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    I love to restore Tamiya RC Cars. I am owner and founder of Blix RC Parts, I engineer and produce parts for discontinued Tamiya kits so we can them back on the road!

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  1. Hands down gotta be the Fox for me, Love the looks and the performance epically with the stabilizer bar kit
  2. I love getting completely dilapidated tamiya rc cars and bringing them back to former glory, if anyone has something i would be interested in buying, Thanks for looking!
  3. If you are going brushless, i would strongly suggest getting a 2s or even 3s LiPo you can get some crazy speed out of the 3s i have done is before on the DT02 chassis and its very fun.
  4. Unless you absolutely want original tamiya injected molded parts.
  5. Hello, I started a company https://blixrcparts.weebly.com/ that specializes in reproducing Vintage Tamiya parts. I would love to work with you can create the parts you need. You can see some of my work below
  6. Honestly I believe the Tamiya FOX is the best daily runner. The low slung center of gravity front and rear double wishbone suspension, you can even put stabilizer bars on the front to keep the monoshock from compromising handling since they rereleased it as the nova fox there are plenty of parts. If your interested i have a fox roller i am ready to depart with, i have many spare parts i can through in with it. Just needs electronics and rear wheels
  7. No i was talking about stability with my system, But that is a very nice rig you got there, i think it would be cool to create a product that allows the installation of 100-110mm shocks on the CC01, there is probably no way getting around cutting into the chassis because it would be nice for someone who wants a more user friendly install.
  8. thank you, i always love to get feedback so I can improve the design, I can see where you are coming from, it would make it very unstable during off road use, maybe I could implement a way to put a little tension in the system. Great idea you did on yours looks tough and durable
  9. Hello, I am here to share a new cost effective way to increase suspension travel on the CC01 Chassis. The has been proven to be well designed and to last long. Comes with everything you need to install even spare parts included! Its a fraction of the cost of any of the TAMIYA CC01 Extension Link Kits with 100% of the functionality! https://www.ebay.com/itm/233585123592
  10. It would help me greatly if someone could point me in the right direction
  11. Here is a DB01 with a custom light kit i installed, just liked to shoot it out there for ideas. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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