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  1. Beatties bag arrived yesterday think that the manta Ray will live in it when I get that sorted
  2. In my head all my cars will be runners 1 day. I seem to always have 2 or 3 running another 2 or 3 waiting to have repairs done from damage done when running them and a couple projects that I look at and think 1 day I'll get done. All my cars are Ebay buys for around £60 then I probably spend about the same again getting them running usually sat at the dining table. I see some of the work spaces people have on here and think I wish that I had that kind of space to work on the cars I might get more done on the ones I have
  3. while wondering around Ebay while not much was happening at work a second hand manta ray jumped into my basket and then checked its self out.
  4. I didn't have one as a child but a few years ago while bored on eBay bought a second hand Hornet in Blue that after a couple of chassis and body shells is now a hornet grasshopper cross with very few of the original parts and a few other eBay buys later there are now 7 cars around the house
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