster beetle by something like 30p. I find it handy to just set a bid rather than remember when auctions are ending. Gixen do have cheap paid for accounts, but I've not really seem the need. It can do group bids ( I think it means if there are 5 auctions of the same item it will bid on them all to try and secure one of them), but I haven't ever had the need to use it. Give it a go, just don't bid on the stuff I want
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