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  1. Maybe too late for the OP, but I found yet another way to do this. See: https://www.stlfinder.com/model/rear-suspension-bar-for-tamiya-lunchbox-A8ylfpa8/4573824 This fits in the chassis, above the gearbox and simply jams it, preventing the gearbox moving up and down in that slot. I guess provided its long enough it can't ever fall out. Tempted to give it a try. There are quite a few interesting bits on that site, you can download some of the .stl files for free and then just get a place to print them. Pintopower's "ampro" bits are on there too and link through to shapeways so you can order. Edit: thinking about it, I wonder if it would be possible to print this part: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2420530 with the slot filled in that the gearbox normally sits in, thus it can't move up and down any more.
  2. Thanks for the TA01 details, I saw some pictures that seemed to show shorter arms, I'll stick with the buggy set up. So, I have some more questions.. Diffs/gearbox seem fine and I didn't think there was much damage elsewhere until I went to undo the lower screws for the rear gearbox and found the casing has snapped and the screws were doing nothing! new one on the way. A few questions: The front shock mount had an alarming amount of flex, because it was broken - it was always a weak point, so I've ordered top force mounts. Looking at the top force manual, it used some sleeves for the shock mounts, does anyone know of a source? they are in the balljoint bag, part number 9405709 https://tamiyabase.com/index.php?option=com_joodb&view=article&joobase=10&id=4413&Itemid=775 happy to buy the whole bag as I need other parts from it anyway. The motor pinion was with the car and its an 18 tooth. I'll probably stay with a brushed motor and was thinking about somwhere around a 20 turn - modelsport have a whole bunch of motors, are the SMD ones any good ? I'll probably get a simple ESC like an Mtroniks. Currently looking for stick radio that is half decent - the cheap futaba set looks horrendous, the cheap absima and carson sets are worse and don't seem to have great reliability either. The body is completely missing the nose, so needs replacing. It also it doesn't really fit the undertray (see below) - I could at least make the front part seal with a bit of velcro. Alternatively I could use the original chassis tub (I still have it) or there are the old racecraft bodies available, which obviously are a different shape. Not sure which way to go - suggestions ?
  3. Sorry, moved to original thread:
  4. After many years of languishing in the loft (alongside a super sabre) I've dragged my original Manta Ray in to the daylight. [mg]/ From the stickers on the body, this is a racecraft FRP chassis (I have the original too). The car also has bearings instead of the plastic ones that come in the kit, there may be a few more bits and pieces I've forgotten too. The front shock mount is very weak on one side and moves quite a bit if you just push the suspension up and down, can I use a stock "top force" part ? I used to have a Tekin esc and had high capacity batteries I got from a guy who used to race various cars, all that and the radio gear is long gone, so I need a few bits to make it go again, how is this for a list ? Lots have changed since I paid any attention, so if there are better alternatives let me know! Radio (I want to stay with a sticks): https://www.modelsport.co.uk/absima-sr2s-2-channel-2-4ghz-radio-control-system-stick-radio/rc-car-products/407387 Servo: https://www.modelsport.co.uk/absima-servo-s60ph-6kg-25t-jr/rc-car-products/381460 ESC: https://www.modelsport.co.uk/modelsport-uk-sniper-rv-12/rc-car-products/31550 Battery: https://www.modelsport.co.uk/overlander-3300-stick-pack-8-4v/rc-car-products/389127 Motor: https://www.modelsport.co.uk/smd-power-tuned-brushed-modified-motor-21-turn/rc-car-products/428008 Charger: https://www.modelsport.co.uk/fusion-vector-nx86-delta-peak-ac-dc-fast-charger/rc-car-products/394915 I'm hoping that the straps will hold the battery well enough, I can remember soldering the batteries together to make "saddle" packs back in the day, but I don't see any for sale now. The only thing I couldn't track down is the wiring of the asima receiver - the ESC (its an mtroniks) instruction manual shows the wiring for futaba / acoms etc but not absima, does anyone know if its the same as another manufacturer ? the other question I had was I understand that this chassis was also later used as the TA01 with shorter shocks - if I buy the shorter shock mounts (front and back) and some shorter shocks (I believe TA01 were 55mm) is that all I need to transform it? The Manta Ray body is rough so I was thinking I could run one of the touring car bodies instead. Does anyone have a suggestion for shorter shocks ? Thanks
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