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  1. For your next job maybe he'd like a Subaru NBR shell next, three different colours and somewhere over 100 stickers !
  2. Drive pins for the wheels - replacement for the TL-01 that lost one a week or so ago Gearbox shaft for the CW-01 which was missing when I got it 850 bearing for the CW-01, someone had replaced all the 1150s but left this one Paint remover - hopefully enough to get the pumpkin body stripped Still to come: Paint for pumpkin & monster beetle TA05IFS TA03F Gearbox housings for CW-01 Rollbar for pumpkin Chrome & glass pieces for CW-01s I think I need to keep off ebay
  3. I don't know what is compatible with the Carson but I have flysky TX/RX. TX is about £30 and the RX about £4-5 each. Might be the cheapest way out of the situation..
  4. Yes to decals, but I don't think the blue works and the red is maybe a bit lost. What about ordering a custom set from MCI racing so you can change the colours ? Maybe a purple for the blue would stand out if thats what you want ?
  5. Top one looks to be metal, maybe aluminium ? I think I'd put it over the wire wheel on a bench grinder, see if it cleans up. Is the second one chromed ? kinda looks like it but I can't be sure - either that or its polished stainless. If its chromed, there isn't much you can do, a bit of polish will tidy it up a bit, you can rub aluminium foil to remove rust and corrosion. If it is stainless you can clean a lot up with rough spandpaper, then go finer grain and eventually you can polish it with "soap" and mop wheels like: This will work for the top one too if it is aluminium, just be aware that you'd be removing material to refinish the surface. I would probably mount it in a pillar drill set to the slowest speed and use thin strip of sandpaper to clean it up in the first instance.
  6. I think you're mistaking the terms "negative offset" and "postive offset" with the actual measurements. 26mm +6mm offset, notice how far back the mounting face is, this would widen track because the outside lip of the rim would be a long way from the mounting hub. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/hpi-work-meister-s1-wheel-green-6mm-offset-2pcs-/rc-car-products/375287 26mm 0mm offset, the mounting face is visibily forwards compared to the +6mm ones. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/hpi-work-meister-s1-wheel-green-26mm-0mm-os-2pcs-/rc-car-products/383040 9mm version moves mounting face even further back, widening the track more: https://www.modelsport.co.uk/hpi-work-meister-s1-wheel-green-9mm-offset-2pcs-/rc-car-products/376425 Technically you could call this 6mm and 9mm negative offset, but wheels are not advertised in that way - just simply "6mm offset", hence what I said. This is why backspace is far more simple
  7. Should be ok, provided whatever webs/structure is inside the wheel clear the hub. If its a buggy I guess you don't have bodywork to worry about (like on a touring car body).
  8. On real cars 0 offset means the mounting face of the wheel is exactly in the middle of the wheel. Usually a postive number means material is added to the mounting face, so the mounting face is closer to the inside of the wheel, this has the effect of pushing the wheel further out of the arch. A negative offset means the mounting face is closer to the outside rim of the wheel, thus the wheel out move in to the arch (compared to 0 offset). Another term that doesn't seem to be used in RC is backspace, this is the distance from the back edge of the wheel to the mounting face. Imagine a ruler placed across the back of the wheel and then another going from mounting face to the first ruler, whatever measurement is shown on the second ruler is the backspace. You can think of it as "space in the back".
  9. Thanks, I did some reading and it seems the wheels are 2.1", hence 2.2" don't fit. Apparently you can stretch 2" Schumacher tyres, so I might see if they are easier/cheaper to get.
  10. The Subaru NBR went from : To : Still some more stickers to do. Its a long way from perfect but should look ok. Also, the star wheels turned up for the plasma edge, looks so much better than the black wheels it came with, unfortunately the tyres appear to be 2.2" and don't fit either wheel properly, they get ripped off when driving it. Looks like i need to buy original tyres or top force ones ?
