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  1. I don't have as many cars as some of you but I would say I have just 2 I have an old TA02 I want to restore and my M03 to disassemble and have a good go through.
  2. This is a great tip! tires fit better in the openings.
  3. As nabler37 mentioned is what I did. I used my dremel with a barrel sander. Another option is to use nimh style lipo packs https://www.tqrcracing.com/shop/product_view.asp?p_id=14755 then you won't have to cut anything.
  4. Also I must say the box stock the ta07 is a better car. Im not ready to shelf the 06 though lol
  5. Thanks guys! I appreciate the welcome. Thunder dragon- I've bean messing with 06 fir a bit. Currently Shocks-500cst springs f-hard rear- soft Trf 418 arms with the trf front medium stabilizer and medium rear ta06 stabilizer. Front shocks 3 hole in and same in rear 3mm droop front and rear FF-A, RF A RR-E RF-XA 5000 CST rear diff Front spool but went back to 500k front diff due to front wheel chatter with the spool due to lack of dcjs The car does very good for me on this set up. On the asphalt the front spool works better. I am no racer but at events I got some great tuning tips veteran racers and made it my own. Mine started as a pro with the ifs and after coming across speedys ta06r build I got inspired and turned mine into an r.
  6. Hello members, I just wanted to introduce my self and to say thank you. This site had been a great resource for a while before signing up and I'm sure it still will be. I currently have an M03,M07, TA02,6,7 and wish I still had my CC01. My first was a stadium blitzer way back late 80's I believe.
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