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  1. Little pack of goddies finally arrived from Japan after being ordered on June 13th This includes the uprights for the TA03F that I can finally get to rebuild, its been living in an ice cream tub for the last couple of months.
  2. 1) Possibly the brake setting yes, you can change it by moving the pin jumper. see the manual here: https://www.hobbywing.com/products/enpdf/QuicRunWP1625-WP860-WP1060.pdf 2) So let me get this right, if you set trim position to the middle, wheels spin forwards at say 7/10, but if you push the trim all the way forwards the wheels then turn in reverse (and faster) ? With the trim in the middle, is reverse faster than forwards ?
  3. What exactly do you mean by " moved the shocks to a more scale look" ? What car is it ?
  4. I've seen some daft prices on ebay too, but everything is seeing an uptick in prices I think, I've seen TL-01s with battered shell/wheels go for over £100 snd even bare chassis with bits missing for over £60. Bare stock TT01 chassis with a mk2 escort body go for £200-300+, a on road chassis with a E30 BMW shell for £600 and so on. My perception is that sold prices are starting to drop a little and there's alot of stuff with high "buy it now" that go unsold. I see quite a lot of stuff relisted. I haven't bought anything recently, but did buy a few cars a little while back, but I passed up many that were just headed to silly money. I reckon some people have looked on ebay and seen rare NIB kits for hundreds and just assumed the dusty, trashed, common model in the loft is worth the same.
  5. thanks, been reading similar reports and its put me off to be honest. Apparently the motors are quite good but the esc isn't the best. Thinking about the SMD ones that modelsport sell (see below), on the basis that they probably don't sell stuff that has lots of comebacks..
  6. +1 on rc bearings, if you order direct they are usually with you in a day or two, even in the current situation. I also didn't know about discount!
  7. Considering one of these for my TT02, any experience or suggestions for a inexpensive esc/motor combo ? Needs to be 3S or revert to good old Nimh https://smddirect.co.uk/collections/smd-brushless-combos/products/jbr365039c-v2-brushless-combo-3900kv-60amp-esc Avoiding GoolRC stuff after seeing reports of fire(!) and stuttering/cogging etc
  8. really, hmmm I will go check my 02R!
  9. the 02R manual says to put a rubber o-ring in the prop cups, hence the slack. I guess they don't want the ball of the prop rubbing in the cup
  10. Thats pretty cool Jonathan, hope you and he have fun with it! If you want to do the gearbox brace (I think its worth it) there is an .stl file on thingiverse if you know someone with a 3d printer or can get one printed. The only warning is that there is an error in the file and the slicer software tries to print it as two bits, when I've had them printed before the printer has fixed the issue and printed them just fine.. Of course you can order form shapeways, but the post ot the UK is expensive and I assume would be to NZ too.
  11. In the hop up kit, I think so yes, I took it from the above you were re-using old shocks or buying them loose, hence mentioning it - nothing more annoying than setting out to do a job to find you need other bits!
  12. All 4 shocks (yellow CVAs) on my pumpkin are 85mm eye to eye. Can't be sure but I think this may be the official upgrade set. You need 2 U shaped brackets for the front top mount when fitting them, they're exactly the same as the back ones - these things
  13. Back in the day (christ I sound old..) you'd get that sort of stutter with radio interference, sometimes low battery in the transmitter etc. Have you run this transmitter/receiver with another ESC and found it to be ok ? Does the ESC have a throttle alignment in setup you could try ? I was thinking of getting a goolrc set, but this sort of thing and the picture of a very similar unit that caught fire is kind of putting me off.. Aisde from all that tell us more about the lights setup you've got ther, they look pretty good ?
  14. I've run one of these with a 1060, works fine no problems at all https://www.modelsport.co.uk/hpi-firebolt-15t-motor-540-type-/rc-car-products/29609
  15. I've been looking at thes setups, but this post just put me right off!
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