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  1. the MB is more fun to drive on the beach or just for cruising, but for skatepark and bashing, the 1/16 rally is bulletproof tom4
  2. hello I hope this fit here, as there are some monster beetle footage at the beginning. I tried to see how far a stock monster beetle could jump, and then how far a stock traxxas rally could jump :). https://youtu.be/-sLtMPnVErQ tom4
  3. Hello yesterday, I went to buy a bicycle, and, as it was close to the beach and dunes, I had to take my 2015 monster beetle there. The stock motor is slow, even on 2S lipo, but it's fun (on the other hand, I'm used to fit 2 and 3S powered brushless in pretty much everything). So I thought I'd share it with you : tom4
  4. sold hi I had this car for about 7 years, and I need some space and money for another project. it's a vintage Bruiser, build from bruiser/mounty parts the gearbox is working, I tested it a few weeks ago new tires (modern) will be included no esc included, but a 2.4 radio with receiver and vintages servos (I mean "very old with poor cables but working"). I can send it anywhere in the world, should you pay for postage, the car is in France this could be a runner, or a starting full restoration project. the price with the tires and no shipping is 350€ (that's 275£ or 442$) pictures here : http://freerideattitude.free.fr/2014/bruiser/ thanks for looking tom
  5. Full stock, open diff. I built the car as the manual said to, and just added bearings, velineon and lipo and Will e coyote as a driver of course tom4
  6. Hello it's the stock gearing. The motor is a velineon from traxxas (3500Kv), the esc is a 35A ezrun, and the batterie a lipo 2S used in the traxxas rallye 1/16 I have somewhere a picture of the beach after use tom4
  7. Hello Long time no see, but i'm still around. here is my latest video, a looooooong beach, my rere grasshopper, a velineon lying around, and there we go http://youtu.be/3TvvMm_xyP4 tom4
  8. hello for a project, I need a wild willy 2 complete body, with driver, new or used (used would be better, it will be used "a lot"), as cheap as possible thanks tom4
  9. hello I haven't been on the forum for while, as I kind off stopped driving rc vehicles (I left all of them but the bikes by my parents). I need some room for a new project, and I have my beautiful (yes yes:) ) kyosho harley davidson around: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=59785&sid=3475 and http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=102210&sid=3475 it has been built, used for a magazine photo shooting, but that's it; the radio in it is not working, I put it in just to avoid big empty spaces. I have the box (damaged) and instruction, I'll pack the bike with super extra care. the starting price is 240 euros (to be discussed) thanks for reading mini-ac
  10. Congrats to the winner, and for the first time, I made it to top 10 !! wahouuuuuuuuuuu thanks to everyone who voted for me tom4
  11. burning rubber? I like that tom4, ok, I need matches, fuel and, uhm, a soccer field
  12. hello to begin with - congratulation to the winner, you deserve it, nice car, nice picture - I knew by entering my "humour" picture I had no chance, but for me, taking a picture, setting up the show is more important than the car itself. I truly think that with some work, anyone can make a stunning picture with a nikko car (for example). but when i read some comments on pictures, it feels like for some of the voter, it's more like - uhm, I like the guy who took the pic because 6 month ago, he did some great work on another car, so he gets my vote - uhm, I'm a big ferraborghini fan, and your picture is underlighted, but it feature a ferraborghni Zx58rr, so you get my vote - Hey, I know this place, I went there in vacation with my dog 10 years ago, nice place, you get my vote I know we live in a free world, I don't want to be seen as Mr grumpy (even if I know I will), but seeing the others pictures in the pasts competition, I know I never had a chance to win because of the great work and research of other members, but it also seems to me that the higher placed picture (not the first one, usually, the winner highly deserve it, but the runners up) were not the most impressive pictures, on a photograph mind. I don't want to offense anyone, but maybe the "photo competition" should be renamed in "favorite model competition" tom4, Hope you'll understand what I mean, english's not my mother tongue
  13. mini-ac

    Xmas Comp

    nice nice nice hopefully, i'll get some tamiya stuff under my trees this winter tom4, 4 more time to sleep before theme
  14. very nice picture Mr Wyoming, you deserved to win. I'm very surprised my picture came in the 15th best tom4
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