  11. Thanks for the pointers, immediate problem is that B&Q appear to no longer sell de-solv-it graffiti remover and there is still some paint to remove from the pumpkin body I'll look around at other options, would rather not use brake fluid or oven cleaner
  12. How about an original release red one? ignore the price.. its only money https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-Monster-Beetle-Kit-No-58060-Vintage-NIB/143616822927
  13. do you use tamiya primers @jonboy1 or just plastic primer from halfords etc ?
  14. Early delivery this morning, 3D printed parts for CW-01. From left to right: Front strut brace x2 Wheelie bar wheels x4 Lunch box body pegs x8 Axle braces x2 Pumpkin body rear monts x4 Pumpkin body front mounts x 4 Printing by www.thirty6.co.uk models from www.thingiverse.com except the wheel one, which I need to upload there. One note - the model for the axle brace is incorrect, it forces the slicer software to print it in two parts, they corrected the model and re-printed for me. So just be aware if you're taking models from there and getting them printed.
  15. I can't imagine that they will re-release anything else this year given the way things are, probably just prepare up for next year now
  16. I want the Street Devil re-released. I learnt yesterday from a poster here that it was Parma who made the body shell.. So if they re-released the Mazda 787B for some 80s nostalgia (or any of the other group C cars) and then Param re-made the street devil shell that'd work too... I think they'd do well to re-release the King Cab or Hilux racer too. I'm sure they'd sell well.
  17. mostly swearing at B&Q. Went to my local store for some de-solv-it graffiti remover, out of stock - there is a space and price sticker on the shelf though. So, go on their website and it says "our stores do not stock this product".. so they keep empty shelf space for products they don't stock ? Available to click & collect, ok, lets do that. Only to find they automatically cancel the order, because its not in stock. I've never been very impressed with them anyway, I shall have to find an alternative I suppose
  18. Tamiya p/n 5072 is the gear itself - appears to be available on its own: https://www.activepowersports.com/tamiya-counter-gear-5072/ It comes as part of the tool bag p/n 19405329 or 9405329
  19. Looks good though, did you use TS- paints or something else ? I'm tempted to use my airbrush but think I need a bigger tip / wider fan...
  20. Prefer the tamiya version personally. There is a kit on uk ebay at the moment, I believe the seller has offered it several times before, but at £400 its a bit too rich for my liking. Apologies to OP for derailing the thread - I think the King Cab or Hilux would be a welcomed re-release! I wonder what other little gems are out there they could re-make, time for a browse on tamiyabase kit database!
  21. Hmm interesting on the street devil body, I wonder who owns the IP on it. If it was Tamiya they might not even need to involve Parma
  22. I wonder if licensing could be an issue - we've seen the monster beetle re-release but the blackfoot / pumpkin re-releases lost the Ford script. How many other re-releases of real cars have there been recently ? I'd really like to see the Street Devil (58174) re-released, it uses the group C chassis so they could re-produce the sportscar bodies too!
  23. Thanks for the replies, yes, no c-clips included, which given the miserable state of the rear suspension is pretty bad. Does anyone know the length of the 50746 cvas ? ideally I want to go for 55mm. I think 50519 are 55mm but not sure if the springs are strong enough. I think its terrible that the suspension is this poor and you have to spend 30% of the kit price to make it even usable. As it is there isn't even enough clearance for the car to run over the box spanner, if you tried to actually use the car it'd just get smashed to bits. I appreciate Tamiya stuff was never top of the tree but this is awful and I'm very disppointed in the kit. I know pgo stick shocks are used on the TT chassis and others too, but at least on those they do actually hold the car up. I can only assume tamiya couldn't be bothered to select a spring that would actually work on the M06. I think I'll stick to buying used cars off ebay in the future and not waste money on new kits that are fundamentally wrong.
  24. this the sort of thing you want ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-58266-rc-1-10-bright-chrome-Spoke-wheels/193482897041?hash=item2d0c7ab691:g:nkkAAOSwfEJezOm-
  25. I've seen a few on ebay now and then but always resisted because of parts - especially body availability. I'd quite like one with the Toyota shell.
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