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  1. Here in the states tracks are closing fast and furious. It is hard to find any sort of race here in my experience that simply strikes a balance of having fun with some degree of competition. And any time a class cracks the formula it takes only a short while for the racers to ruin it for the masses. You have the "lifers" who seemingly live at the track and will do anything cheat, borrow and steal for a tenth of a second. Lots of newbies get turned away and we end up with no track surviving. I live in the 3rd largest city in the USA and not one single track that I don't have to travel 1.5 hrs to middle of god knows where to find. All that said, I gave up and in my head when I run my Hotshot at the park I envision I am at the 1985 IFMAR Worlds and it works for me. Incidentally that was the 1st year I ever raced so I've seen all the ups and downs of racing on and off all these years. I've been fairly competitive when I commit and can do it, it all just seems so specialized and the atmosphere lacks that I don't find the travel to do it worth it. Each their own for sure but looking at the turnouts today whether it is racing not being done right or simply people moved on to other things these days, the glory days are long gone.
  2. I laughed out loud from the way your mind works. If people could be inside my head sometimes at work, funerals , and other inapproprate times and see how much I am not even paying attention and thinking about RC it might strike them as odd to say the least.
  3. Thanks, this was enough for EBAY to pull me in and now I have a couple on the way!
  4. Out of blue have developed an interest in these. Whatever the reason I do not know. Likely my love of old mini trucks and these just capture the dimensions well relative to others. Anyways would love to see pics of peoples Trophy Trucks, mods etc.
  5. I know everyone is going to compare this to the latest crawlers and find the flaws. Let me bring a different angle for the heck of it. We all know Tamiya does it's own thing for better or worse. I still enjoy myCC01 more often than a few different brands of modern crawler. It has charm that while not as hardcore is somehow just more fun to me. The CC02 seems like it will be a split of the two at least from what we see here. Somwhere between a slow crawler and a trail truck, maybe a better all rounder than a pure crawler rig. Inching along up inclines and such puts me to sleep and I will take something that can still kick up a bit of dust at the same time. Who knows, I am excited to get one.
  6. Some of the most fun I have ever had racing was in a spec TT class. Racing against other TT's of course but I can say I was faster with my TT02 that day than my TA07 on same course. Was a bumpier outside asphalt with inconsistent traction circuit. It was TT02 RR pretty much stock with exception of 1 million weight AE diff oil in front. I enjoyed that racing as much as anything else which is the point. I think we get hung up on what is fastest too much. Sure I have faster cars but they cost 3 times as much and I can't say they deliver any more fun when push comes to shove but I am not that hardcore.
  7. Kyosho Big Brute, fondest memories as a kid tearing it up everywhere. Took it on vacations, the track, the yard and loved it. I have acquired a nice one to restore and starting to go thru it, but it's just not the same. I think we just get older and that is life. With benefit of hindsight a Traxxas Stampede is better in every way but that can't take away the joy I had as a kid with it but as they say, you can't go back.
  8. Must have for the shelf, no reason one cannot love the Ultima, RC10, JRX2, Astute and on. The fact that Kyosho bragged it would win IFMAR and then did, well that's cool. I love all the racing buggies from that time frame, was a great time to be a racer. Shortly after early 90's all the cars started following a formula and distinction between manufacturers became much harder to find.
  9. I picked mine up off Ebay built and it has Associated B4 48P spur on it. I can't tell if center hole is reamed slightly or not, almost looks like it is not but it works fine. Using stock Astute slipper metal parts and the AE slipper pads. Have run it a bunch bashing around with 13.5T no issues.
  10. First car I ever won a trophy with was a YZ10, I recall as a kid with low budget and not the best batteries always struggling to finish a race in 4wd, matter of fact that race they had dumped on the last lap and I came across the finish line like a snail but just made it for the B main win. I never had any issues with my YZ and it was a great car. First car I ever put on a track was a Turbo Optima Mid Se. I really liked this car and the track I raced it on was tiny by today's standards and it was great. I recall servicing of this car to be more complicated having to tear apart a lot more to get to various components. All in all, battery time in 4wd was always my biggest issue then, not the car. I raced a Topcat around this time as well and it had it's share of issues but battery time I was OK. Did not have experience with Tamiya back in day, looking at my current top force I can see how it would be more fragile than either of the previous mentioned buggies but also a contender. Now on today's mega jump tracks all of them would get destroyed which I hate.
  11. Please add a garden train to complete this utopia.
  12. How about 2.5. I used to do the beater resotrations and end up with way more in them than if I just bought a clean one to begin with. Whether it a runner or not just seems the case for me. Or maybe I am just getting lazy in my old age, yeah that's it.
  13. I'm tuned in.....
  14. Best RC video ever! So as not to turn the Super Astute thread into an old guy rant about proper offroad racing, I'll just say I agree with the others. TIred of mega jumps, traction rolling on overly sticky, well I failed not ranting
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