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  1. The Shelf queen is always an option to have on the ready. Sucks your track closed. Sad when any track closes. My closest track is an hour drive.
  2. If you don't mind non tamiya. Get the yeah racing dampers. They also come in blue.
  3. I run it on black carpet only. I run eam 5200 or the 4800 batteries. 21.5 usgt motor and tires. Are you doing from ssbb towers as well?
  4. Just saw your article on the rcracer. I couldn't post for some reason on there. I think an idea to add a rear battery holder for shorty batteries would be a good update for better as balance. I used one from a ta07 and drilled a hole.
  5. I love it! I think the trf body posts would be a better set up.
  6. Thank you. I searched green amg's and saw one green metallic and loved it. That was the inspiration. The yellow stripe really sets it off too I think.
  7. Buttoned up the euro truck body. Here is my euro truck and TA07 that I will be using in a TCS race this weekend.
  8. Still have many decals to put on and securing the body parts. I've been doing touring car bodies lately and almost forgot how time consuming these tamiya bodies are 😆 I love the detail. Sometimes I love the build more.
  9. Building a euro truck for a tcs race next week
  10. I got this from the tamiya site. I really wish tamiya would stay consistent with colors for their springs.
  11. I was looking through some of my boxes and found this old technigold motor I have. I can't even remember when I got it.
  12. Are the suspension mounts going to have to be filed down. I don't think they should but thought I'd ask. Would you be able to elongate the motor screw mount holes a bit? Maybe another mm would work? I know the gear box may interfere with this but just an idea.
  13. I appreciate the input. I'm having fun with this class right now. I'll get the most out of the car for now plus I'm using the cars I have and really don't want to spend money on another chassis.
  14. Happy Birthday!!! Thank You for providing a place to share the Tamiya love.
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