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  1. No they aren't the same mould but I guess similar - look at the front window (Edit: rear wing, mirrors and windscreen wipers all different too, also the 58128 comes with clear windows and a driver, the other two don't). The real car had the same thing on the windows too Campaigned in DTM and ITC apparently. Is the 58128 body available ?
  2. I have been naughty and ordered a TT-02R from tamico. My TA03F needs a shell, it might get this one or a Repsol cosworth. The Alfa one on the TL-01 is well battered and I'm in two minds on that one - I can't get the original sticker sheet any more, but can get the shell (when in stock) so I could just do it plain white or get a martini sticker sheet (not sure if tamiya decals are available, but I know MCI ones are, albeit it at £40! ). My TL-1 is: Martini version is Would like to do a Lancia as well.. I do have a Merc AMG GT shell I got off ebay but it needs a TT01/2 under it because the TL-01 body posts are in a different place and I don't really want to make more holes in the body. My TT01E is already carrying the Subaru Impreza NBR shell.. I would just buy another cheap chassis off ebay, but prices are daft at the minute.
  3. Shift up a bit, not many seats left in here!
  4. Try ebay item 193441533903, seller "kk-318" I bought 3 on 14th May, delivered on the 19th. Undoubtedly Chinese, but I wondered if he was drop shipping to get them that quickly (which was faster than he quoted).
  5. banggood stock them. Found on amazon too, as "AKDSteel" quoting 6-10 days delivery.
  6. flysky/turnigy stuff will also bind to some other brands - I have an absima receiver that I can bind to my flysky transmitters. Avoid the Flysky FS-GT3B, it takes 8 AA cells, the new C model has a recharageable battery, which is a far better idea. People have fitted lipos to the B model but by the time you've done that its no cheaper and you may as well just get the C.
  7. I use this board, its about 2 feet square and helps stop bits go rolling off never to be seen again. It also means you don't need to pack stuff away, just lift it up and put it somewhere out of the way and return later. Its just made from MDF some baton around the edges, that probably stands 40mm or so off the base.
  8. Put the first coat of primer on the pumpkin & lunchbox body. I'll give them a light sand back and another coat, hopefully be ready for colour then.
  9. Note the offer ends tonight if you want to go that way
  10. https://tamico.de/navi.php?a=111226&lang=eng Will break budget by the time you get electric and a body on it. L&L models do various E30 shells. I think you need an M series chassis for a mini to get wheelbase right ?
  11. I spotted that TT-02R deal. Tempted as there are a few bodies I want to do and that would be a good chassis to wear one and its not a bad deal with all the hop ups. Problems is I don't really need it..
  12. L & L Models have some stock of their mk2 escort shell, they do quite a few others but he's been struggling to keep stock as supply is short and lots of people are buying stuff.
  13. Yeah I've been passing on a lot of stuff too, which is a good thing because I don't really need it. There is still some cheap bits and pieces, but you have to dig for them. Yes its a good time to sell if you want to offload stuff.
  14. I tried to get a spray of de-solv-it from B&Q, local store have a space and sticker on the shelf, their website says their stores don't stock it. I ordered for click & collect, it got refunded in a day or two as they were not able to supply. You could try isopropyl alcohol (make sure its 99%). I've used this just recently by applying with a brush and then covering (e.g. in a plastic bag) so it doesn't evaporate. leave it say 45 minutes and then use an old toothbrush to agitate and then re-apply if needed, repeat again if needed. I've not had any issues with it softening plastic but I might be a bit hesitant about submerging it without further research. I did try some "no nonsense paint remover" from screwfix, while that was ok on polycarbonate it did make plastic go a bit gooey, so I would avoid that one.
  15. You know, you're quite right, for some reason that older thread didn't click. Oh well, never mind thanks!
  16. From an ebay auction, no name or manufacturer named... Gut feel is they are kyosho for some reason.. They look kinda like Astro Supremes, but the tyres on them suggest the car they are from is maybe race inspiried? Astro Supreme for reference
  17. I saw a set on ebay for £75 I think the best route at this time is 3d printing. I was going to see how difficult it is to draw a complex shape like a wheel at some point. The foam tyres are apparently the same part number as the F103L chassis, so I guess they are different from the F1 (I would guess F1 are narrower?) https://tamiyabase.com/index.php?option=com_joodb&view=article&joobase=10&id=1059&Itemid=775 https://tamiyabase.com/index.php?option=com_joodb&view=article&joobase=10&id=1060&Itemid=775
  18. Even the nimh's are significantly better than the old nicads. Lipo moreso, but a bit of a pain to look after and may be overkill for just a bit of fun. Yes the chargers are a bit more complex nowadays! imho use nimh, stick it on say 3 or 4 amps and that'll do. What you can get now that you might see some benefit in id dual chargers that will charge two batteries at once, so if you and your son want to go have a play you don't have ot wait for batteries to charge one after the other. The 1060 is a great little device.
  19. Or just set up your snipe and press the "pay" button when you get the win notification ?
  20. Same here, I do not understand why people bid on stuff with 6 days to go, even if bidding manually why not wait until the end ? Its weird.
  21. keep counting, you guys are making me feel better I have been trying not to buy more recently, certainly not for the prices that a lot of stuff is on ebay. TL-01s are going for £80 or more. Nothing against the TL-01 but prices only increase from there! I do have a list of "wants" for parts, mostly body shells but thats at the whim of Tamiya re-releasing them.
  22. If you just want labels to identify things you can get label makers, they print whatever you type in If you want proper stickers like the ones in your link you can probably find a printer who will make them if you give them a design, this sort of thing: https://www.stickeryou.com/en-gb/products/decals/535
  23. Doesn't GT3C have a recharagable battery ? Other option if you like sticks in the i6, which only takes 4 batteries too.
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