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  1. Well today for the first time in ages i did some work on my Blitzer Beetle I stripped down the Gearbox and changed the all the plastic bushings for bearings then I changed the steering knuckles, the wheels that came with it To a set of Dyna Blaster wheels that I got on an Ebay bundle with the proper blitzer Beetle rear wheels new and used plaster differential and spur gear parts the only problem is the new steering knuckle catches the wheel when on full lock think I might look for the Dyna Blaster knuckle and see if that will fit from what I've seen from the manuals online it has a bend where the steering rod attaches so that might bring the steering rods out of the wheel Also just ordered more bearings and coloured wheel nuts so they all match I'm also partway though painting a new shell for it silver to make it look similar the the metallic Blitzer Beetle just waiting for a suitable sunny day as its now October in England and cold and wet not holding out to much hope of getting that finished anytime soon
  2. Beatties bag arrived yesterday think that the manta Ray will live in it when I get that sorted
  3. In my head all my cars will be runners 1 day. I seem to always have 2 or 3 running another 2 or 3 waiting to have repairs done from damage done when running them and a couple projects that I look at and think 1 day I'll get done. All my cars are Ebay buys for around £60 then I probably spend about the same again getting them running usually sat at the dining table. I see some of the work spaces people have on here and think I wish that I had that kind of space to work on the cars I might get more done on the ones I have
  4. while wondering around Ebay while not much was happening at work a second hand manta ray jumped into my basket and then checked its self out.
  5. I didn't have one as a child but a few years ago while bored on eBay bought a second hand Hornet in Blue that after a couple of chassis and body shells is now a hornet grasshopper cross with very few of the original parts and a few other eBay buys later there are now 7 cars around the house
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